Twitch founder who sold for $970 million chats with a guy with $970 in his bank account

Joma Tech

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    1. Joma Tech

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      1. KimChiTofu

        this question is for Justin Kan, how do you find investor or sponsor for your new product? for example twitch.

      2. Echo Alpha

        create more content like this - podcast based interviewing startup founders and engineers

      3. KAST PROD


      4. MRP

        FIY Joma : link not working

      5. KEHINDE Alli

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    2. Abhinav Shukla

      Joma being savage 15:51 lol

    3. Валя

      Are you guys are modern apachees?

    4. Frye Mickle

      Joma did you ever experience bamboo ceiling? Please share some insights on this, I Live in Canada and I definitely face this inequality everyday!

    5. anish jain

      Woook thats IMDB + YT is in my ideas notes tooo let see anybody builds or want to build with me I make some very basic pages of it but this videos accelerated I guess and let me know is there is any real market for this

    6. Michael Scott

      Which one is the millionaire

      1. pinned by jómá téch.

        Thanks for watching.👊,,,I can link you to something new,,,contact,,,+1..7..0..7..2..1..9..6..2..4..6

    7. AutoCodePro

      Just come in. After found this video....!

    8. Janzca

      Someday I'll be like you two! Loved this one.

    9. Zen Republic

      At first I thought this was going to be some interview parody because I thought this was the same person

    10. Harry

      Representation matters. We need you to be the next neistat/jayz/Elon musk

    11. Bruno Aguilar

      man you had such an amazing person, but you did few interesting questions ....

    12. Tarun Kumar. D

      i really want him to talk about twitch thots and their ban system.

    13. Siddhesh Khandalkar

      I saw 2 compulsory ads on this video before it started. I'm sure Joma has more than $970 in his account 😂😂

    14. adem waldman

      The picayune care kinetically pretend because chalk baly rub throughout a worried glass. decorous, green grey grieving environment

    15. RuyBlas

      great insight From J Kan. Loved this interview!

    16. Baidyanath Dutta

      dude ur auto focus is terrible

    17. Shaqiri

      That imdb for VIdron idea is pretty cool!

    18. John Hammer

      I wish i could be nice naturally like Joma

      1. Pinned by Empire Building

        F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E••. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• +*1**2*0*9**8*5*2**6*6*0*2***........

    19. Bruh Moment

      Is this the POG guy?

      1. Pinned by Empire Building

        F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E••. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• +*1**2*0*9**8*5*2**6*6*0*2***........

    20. Sai Prasad

      I have a GTX 970!

      1. Pinned by Empire Building

        F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E••. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• +*1**2*0*9**8*5*2**6*6*0*2***........

    21. Unknown Player

      Wait what? You are not the same person?😳

      1. Pinned by Empire Building

        F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E••. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• +*1**2*0*9**8*5*2**6*6*0*2***........

    22. PAWN_E4e5

      The thing with twitch is the name is catchy

      1. Pinned by Empire Building

        F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E••. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• +*1**2*0*9**8*5*2**6*6*0*2***........

    23. se Be

      You are bien verga.

    24. karen's luxury

      Hello guys I started my VIdron channel, as it specializes in everything related to money and business

    25. Назим Сманов

      Joma please joined in your video a russian subtitles, i everytime press a pause so that read english sutitles and translate this.

    26. Dayite - Silver To Gold Journey

      yeah justin rules!

    27. James Briscoe

      took me 7 minutes to realise it was about Twitch not Twitter.

    28. Shannon Williams

      Bro u have 970.00?! 🥲

    29. Mr-Bledi

      omg the man after is the same man after twitch?? cool

    30. James Johnson

      It was very cool that Justin talked about working through difficulties with his other company and how therapy really helped. It is inspiring.

      1. Jomà Teçh

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    31. WaSasi

      Thanks for inspiration

      1. Jomà Teçh

        W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P *only* +/1/5/6/1/4/9/1/6/0/3/8/...

      2. Jomà Teçh

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    32. Coker

      I actually read through the PowerPoint slides 🤣🤣🤣 Joma you are super hilarious 😂

    33. spongebobgirlfriend

      This vid should have more views Justin is a legend!!!

    34. Stef Tech Surfer

      5:29 when you're the 9th employee lol

    35. Stef Tech Surfer

      3:34 sounds like applying for jobs lol

    36. Kavya Sharma

      can you please make a video of how to do work in geeksforgeeks

      1. Kavya Sharma

        I am from India

      2. Day-Bardach Annie

      3. Day-Bardach Annie

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    37. Goldarrow

      man i was around when there was like 15 people watching justin broadcast 24/7 on lol

    38. Cooper

      18:40 no the film industry doesn't use IMDB it wholly who you know. Very few digital platforms for hiring, it sucks.

    39. Rinne

      Clickbait title, this guy obviously has waaaaaay more than just $970 in his bank account.


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    42. Ron Miller

      So he called the twitch millionaire founder and funded him $25. Respect.

    43. It is what it is

      That kappa guy was very famous in dota scene LMAO

    44. White Rabbit

      the cringe xD

    45. shcade

      Father & Son

    46. shcade

      I like how Twitch was built on customer service and is just the furthest from that now

    47. JessePlaysGames

      I remember when it was

    48. Fabian Varela

      Que Gran tipo

    49. Kentaro

      He look like asian Dwayne Johnson

    50. Robish Ream

      Feels like i picked the wrong major to study. Oh im only 2months away from graduation.

    51. DRAG me to DRAW

      Joma has $970 in his bank account.

    52. Francisco Tablón

      LMAO 4:20

    53. Robin Hunuki

      That headline! Got me in stitches so I clicked! 😂😂😂

      1. Jomà Teçh

        W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P *only* +/1/5/6/1/4/9/1/6/0/3/8/...

      2. Jomà Teçh

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    54. Medi Ces

      What logitech headphones you using bro?

    55. Sebastian Kageneck

      You gotta pause it and read the “merger” slides 😂😂

    56. YouTube Commenter

      Bullet points, 4:17, on lessons on how to spring a merger proposal to a potential “top dawg” player. ● Joma Capital Inc. has quote "20 large" in their fund. We are unclear what "large" means. ● With additional research, 20 large means $20,000 according to trusted sources. Who else would be their "trusted" sources other than Joma and why the "research"?

    57. TheFantaSquad

      He sounds like an asian version of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    58. I am groot

      Airbnb for your underwear had me dying 😂😂

    59. Party Started

      You won $25 lol

    60. fluffy

      the funny thing is Joma's cam was outta focus during the $25 amazon GC shading bit

    61. Lalo Ochoa

      Viewing this a month after the release of the video, he has reached indeed more than 100 k subscribers, amazing

    62. omar slater


    63. Alexander Berger

      I got a feeling that he just interviewed his brother!

    64. Nosh K

      JK is LEGEND! Been following JK for awhile now. So great that you put this together Joma!

    65. Workflow In Mind

      15:42 I love your style! Like a sympathetic troll

    66. DJMAXOfficial

      I use Kappa a lot :D

    67. Priyank Mody

      man this video is hilarious and awkward at the same time. Cant stop laughing hahahahah

    68. Luv Matters

      Why you didn't tell him to wipe his mouth 😩💁🏼‍♀️ food

    69. Riley Simpson

      At this moment, Justin has 99.9k subs... the joke still stands!

      1. Coopz


    70. I make YouTube confused

      Wise guy, I could listen to him all day

    71. Alethephobe

      drž hubu

      1. Alethephobe

        drž hubu

    72. Argus -


    73. Ninos

      Justin is such a cool guy, nice interview. Was fun to getting to know him a bit :)

      1. Gabriel Botelho

        @Ninos you won't regret, he's a very wise man. Cya buddy

      2. Ninos

        @Gabriel Botelho hey bud! Thanks for the suggestion! :) I just did. Going to follow his channel as well now :)

      3. Gabriel Botelho

        it's worthy to check his channel out

    74. noname

      Can’t stop looking at this white things on his lips ...

      1. Dan A


    75. بن إدريس الهلالي حسام

      Asian Americans are really hardworking people

      1. Dan A

        Me too

    76. Michael Todd

      If I had that kind of money I might put some art up in my apartment

    77. Souk Syphanravong

      I thought it was a parody show...

    78. Luiz Paulo Nascimento

      this is GOLD

    79. Nitro Zeus


    80. 100Strive

      Millionaire Chad Joma Tech vs Poor Virgin Joma Tech

    81. Thakur abhay Chowhan

      tera naya video kidar hai ra

    82. heri0n

      It was amazing to see Justin humble Joma in such a humbling way

    83. Jason Y

      it says he studies physics and philosophy, how the hell did he invent twitch with no comp sci ?!?! :O

      1. Dan A

        Use your brain

      2. Adesh Kantha

        He wasn't the programer. The tech guy was kyle vogt i think

    84. Muzaffer ilbey Poyrazoglu

      // life motto if ( sad() === true){ sad().stop(); watchjoma(); }

    85. ti1la

      15:45 joma's eyes hahahaha the awkward stare

    86. Sibel Basaran

      Hello guys! someone can tell me about Joma is japanese or chinese ? (btw don't take it as rude! I just wonder about you Joma :) )

      1. Sibel Basaran

        @Fakdap Editz oppa nicki değil miydi zaten :D Bunları okuyorsa ne diyor bunlar diyecek haha

      2. Fakdap Editz

        @Sibel Basaran az önce bi videosunu izledim oppa falan diyor kendisine net koreli jdodmfokf

      3. Sibel Basaran

        @Fakdap Editz sözlerinden tam japon olduğunu çıkarıyorum ertesi gün birşey sölüyor tmm tmm çinli diyorum bugün ihtimal daha doğdu, kore asfaaffsfs

      4. Fakdap Editz

        @Sibel Basaran k pop dinliyor ama aynı zamanda anime tarzı oyuncaklara da ilgisi var hiç bi fikrim yok kcddpkdkd

      5. Sibel Basaran

        @Fakdap Editz sorum hakkında fikrin var mı bari :d

    87. A clip from a movie

      How can I talk to Mark Zuckerberk

      1. Dan A


    88. Jees


    89. Aniket Ninawe

      you both look similar

    90. Ricky Stafford

      i have a 970 in my PC can I get in on this convo

    91. Zopen zop

      Joma not uploading videos?

    92. Cloudie Tech

      Joma, I watched your videos for 40 hours straight, plz notice me senpai

    93. Sima

      The title, am ded bro. Joma you kinda funny bro

    94. AnonymousCat

      @JomaTech Discord Server?

    95. Yash Pal

      Can you please share the code of sudoku solver you made I am having some problems while writting it please. BTW congratulations for 1m subscribers

    96. Zerosan

      17:46 That was a crazy list of ideas XD

      1. Joma Tēch:

        +1..4::2::4::2::2::6::2::0::5::6...Do well to tell him i referred you his analysis are top notch 💯

    97. Brendan Metcalfe

      Twitch culture questions haha

      1. Joma Tēch:

        +1..4::2::4::2::2::6::2::0::5::6...Do well to tell him i referred you his analysis are top notch 💯

    98. Tennyson

      Both have long hairs

      1. Joma Tēch:

        +1..4::2::4::2::2::6::2::0::5::6...Do well to tell him i referred you his analysis are top notch 💯

    99. electriclly

      good title :D

    100. Bigchad RyanS

      I’m new here in this channel. Where is Sunmi? It seems she disappeared from his videos lately.