why you NEED math for programming

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    1. Joma Tech

      Thanks for watching

      1. Kannadassan Dhanaraj

        Ya, you have almost come near to the solution of Poincare conjecture. In few steps, you could solve it. You can find the origin of the Earth with this method. You, bro, and the other bro, have made a great work.

      2. Yize Dai

        That's not too sad, 15 percent won't hurt me

      3. A de

        You're too funny to be an engineer!!!!

      4. panda man

        很想报您的课程但是我不懂英文,need Chinese cc

      5. My Job: Cut chinese dick off

        Just think how intelligent are coders who make game engines like Unreal and unity etc

    2. Thomas Sarah


      1. Maria Leonor

        I was ignorant doing so...so I decided to try Mr Jackson Williams and ever since then he's has made about $33,000 for on every $4,000 l invested just in 1weeks..

      2. Maria Leonor

        It's not about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies,,

      3. Robert Jennifer

        Tell him I referred you 👆👆👆👆

      4. Robert Jennifer


      5. Robert Jennifer

        T le. g r am🖊️🖊️🖊️

    3. dasbandesh

      The editing is documentary like. Brilliant

    4. Mr. Niceguy

      Hi Joma, im a big fan and i have a question; Whit wich programming language would you Start today? Tnx

    5. A T

      Sssh. Don't destroy my dream. I'm in the fourth semester programming and my only struggle atm is physics. 🤣

    6. Mejd Dorbez

      Name of the song please

    7. Paulo Samurai

      Brilliant! Now make a 4D Donut Game

    8. JF Brizzy

      5 second rule ey

    9. Harrison Waters

      Obviously you need computer science if you are solving advance or highly advance problems in programming but you don't depending what language you writing in and what you are trying to make.

    10. Reem Souki

      Medical student here🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️. Bless u for hard work it seems super tiring as well👍😢😅

    11. kunal kumar

      I usually do programming without monitor so no one can see me copy paste

    12. ll

      The non-use of -Wall makes me wanna die.

    13. Du Du

      WOWW amazing =))

    14. Noor mahammed my volgs *{bsy fans here}*

      Born to programming but it’s gone to me cry to fail so many my motto first fail automatically success is in come to you

    15. H.W Lau

      me trying to math... print(""" $@@$$$$$$# #$$$###****!!***### """)

    16. Guillermo Ramirez

      What part of math should I learn?!

    17. Boris G

      Who laughed out loud when he said " shut up I know this is a bagel" ?

    18. smileDir

      vidron.info/club/video/q5XViszGzNvdh7Y.html my hello world speedrun without math

    19. Eddy Paco Mamani

      Ja ja ja ...

    20. myemathtutor

      3:41 shut up lol 😂

    21. nalo


    22. GeorgeGorge

      And there's those people who want to make videogames without knowing math OR writing code...

    23. Overlord e

      "But there's a 1% chance that it might be important" is one of the most programmer things I've heard

    24. Lenin Samaan

      You are a genius !!! jajaja

    25. Mythic Films

      guess im nevr making any games then becouse i dont even know my timetables

    26. Kunal Kumar

      i am fking depressed now :(

    27. Michael Atorn

      Vectors are the only math you need.

    28. Gavriel Atar Avari

      Alternate title: why i NO LONGER want to learn coding

    29. Aditya Singh

      That’s not a do…..

    30. Muhammad Nurcahyo Pratomo

      Because X and Y is important in layer that Float(x) and Float(y).

    31. kirifto

      i totally understand this

    32. kajodata

      Ok, we are impressed.

    33. ScriptGuider

      You should learn math because: A) Once you understand it you'll begin to enjoy it (most likely) B) It will expand your creative capacity and you will think of things to create that perhaps you didn't have the capacity to before because you didn't have the knowledge before. C) Math is fun and beautiful and if you think otherwise your opinion is wrong.

    34. JasonXD

      clearly physics

    35. Vitor 『AMVS』

      Interessante '0'

    36. Raza Salman

      Sometimes I like to imagine that I can understand what he says

    37. CommonCentsRob

      Linear algebra...ugh...

    38. Mimi

      I have no idea what I'm watching right now

    39. A Kutas

      I was eating a donut when i watched it

    40. Fatma Abdalla

      Bro u are genius

    41. Adam Mickiewicz

      You need math to make it compile on the first try

    42. dawrek

      Should i go to programmer school? Everyone is talking that they cry while programming 😰

    43. Jacob Agasaiyev

      3:22 what an ugly circle though :/ Someone didn't learn from Spongebob how to draw a circle.. tsk tsk..

    44. Elis

      the answer: for nothing.

    45. Nice name Nice surname

      = Why you need to copy and paste math for programming

    46. sacklnwza007

      Disilke from people who's hate math


      Asian John wick

    48. auroraa

      watching this video makes me feel like a smart person

    49. te_ve

      But....but.... I see a bagel, mum! Not a donut! This is a click bait for sure :D

    50. Nawainruk Alfan K

      Quaternions is difficult

    51. jean-luc Bachelot

      First I would like to say this is super cool. But I like to make useful web apps. Learning this would take away from learning a multitude of things that would be more useful. And provide more job security. As someone else said this seems useful for game programmers.

    52. Awakening Sauce

      "Shutup. I know this is a bagel" 😆 😆

    53. TIEN HUYNH

      me: you are a wizard, Joma!

    54. kNOCKY

      smooth as fuck

    55. Rajat Krishnan

      Me : Sir, I have developed spinning donut using C by applying advanced Mathematics concept Boss : Can you do the same in excel and document it in some ppt using some charts and graph showing how it can help us to make our company next Tesla

    56. M Mrz

      eyy, solids of revolution, something what we just briefly had in maths in 11th grade (Germany, Baden-Württemberg) the German word for word translation would be rotation bodies tho xd Nice Video!


      I love you man

    58. I am everywhere

      Well good thing I’m good at maths

    59. Koko Hekmatyar

      me start learning java, and see this ... ARGHH too bad my Math is bad

    60. Rahul Patel

      Man was writing multiplication table of 5 🤣🤣 lmao

    61. Neo Jasmelia

      wah the guy looks like AMOS YEE !! #singaporean if you know, you know.

    62. Stk

      Fullstack dev, even done a few ML.net machine learning models. Not used math once in all those years. It really depends on what type of coding youre doing.

    63. guitardude0909


    64. Jenny Huang

      ...... so I'll stay an average programmer forever. Too traumatised from high school math to ever willingly touch it again.

    65. Everett Cox

      Can anyone else smell that bagal


      manny pacquiao programmer

    67. Michele Moneywell

      It's not so much that you need math for programming. The languages or some of their libraries will do the math for you. It's that you need to be able to think logically and solve problems. If you dislike basic algebra and geometry, I think you won't love programming and thus should consider another profession.

    68. TRMC Master

      depends what you are porgramming

    69. yunoletmehaveaname

      Ngl, that's pretty impressive

    70. DestherCZE

      I guess i am just an average programmer then :-D

    71. Kobe richguy

      Na I'm jk man but what ever u doin hope u get thru

    72. Kobe richguy

      Key to lookin smart right equations in ur books that nor u and other ppl understand XD

    73. Random Chinese Guy

      For me, it is the other way around. I am doing statistics, but programming is needed for statistics

    74. S t u x

      All i needed to start programming is meth.

    75. Hope Fillled Day

      Maths *hisses I can't do maths ㅠ-ㅠ

    76. Tere

      I wanna make a donut!

    77. Midnight Dishwasher

      I laugh so hard wtf

    78. Fresh Milk

      Hmm... I'm i highschool right now and I still know math. I'll bet I'll forget it 10 years from now.


      You are an owsome actor bro...😎

    80. Ruben Torres

      No sé cómo encontré este video pero es buenísimo, lo voy a compartir por todos lados

    81. Kay Proper

      I knew I was a man of culture when I peeped "The Ring" drawing posted on the window Btw who does math in pen?

    82. Dillon Gordon

      should of bit it xD 3 second rule

    83. Stewart Granger Flores

      thought you were using it to center a div

    84. Soljarag5

      I guess I'm just an average programmer

    85. Elaine A

      I'm a geography student who learns how to programme I mean... Wow.

    86. capjay45

      I really wish to be a programmer and ive been learning python for a while, but im in set 5 MATH

    87. Philip john

      Meth is one hell of a drug

    88. Ijlal A

      Welp. Construction worker it is then

    89. testies mcgee

      Phenomenal man. Well done.

    90. Soulrocker 00

      STUPID schools forcing chemistry maths physics and econ on me. Im sucked at those lower my gpa.. Fkin useless you dont need it.

    91. tuktuk

      99% of the time, you don't need math? That does not hold true, when you are doing robotics...

    92. Lol tsol

      I really hate not being smart enough to understand math. It appears to be so beutiful, but it just not makes sense to me at all, not even the simple things.

    93. Terry Thompson

      I didn't take math seriously in school. My teachers did not even remotely convey the importance of math, or what you can do with it. Ironically, I ended up doing math as an aircraft electronics technician.. and casino dealer.. and you really begin to see how awesome math is and what the value of it is.

    94. Nightquaker

      Next video idea: why you NEED meth for programming

    95. StruXid fn

      welp. guess I'm never gonna program

    96. Justin McDonald

      As someone who dropped out of Calculus and is pursuing a career in programming... so you're saying there's a chance!

    97. michael lanz

      Not sure if you know this ,but that is a bagel .

    98. Dave L

      If your just doing web development you can get away with basic algebra. But if your going into data science you might want to brush up on some Calc

    99. Shaun Kahler

      Very well broken down! I feel like I understand. But how do you calculate the normal on the donut(?) :O

    100. Maj2231

      Well there goes my dream good bye programming dream you were a good friend for 3 days