Why Microsoft Word is the best IDE for programming

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    In this video, I tell you the best IDE to use for programming. No matter what kind of programming you do.

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    1. Joma Tech

      Apparently, many of you thought I was sponsored by Microsoft lmao. I don't think they would approve this.

      1. Yize Dai

        Im pretty sure you work for Microsoft, your T-shirt tells me that

      2. Gaurav Kumar


      3. Afnanul Hassan

        Came to get the link...... :D :D :D :D :D

      4. BowwaBro

        @Daniel Olateju humanity has no objective purpose

      5. YewToobComment

        No but they approve OF it. haha. Good stuff man

    2. Partha Paul


    3. akumi 32

      lol i actually clicked on this thinking i'd get some real actual reasons

    4. Eric Freiberg

      Wtf... Microsoft Word has *no* syntax highlighting, it doesn't support anything useful for the creation of code + it adds bad special chars (which makes copy+paste a mess with it) How is Word being the *best IDE* (?!) for programming? Sry, don't have much time to watch the full video atm... but i'm already genuinely confused by the title :D

    5. Gintoki AMV

      I just learned Merge Sort with the fade in, thank you. Our professor did not get it so well in one hour :D:D

    6. 하얀색여우

      eh.. I'll stick with what I use thanks... though I don't like using Apple stuff.

    7. Neuroszima

      The person who says Google Translate is best IDE they are right, but all for wrong reasons You can write your code in english and then translate to russian for +10 hacking skills on your Resume when you send it to FAANG

    8. Marco Milone

      You made me laugh aloud, and this have no price: so, I'm not paying you. Thanks for the tip, bye bye pyCharm

    9. Ligma Dick

      Are you seriously suggesting Word when there are so many good text editors. Look at Atom, Visual Studio, Notepad etc....

    10. Morteza Mahdavi

      Jock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Meloman Rider


    12. Jesse Steinfort

      Master of the dramatic (or comedic) pause...

    13. Geometry Wacht


    14. Citra Adinda Purnama Dewi S E


    15. fredericoamigo

      LOL! Haha

    16. Michael Brauner

      I hope nobody believes this bs :D

    17. maciolos9

      As a software engineer I really recommend PowerPoint for programming. My experience is mostly 5+ years in .NET and PP is really convenient when it comes to development, really give it a try. The animations when rolling through tones of code - priceless and whats more uber practical

    18. Adarsh Inaganti

      Linux users: Welp, guess I'll use LibreOffice Writer then.

    19. Nerd Academy

      I just started coding, thanks for the advice

    20. Maulana iman

      5.2k dislike is from visual studio and jetbrains..

    21. Merodak Kidane

      waste of time

    22. Octopussycats

      fkn hilarious

    23. PBahner

      If Microsoft is the best and anything they make is the best, why don't you use Bing instead of Google? 😂

    24. viraltaco

      I don't understand merge sort. Which might be a big deal if I ever forget how to write radix sort.

    25. viraltaco

      My OOP prof made us write Java… on paper. You wouldn't believe how fast one begins to miss the backspace key.

    26. Erik Wong

      how tf wasn't this uploaded on 4/1?

    27. ExTrem

      *uses Powerpoint to make GUI applications*

    28. Div AB

      First what's IDE ?

    29. Jayesh Kumeriya

      79k likes,damn it

    30. joemck85

      No, MS Paint is the best IDE because it eliminates the need for a compiler. You simply write machine code by placing pixels that have red, green and blue components corresponding to the byte values that make up the instructions you want. Then you save as bmp or png, use a program like imagemagick or irfanview to convert it to raw format, rename to .exe, and run it.

    31. Ravi Raushan

      People shouldn't watch your video

    32. The Zei

      fuck, i love this guy

    33. Gustavo Camargo

      What a f.... !?

    34. Ted Weddell

      Yay! No more cleaning pink and blue highlight marker off my screen. You're the best! btw, any advice on removing white out?

    35. Hasan Riaz

      Who uses a computer? I write my code with a pen and paper.


      I definitely recommend PowerPoint as the best IDE ever.

    37. Florent DEUTSCH

      Ahahah so funny. Thank you man.

    38. Phil Dem

      This whould have made a cool aprils fools joke....

    39. Rohini Gowri Shankar

      Hats off to those who believe this is real.

    40. Patriot Prole

      Address ?

    41. Amorphic Inertia

      This should earn you your own sitcom. The satire is BBC 🇬🇧 thick and brilliantly executed.

    42. Patriot Prole

      Giving Tech Lead a run for his money

    43. Patriot Prole

      Senior senior engineers

    44. Patriot Prole

      Not Visual Studio ?

    45. Resident 1337

      Американский Петросян, расходимся

    46. Apple User


    47. luis moyano

      What about the typehinting or the error suggestion... or the project view where you can see all the files... or get inside a method... or even the debugger? come on!

    48. Ice

      PyCharm does all of that lol

    49. Philip Tallents

      Flawless 👏!

    50. Tadas Karpavičius

      OMG. This is brilliant! 🤣🤣🤣👍

    51. Arnav Dwivedi

      Imagine researching the perfect IDE and you find this...

    52. sad life

      dont know you were playing csgo XD

    53. jean pierre pinson

      Pourquoi Microsoft Word doit-il mourir ?

    54. yier san

      do you know,white paper is the best ide

    55. Eric Sundquist


    56. Bob Weiram

      You won't be laughing in another 20 years when you struggle to read newsprint.

    57. There Is No Spoon

      Word has that sick spell check too!

    58. Umer Khan

      After watching this: I will use excel for debuging and get salary bonus

    59. Beela Zsir

      Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t. Maybe M$?

    60. Nick Andrews

      I've been looking for an extension for VSCode that does auto capitalization, I need a lot more practice undoing auto corrects. Thank you for this super helpful video!!!

    61. Giulio Federico

      Very helpful. But I use an even better IDE. I write manualy everything in pen on a sheet of paper, so I have total freedom, I can really do everything. Then I pass the sheet to the scanner, then use a pdf to word converter and then run the code as you did from the shell.

    62. Qazi Zayad

      What the actual fuck

    63. Deby Y100

      great video

    64. Jeff Calhoun

      I’m still unclear if this is a joke or not. Writing python on windows? I’m lost man 😀

    65. Mortaza Zargar

      I think google has fired him and he intends to work for Micerosoft 😉

    66. Elyes Mehri

      This video is \0

    67. V M

      Does anybody know what keyboard/switches we can hear in this video ?

    68. Steven Perry

      Time to shine y'all.

    69. Kate Oreshnikova

      Is this a joke?)

    70. Jesuloba John

      Why use word when vs code is free

    71. Dwalé

      lol, funny guy

    72. Diogo Paim

      WordPad instead, just cuz I'm hipster.

    73. Virgilio Estadillo

      I use MS Paint.

    74. JCVirt Cloud Consultancy

      Listen up, I push the boat out further than Joma. I just did my code in PowerPoint and it's way better than word, not only can I do all the features highlighted by Joma in Word, but I can actually create my codes in slides. No more scrolling down to review my code, hit the slide deck and press the space bar! Sorted peeps

    75. Duncan Bates

      He doesn't mention the best feature of the Word IDE. The ability to comment your code with UML diagrams. Now that is a sign of a true software engineer.

    76. Aditya Sinha

      Coldest roast of tech world

    77. Gold24k

      I do not understand if the Word thing is a joke or not


      Uninstalling my current IDEs right away. Thank you for the advice @JomaTech

    79. haziqsembilanlima

      but what about emacs and vim?

    80. simply Jonathan

      Brother earned a subscription

    81. BodzAd •

      you are fun

    82. Colin Maharaj

      I use C++ Builder. Half of the code is written for me but the RAD environment. Hands down its the best for visual fat client development. Better than Visual studio

    83. Colin Maharaj

      Get the frack out of here

    84. kenan 238

      You guys use word? I use paint

    85. Abdulhadi jarad

      WTF ?

    86. William Vasquez

      Como me hace reír este men

    87. Nafil

      1:28 😂😂

    88. _yaacov_


    89. lifematch

      Honestly the best coding IDE is a pen and a paper. Nothing beats the raw feeling of writing your own code by your penmanship. To build ur code, simply scan your document, have a software to translate the scan into text file, save it as ur desire coding language type, check for any mistake, and then execute your build. Incredible easy!!!!

    90. Mahadi Hassan

      I like the windows notepad rather than others 😐

    91. Dev Allogho

      You are morst imbécile

    92. eafuna

      LOL.. made my day.. good one.. :D

    93. Hassan Kamran

      No, Microsoft Paint is the best IDE, you can draw butterflies around your code if you get really bored and release your frustration !!!

    94. Nikhil

      1:33 i would sit 10 ft away from my laptop

    95. Nguyễn Long

      Hey. Google docs video is amazing. Could you plz make a google docs

    96. Ivan Petrov

      you should go typescript, why python with windows

    97. corez86

      Hello, beautiful keyboard sound! What is the model?

    98. Beast Anish

      R U Serious dumpbass boi

    99. Khushman Deomurari

      Ya, I use it too. Before print 😁

    100. Tang Michael

      Sad but true XD