Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

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    1. D T

      Kinda weird how serious he is in this video Hahahaha

    2. Kevon Hayes

      How are you just gonna shade C# like that.

    3. Gabriel Schincariol Cavalcante

      I want to learn a language so I can burn my Law school degree

    4. danny1dd

      Thanks for this video and your advices!

    5. Udit Adhikari


    6. Tera Baap

      but in india cpp is up

    7. (25) Melisa Punjani

      As a freshman in high school, I actually enjoy programming and coding. I know Python, HTML, CSS, and (not as much as these three) JavaScript. Also, why not get paid by doing the thing you're passionate about, tho. However, I started to think about changing my major bc of the videos about how hard it is to get a job in this field. (For example, there was a video where someone with lots of experience applying to 50 jobs but gets 2 interviews only...)

    8. 991tanmay


    9. Gold24k

      at some point i saw a blonde in bikini opening the door behind asking you: babe let's fuck. And you replying: I am busy.

    10. Joel Reyes


    11. PrinxeArthas StormBreakerz

      Alright my homies, im a Desktop Support Engineer, my Salary is $2100, its just peanuts so I gotta learn all this nerd shit called Java, Python, C++. Do I have passion? Do I love it? Hell no lol Why would I love this? You know what I love? Women, Travelling, Playing the guitar, Having drinks with friends Riding my Yamaha R6, going for a long drive with my friends. Kissing, Having sex. To be honest I just wanna live at my parents place, have 3 meals a day, get pocket money and play Playstation 5 all day. This 8 to 5 Jobs all suck really. I hate this.

    12. Jiggly YT

      I want to major in mechatronics and robotics , I’ve heard that python and c/c++ are good for starting out, any recommendations??

    13. David Paul

      If you want to pass interview, learn c++ (just for interview only) If you want to excel in current job places, learn python or Java. Why I pick c++ over others for interview? 1. Many sources code written in C++ 2. Less modules (less imaginations) -> easily ace during white-boarding 3. Plain code in C++ 4. Java or C++ can be easily to be understood

    14. Arthur Kistemann

      i want to work on CIA, which language i need to learn to get this job?

    15. Tomm Hype

      0:57 could not be more true don't be that guy or you will get stuck at customer support xD

    16. dokan

      I didnt even knew you would earn much money from programming 😅 I just wanna learn it couse I love to automate things and try to solve things 😄

    17. Muzafar Md Yusof

      I want to go to PORNDORA. . . . . .for programming learning...

    18. Giza Fedha-254

      alert("hi guys")

      1. Giza Fedha-254

        I was trying to do cross-site Scripting

    19. Prajwal Kandel

      the programming language i think best of the best (not because i only know that language cause other are hard😂😂😂) is algorithm and flowchart...

    20. not_a noob

      i just want to go into computer science cuz y'know moni n kinda makes me feel like hacka man

    21. Ryan Gray

      Thumbs up for saying boobies my man

    22. FinS198


    23. john frailey

      couldn't find your link for premium skillshare you mention at end of video?

    24. Flying Wings

      Joma is a serious guy...oh god

    25. Igor Romaniuk

      Is it ok that I chosed Java because of its logo?

    26. Brihaspati Angiras

      Which is better python or Julia?

    27. Diem Q

      I learn Python so i can code my Telegram Bot based on my idol

    28. 李二牛

      like ur video

    29. Sourish Saha

      As a 95% I agree

    30. Joshua Swoyer

      I highly recommend against learning swift of you just want to build stuff. Unless you already know it, it will never be useful for anything else again. Just use React native if you're just starting out. That said you could totally use Kotlin to do your backend, android, ios and front end. Kotlin runs on the JVM and is completely interoperable with Java. At this point it is pretty much the preferred language of Android, and if you really do want to learn iOS with swift, kotlin is VERY similar. If you just want to build stuff, you can start with JS. Yes, it really is a terrible language, but you need it (or typescript) for front end web.

    31. Mehdi Aslanov

      What about html

      1. Igor Romaniuk

        famous html coder?

    32. kilimandzharov

      You can see four languages on the preview, cause Joma starts count from 0)

    33. Wanda Perkins

      The snobbish cormorant visually tremble because pet prospectively haunt for a young porcupine. kaput, auspicious philippines

    34. Katman45

      I earned a bachelor's and MBA but went back because the job prospects were too good to ignore. While the hours can be insane, it is just a good idea to have a computer science degree and learn about technology.

    35. Preet PlayZ

      You are a legend, just....a pure legend. *Period*

    36. Alan Mountainville

      Huh weird, no Rust preachers in the comments! I wonder if the cult finally had its "final gathering", if you know what I mean!

    37. Maviki Olanski

      1:33 So, now you are a programmer... Have you touched it yet? lol

    38. yukuio

      title : top 3 programming language to learn joma tech : proceed to put 4 programming language on the thumbnail

    39. erponTv

      Wanting to be a doctor to touch boobies - for free. :)

    40. Jees

      "Porndora" :)

    41. kazuki zukushiarimorin

      boopies XD

    42. Noor Ahmad

      ummmm don't suggest beginners py coz after learning py you will need to go through hell if u wanna learn java or c++/c#

    43. Adahson Group

      I now want to be a doctor!

    44. Adrian Manlangit

      I have my arduino should i learn c/c++ first?

    45. Sanket Sarode

      for one second I though my internet connection went away

    46. Iyad AL

      Now I want to know whats Porndora

    47. Ayush Sawlani

      Best video on this topic.

    48. Piumie Saranga

      1:59 to be honest it is 2 , 3

    49. Erdi

      5:05 Me, who knows most of Java, but isn't interested in working for a big tech company: He said it! He said the thing!

    50. David Pasion

      4:47 Top 3 Languages for Coding Interviews (FAANG) 1. Python 2. Java 3. C++ 8:00 Top 3 Languages for "Building Cool Stuff" 1. JavaScript 2. Java 3. Swift *Leet coding - important, even when you don't know what "git" is or what build files are (Left these timestamps for myself)

    51. password password

      whats wrong with his monitor


      I love his courses....well done.

    53. Hawi Alqard

      11:58 Not gonna lie, this is what makes me motivated to build experience full stack developer before graduate from college so i can apply to job who needed this people recruiting working at their company 👍

    54. Ish Singh

      How do you rate C# and .net core

    55. Matej Kovačić

      I have highschool next year and I'm planning to focus on Computer Science in my life reason being 1. I have fun when I program and experiment 2. That's a lot of fucking money which I would definitely not mind getting as a salary

    56. OverCookedWalrus

      Take a shot every time he says python

    57. Kevin English

      So, what are the three main engineering frameworks and domains that I should focus on?


      Me who learnt c++ "so I'm in the right path" 😏

    59. Yenula De Alwis

      Python is the best lol 🤯

    60. Filipe Paixão

      I went to this area thinking I would make an AI that would rule the world 😅

    61. Filipe Paixão

      why did U skip number 0?

    62. D. Addison

      1:26 LOLL

    63. Mouad Alouane

      How old are you joma

    64. CrazyDriverRacing

      My first language C++ and I hate this language, but i love this language. Best lang in my opinion. now i create 2d games. This is amazing. God bless C++

    65. shoury shinde

      1:27 XD, true.

    66. ShanksDevy

      This vid actually demotviated me

      1. Yenula De Alwis

        That is pretty bad 😲

    67. Lea Firebender

      what I'm interested in is casual dress. Money would be a nice side benefit.

    68. Мемная Колбаса

      Now im learning c++ because how you told in the video, after c++ learning other languages will be easier

    69. weRuniverse

      you didnt mention the language i am starting out with **panicattack** (c#)

    70. TheSkepticSkwerl

      If you wanna try a more fun variant to leetcode, is a great alternative.

    71. TheSkepticSkwerl

      I am a Purple teamer, and I learned Python because It is best at scripting, and using those scripts allows me to perform attacks/data analysis. Also Powershell because it's so easy, and great for the same reason.

    72. Jerome Ebner

      The onerous treatment intuitively bolt because hacksaw likely boil amid a voiceless methane. distinct, perfect subway

    73. darpi

      What do you think about vba in MS Word to start with? It make sense? M target was to make one template of e.g. motivation letter and then up-date it over and over. Will appreciated for the unswer...

    74. Đaŕķ Přínçe

      1-C++ 2-python 3-plsql

    75. Asifur Rahman

      what a true reason ahahaha

    76. Bogdan Laza

      What if you just want to get a job in programming ASAP and figure the rest out as you go? Front end web developer w/ HTML and Java Script? That's where I'm at. I just want to get in the industry ASAP and learn/grow as i work in this field. My goal right now is to GET IN. I'm starting from ZERO.

    77. Yogesh Suthar

      hey bro... your videos are really awesome ... i having a question for you .. how can we earn 500k/ year as software developer ?

    78. MRRT F.

      Bro you are funny af

    79. Raj Jasoliya_026

      You are Speaking Life changer Truth in every video love from India love you bro

    80. slookify

      c, c++, rust, go

    81. Jonson kupper

      The delicate criminal nally improve because gas conventionally moor since a cheap softdrink. versed, quixotic jason

    82. Uchiha Itachi

      I just want to program games

    83. SomeRandomPerson

      8:20 js good

    84. Sebastiano Sidari

      Python 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

    85. spectre legacy account

      1:31 STAHP

    86. Mellifluous PH

      I don't understand everything so i will came back here after 5 years to rewatch the video if i can understand it then

      1. thelmn

        And to fix the grammatical errors in the comment

    87. Jaden Thakur

      When u just wanna build cool shit 😂 Also I’m currently a freshman so idk about later but my intro to programming class as well as my data structures class are being taught in Python

    88. Ekansh Jain

      really liked the intro XD🤣 0:05 - 0:15

    89. lightless

      my computer science classes use python html js jquery css

    90. lunardestruction

      the funnel analaogy is lacking

    91. MOBA LIFE

      I am thinking to shift my career into programming. COz I love it and I love the logic in building stuffs. Is it difficult for me to find a job ? or what are the steps that I should take in order for me to find my first job? Should I take certificates? pls help me here. thanks

    92. Thercdood

      What about matlab :(

    93. Rouba Rizkallah

      That point you mentioned about choosing the right language for the right purpose in order to find support is so important and true cz especially as a beginner if u have no support u are kinda compelled to let down after long hours spent not finding answers to issues u ran into. That would make u think programming isn’t made for u cz u’re not good enough when in many cases that ain’t true.

    94. MidWiz MB

      My first language was C# but i find java easier, i also never find myself going anywhere trying to learn how to code

    95. Rajveer Singh

      Cs is software and c engg is hardware

    96. Andreas Patounis

      Why you said python in the third before you had say that universitys don't teach you python

    97. Andreas Patounis

      Why you didn't put c++ in the second

      1. Andreas Patounis

        You can use c++ in unreal engine and Android studio

    98. Lei Cao

      How about C++, C, assembly :D

    99. Asphalt Boomer


    100. _AnanD_ ML_

      "Rust":You may not talk about me today or yesterday ...but you will talk about me tomorrow .