What Investors Look For in Startup Founders from Former YC Partner

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    1. Tony Villarama

      Cheers for sharing!

    2. LEXION

      Wow. The most meaningful 17mins of my professional Life.

    3. Cyrex Cyborg

      "What Investors Look For in Startup Founders from Former YC Partner" uhm... money

      1. 📌 pinned by Stephen Gardner

        *Plus* 1

      2. 📌 pinned by Stephen Gardner

        Thanks for.... . . . . the... . .comment.... . . . For. . . . ... . Guide. . . ...

    4. Nice Try Mate

      Thus channel is so good! Garry Tan seems like a really genuine geezer

    5. Muhammad Ali Solijonov


    6. Jaishree Singh

      A fascinating interview. Thanks!

    7. copy cat

      When Joma is listening he looks as tho he wants to punch someone in the face. LOL

    8. Mike Taylor

      Great interview. I've been watching Gary's videos recently and honestly didn't know much about him. Now I understand why he's so knowledgeable. Just in case it matters, here's my 7:39 1) A small ecosystem of hardware components 2) For the cellular agriculture industry 3) To mass produce sustainable food and lessen the burden of agricultural land utilization 4) Faster, cheaper, and better than anything out there. First prototype is close to 80% finished with plans to open source and sell to consumer enthusiasts from a secondary market in order to generate revenue to attract a co-founder, then pursue a seed round. Seed money invested in engineering talent, legal expenses, and first small scale proof of concept. But I'm also really really really tempted to establish it as a cooperative which seems to be a giant hell-no for most VCs...

      1. Mike Taylor

        And holy crap, I haven't seen Alexis'name forever. Honestly, I can't remember where, but I watched a documentary years ago where he poured his heart out to the camera. I can't remember what the context was but that was a formative moment for me. I searched around and my best guess is 'A Total Disruption'. That movie plus 'The Downtown Project', 'Startup.com', and 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace' are all essential watching for any aspiring tech entrepreneur.

    9. Muhammad Yusuf

      What a wow person

    10. sf poet

      Garry Tan: You need to know something weird and special and different from everyone else who's a great engineer. Jomo Tech (totally misunderstanding him): Yeah, like try and find inefficiencies in the world... Garry Tan (with a low energy voice): Right. One of these has 0 to 1 thinking and the other does not.

    11. Abenezer Alemu

      Why am I bothered that the water bottle cap is on the table 😭

      1. Sarah Andrea Royce

        Because it is an unfortunate event waiting to happen. Open water bottle plus expressive gestures is a bad combination ;-)

    12. randomlifts

      Fremont. Been there numerous times and worked with someone there.

    13. randomlifts

      Aha. Mcdonald's or any other cashier's job is really tough. I've Tried that and wanted to quit after 1 day. Computer related stuff was more suitable for me. I Couldn't handle the physical labor.

    14. Bad True Business

      Garry your portfolio is nothing to brag about - coinbase? instacart? No one has heard of these "startups" outside of your limited ecosystem

      1. Tosin Fashanu


      2. Santosh Passoubady

        Wow, you really don't know Coinbase and Instacart?? Where are you coming from bro lmao

    15. Stanley Chow

      This is the best anime crossover there is on VIdron.

    16. Jake Morales

      When he pointed to the camera, you could tell this guy knows what he is talking about and who he's talking to. In that moment, I was sold. I don't know what I bought, but I am sold.

    17. Sunday Lalbiaknia

      Thanks Joma! Just what I needed!From India 🇮🇳

    18. Adam Day

      "Most of my viewers are in high school" me: chillin in my 30's

      1. Owen Lee

        Me chillin in my 40s 😅

      2. semi-atomic

        He meant mentally 😂😂 jk

    19. Saraswati Devi

      Sir can I get admission in Stanford University with my computer science skills only without complete school Please answer I really need help with this. Thanks jomatech

    20. Ernesto Morales

      What is shipping

    21. Stefan Helmert

      Most VC look for a nice team and selling competence. Often the product isn't interesting at all. If you want to burn millions of dollars, choose some random people failed at high positions in banks, IT companies etc., make a pitch with blockchain, ai, data science and ask a economist to write a completely faked income prediction for you.

    22. DaBo Ren

      Tan is awesome, so humble.

    23. Daryl Legion


    24. SoRmisout

      I had a course taught by VCs last semester and you know what ? They are among those who tick boxes! They were arrogant, focus on finance and they're not able to write a line of code ! haha

    25. Suhaib Syed

      "What Investors Look For in Startup Founders from Former YC Partner" A fancy degree from a token Ivy league school.

      1. Harsh

        That's true🤣

    26. carpet tunnel

      Need Gary 11

    27. Luke Warm - Podcast about startups

      For any engineers (especially those with React| Node xp) who are passionate about the creator economy, would love to chat with ya, hit me up on twitter at @mrcasualhipster

    28. Chris MacKay

      Hey Joma it would be cool if you could interview George Hotz, his story is quite atypical and Comma.ai has a really great product.

    29. mr.daming

      Wow, the best one ever! Deliver more like this!

    30. Somewhere Near

      I need these types of investors for my startup.

    31. Aayush S.

      Gary is an absolute stud! I can listen to him speak for hours and his insights aren't sugarcoated at all unlike most other "inspirational" investors and founders.

      1. Spitzkopf

        @Garry Tan true one really enjoys listening

      2. Garry Tan

        Aayush S. Thanks Aayush! 🙏

    32. The Devils Advocate

      Very enlightening! Great interview!

    33. Joe Wong

      That was a great interview Joma!!

    34. Kevin

      What if I’m not smart enough to build any kind of software, but I want to have a start up?

      1. B

        @Garry Tan Exactly! It a tool, everyone can learn how to use a tool :)

      2. Garry Tan

        Kevin Tran Building software is just the journey. The destination is solving problems for other people!

      3. B

        It’s 2020, nobody is too dumb to write software anymore, srsly.

      4. Kevin

        Michael Place and what if they realize they can do it without me and then leave me?

      5. Michael Place

        Kevin Tran you partner with someone who is

    35. Valentina M

      Great interview 👍

    36. Matthew Lee

      Joma the type of guy to look for cute girls on LinkedIn

    37. Garry Tan

      Thank you for having me on. Your subscribers are the people who can go on to create everything we use the next 20 years. I’m not different than anyone watching this. We are the same. I’m just you from the future. :-)

      1. Nice Try Mate

        You’re a boss!

      2. Jon Brown

        Just watched this and it’s so inspiring. My co-founder and I went through Startup School a few months ago and we’re currently pitching investors. Garry’s enthusiasm and humility is really powerful. Thanks for posting this amazing interview!

      3. FlopsPL

        Garry Tan you are the man, great respect!

      4. mxtxtraveler

        Hi Garry! What's the best way to reach you for a pitch? Or do you prefer a warm intro?

      5. Georgy Louis

        Just subscribed to your channel

    38. Jonathan Young

      there is no subtitle

    39. Abdihakiim Bootaan

      You fake pro

    40. amanpreet singh

      The water he drinks is smart too :D

      1. Marcelo Cruz

        You are what you drink I guess

    41. Ismail Sayeed

      I totally agree with the part about startups founders who know a great deal about the problem they are fixing i.e. industry experts at the helm of the entrepreneur journey

    42. Raka Pradana Kostarian

      You two are wonderful, thankyou for sharing

    43. Wessly Diplan

      So where’s the rest?

      1. Joma Tech

        Coming next week! Still have to edit them

    44. elias

      you should make a video about the books/articles and papers you read !

    45. Masked Financial Hero

      This is a massive ponzi scheme that will end in tears

      1. Masked Financial Hero

        Garry Tan thanks for taking the time to reply Garry. My view is that the system is flawed. These start ups have one purpose: grow as much as they can regardless of cash or profit generation. Ppl end-up paying crazy valuation based on revenue multiples on businesses that mostly that will never be profitable...

      2. Garry Tan

        Ah likewise. I think you might be talking about pre-IPO investors bumping up crazy valuations at growth stage and then taking a bath post IPO. When we invest and something works it’s 100X to 1000X our money. Early stage venture capital is a grand slam home run royal flush kind of business.

      3. Masked Financial Hero

        Garry Tan i wish you all the best... i hope the 36bn gets converted from paper money to real money and that retail money doesn’t end up loosing it by paying for it

      4. Garry Tan

        Masked Financial Hero Or massive wealth creation because the Internet is connecting all humans

    46. Mike Y

      Love this interview. Been through camping storms with my co-founder =) www.consciousos.com

    47. Sano Kei

      I like how he changed the thumbnail and title. I mean he is right, we care more about ycombinator than managing $500 million.

      1. Sano Kei

        @Garry Tan I wish that were the case, I feel lifted. However, that doesn't make my runway longer for me to takeoff.

      2. Garry Tan

        It’s better to be a social movement that lifts people up than it is to be just capital in the world. There’s lots of capital. There isn’t enough lifting up.

    48. Ed T

      Merry Christmas 🎅⛄ 🎄🦌 Thanks for another year of entertaining and useful videos...

    49. Pavan jadhav

      Merry Christmas! Bring more VC's for interview.

    50. Shamsulazhar

      Wow. He is so humble. Super impressed.

    51. Meghana Dhamane

      But Joma said he is about to quit VIdron...lol I am glad tho he didn't

    52. Jagic Yooo

      when he says: "you gotta min max your life"... god damn nerd

      1. Garry Tan


      2. Sano Kei

        This is probably the most inspiration thing I've heard.

    53. Arno Claude

      Kinda out of the loop, are you still going to quit VIdron? Would love to see you stay

      1. Jahseh N

        hes not

    54. Ali K

      Can you make a video about soft skills in software interviews?

    55. Kagwe Allday


    56. Yaseen Jamal

      How do I make money from developing apps if I'm just a student yeet?

      1. Garry Tan

        Oh I started off as a consultant making things for other people. I wish I had switched to making products sooner but getting paid however you can through consulting and building things for other people is a perfectly good way to start. You can even start on fiverr or upwork.

      2. Kamau Seffu

        Yaseen Jamal you make apps for ppl they pay you...or have your own apps and you get paid by google ads or you make an app that'll get alot of cash

    57. Luis Abreu

      Wonderful interview!

    58. Bootstrapper

      best interview yet

    59. Nottt

      Oh thank god. Thought it was Tai Lopez from the thumbnail

      1. Toc7 Olwn

        @Garry Tan I'm so surprised/impressed you comment here. So approachable! Was looking to reach you/Initialized last year to consider pitching you but thought you'd be too busy - my pitch was 💩 at the time anyway LOL But you come across more approachable now. Thanks for doing this!🔥

      2. Garry Tan

        Thanks Nott! So should I show my lambo collection in my next VIdron video?

      3. Michael Johnson

        Tai Lopez has joined the chat.

      4. Nottt

        @Garry Tan Great interview! Thanks for sharing your insight

      5. Garry Tan

        Nottt haha oh my god

    60. The J

      Joma I need your advise on my upcoming launch startup? Can i reach by email?

    61. PNXBET-Tutorials

      Merry Christmas Joma

      1. PNXBET-Tutorials

        @Joma Tech ❤️

      2. Joma Tech

        Thanks! You too

    62. Yash R

      Been waiting for this long time

    63. Ian Chui

      letsgooo joma!

    64. Da Baby

      Will he invest in Porndora? 😀

      1. Harsh

        U must🤣

      2. Kamau Seffu

        Big Brain this is actually funny 😂😂😂

    65. Ron

      Will he invest in notvine?

      1. The J

        He should invest in redevine.

      2. Lawrence Yan

        @Joma Tech so basically TikTok

      3. Ron

        Joma Tech bruhh but revine sucks

      4. Joma Tech

        Nah, he invested in revine...

    66. Lord Swaggity

      Back to VIdron Joma? I hope you don't get fired like Patrick.

      1. Rajiv Reddy

        Considering his interest in startups, might just be the best thing that could happen to him. Although not sure about his visa situation though.

    67. Dongzhengyang An

      nice one Joma! See you at Bay area in 2 months.

    68. HelThunk