My Ultimate Work From Home Desk Setup for Productivity

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    ► Featured Gear in this video:
    Less Big Ass Monitor: LG 34WN750
    Big Ass Monitor: LG WL95C-W
    Laptop: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
    Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3
    Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard
    Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35
    Speakers: Bose Companion 20 multimedia speaker system
    Chair: Herman Miller Embody with translucent wheels.
    Desk: IKEA BEKANT Desk, black stained ash veneer/black
    Dumb metal block: Blackmagic eGPU
    Monitor Stand: VIVO Single Monitor Desk Mount
    Window Management: Magnet Mac OS App

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    1. Joma Tech

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      1. Reggie Angus

        how does your Macbook support all those monitors? Whats the stats? I had a brand new MBP and it struggled to keep a 40 inch display running without lagging half the time, almost impossible to run 2 monitors

      2. Samiul Islam Durjoy

        Make a video what r u doing now at present....

      3. Ankit Borgohain

        That measuring tape need more recognition !!! 😂😂

      4. KEHINDE Alli

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      5. Ken Silva

        This dude spent $80 to make his chair's casters transparent. I don't think he's a good role model

    2. A T

      The laptop better employee bit hit a little too close to home

    3. Sharath Chandra

      love sick girls

    4. Ratz

      cant stop laughing. i love how spontaneous u are in the video. keep the good work! *eventhoughWeKnowYoureNotWorkingDuringQuarantine.

    5. James

      Lol what's your energy bill like? Your not thinking about the polar bears

    6. Fraser Brown

      You are fucking hilarious

    7. pawan kumar

      Literally i m just glad this channel got recommended to me.. Perfect mix of savageness and quality content to watch.. Love u joma❤

    8. kwboo 199x

      this video has ryan higa's vibe.

    9. Jc Gellidon

      Dude! You're solid! Haha!

    10. Bahaa Adel

      9:40 sorry but I'm a Jhin main, I don't accept anything but perfection.

    11. Bongo Cat

      Rich man

    12. Victor Victor RJ

      I love this guy!

    13. Edwardo Sendama

      once you become a better employee ...

    14. Abdullah Amer Mohammed Salih Jirjees

      I love your silliness bro loool keep it up... I have one question, what is the step one to be better programmer?

    15. Nicolas Libre

      new subscriber here... your joke is so witty hahaah

    16. Aryaman

      tell me you are rich but broke without telling me that you are rich but broke

    17. Lee Sean

      haha you are funny

    18. ウェブ開発

      No wonder why you developed carpal tunnel using that keyboard 💀

    19. Top Secret

      how to play cs:go on such a whide-ass screen :(

    20. HerrMu

      Imperfection :(

    21. Fahad Bin Shahid

      The name is actually: *Looks a screen intensively BIG ASS MONITOR... 😂😂😂

    22. Jack M

      I enjoyed the video. You are a very talented guy. Thanks for the laughs.

    23. Juanes Nivia

      "you have to be okay whit the imperfection" I love that

    24. Onur Erised

      02:49 SCRIPT says: "Explain why we have no free will" I like the hidden jokes in his videos. :D

    25. Edjie Santos

      I'm glad I found someone that has almost the same career path I took. I am working on a gaming company, was a SE before then LiveOps designer (similar to data scientist, we read numbers from game database).

    26. X_NeD4

      The cable management is spot on

    27. mahesh kanna

      You are so funny, that setup i would die for. for a moment i googled "LG Big Ass Monitor"

    28. julian rv

      2:18 voice crack

    29. John Judith


      1. Matthew Make

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      2. Matthew Make

        Trading is the game on board now,

      3. Wisdom Tillim

        Tell him I referred you 👆👆👆

      4. Wisdom Tillim

        @ Expert_jacksonFX

      5. Wisdom Tillim

        T l e g r a m🖊️🖊️🖊️

    30. Wanaaje's Channel

      Hahahaha man you are funny I love your channel indeed, the part that killed me softly is "You will get a better laptop when you become a better employee" :) good one.

    31. Silvio Castro

      spared no expense

    32. jung Lee

      The ill hail literally trust because professor informally question inside a typical effect. silent, glossy joseph

    33. Adit Chawdhary

      please give me back my 10mins and 13 seconds!

    34. Sumariana kadek

      the only thing missing, is my talent 🤣

    35. partyneverstops

      Dude.. You are hilarious!!! Love it!!!

    36. Felix Uti

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    37. erwinargo ismanto

      Wkwkwkw the way you promote the lg monitor just made my day

    38. Nestor Espinosa Mitjanas

      As we say in Spain: “eres un puto crack” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂

    39. CLAP DaVinci

      Imagine getting this setup to just moderate a discord server.

    40. MDS

      4:50 i have the exact same background in the chrom browser :)

    41. Afro Doc

      My go to video for motivating myself to be a better employee at home🙃🤕

    42. Ralph Alvarez

      Sir how did you mount the little big ass monitor if you would be so kind.

    43. Sid

      Where can I get 4:49 wallpaper for chrome

    44. Corey McDonald

      this guy is awesome

    45. Thanus

      Yeay you’re a blackpink fan

    46. Khai Xuan

      How do you stacked the less big ass monitor on top of the bug ass monitor? You didn’t use any arms right?

    47. Lily

      I always thinking why some ppl have more than one mintor i mean can someone explain plz👈👉

    48. Benista Nojaima

      Man ,you are one funny software engineer with a "tape" ,thanks man for the video and the advertisement about LG ,iwas wondering why LG gifted ,I know now ,you made my day ,thanks again for the video .You must have been the best employee until now .still smiling and believe that you point of view about life,and presentation.Great Man,Great life.Great ruler.

    49. Kenny Lee

      Hi, how did u mount the less big ass monitor at the back?

    50. Isaac Solares

      Lmaooooo you’re awesome

    51. Cesar Garza

      this guy is very funny

    52. Mohd Aamir

      I loved the humor, especially about not having the ruler..

    53. [rift] Zaviox

      BLACKPINK !!!

    54. Navin Pemarathne

      Your chair reminded me to correct my posture. So, thank you for that. ✌

    55. Kusukacolay Lowlee

      Disconnected from reality

    56. Prasad J

      You got lot of money to buy whatever u want good for u man

    57. Alex Choi

      I am a software engineer watching this video on my less big ass monitor during work

    58. neil vonholtum

      When r u gonna upgrade to Acer's Predator Thronos Air?

    59. whycomm

      I love the big finale

    60. bigsteve1984

      Joma: 'gets rig setup' Employer: We're ready for everyone to come back on in.

    61. FØRAGIĐØ

      Congrats man you deserve that and I just trying open two folders in my 2010 laptop. What a mess

    62. John Freund Racing

      The foot driven chair spin 🤣🤣🤣

    63. Alexis Bellhop

      Simmetria is obe if my obsession

    64. The White Beat

    65. Jay Dee



      I'd love to have your setup man. Cool workplace.

    67. Wahiba Laaribi

      How long it took you to master programming?

    68. Winston Edwards

      Manager: you are fired (after seeing you watch Blackpink while working)

    69. radz emmanuel lim

      "we'll give you a better laptop once you become a better employee" i can't breathe! XD

    70. Charlton Lee

      hahaha funniest room tour

    71. Cris Oxley

      What monitor stand are you using for the less bigass monitor? Thanks

    72. *


    73. Sk 65

      спасибо экзибит что прокачал моё рабочее место

    74. PKGzGMTH

      No body: me: 0:22, is that github or ****hub

    75. Punk Voter

      Ha. You are funny.

    76. Pio Peter D'Souza

      Lol. Brilliant. I use 4 monitors in my. Home music studio. Unfortunately, LG didn't send me any. I had to buy mine.

    77. Ugyen Tshering

      How can you do all those classes or this interesting channels all by yourself? I just can't believe it!

    78. Daniel Adam

      Awesome!.. That layer of dust though..

    79. Ricky Ng

      Just discovered this channel. You are hilarious. Keep doing what you are doing with them videos!

    80. Serr Kocc

      lol i seriously liked all of your jokes...btw you need some serious gadget improvements...wireless headset better mouse better focussing camera oh lord

    81. Hu Andrew

      what's the intro music

    82. Ansi XOR

      Блевать тянет от того как люди в роботов превращаются

    83. Padawan Vuitton

      Im so glad i started watching these videos. This shit is funny as fuck foreal💯👍

    84. Pablo Mocholi

      This video is a gem

    85. Somak Mitra

      Did he just attac the whole ocd community....lmaooooooooo.....this is just god

    86. Alex

      I love when people pretend they actually "work" on Apple. Gets me everytime.

    87. nyx

      I clicked on this video expecting satire and that's exactly what I got, cheers.

    88. SynysterRipper

      I currently own the LG Less BigAss Monitor and can vouch for everything in that advertisement

    89. Olam

      I really like the quality of your videos recently. Keep it up!

    90. devil .saint81

      U really look like stephen Chau. The HK actor... Star of the shaolin soccer movie

    91. Raymond Reddington

      The ending was like a parody or diss to techsource lol

    92. Subhish

      You look like Shaolin soccer hero 🤣 funny guy

    93. PC.LY

      منور جوما

    94. Bogdan Bogdan

      Question: How much of what you use in your home setup for work have you bought yourself?

    95. Karen Pin

      I love him hahaha

    96. Aditya Baranwal

      Is that the Bahubali hills (Udaipur, India) on your wallpaper.. because it looks exactly like that!

    97. Ricardo Adan Castillo Paz

      Awesome high tech setup. I would work on the small monitor and play 3 Blackpink videos at a time on the large one though 😅😅.. Great video! Greetings from Honduras, Central America.

    98. Rinat Hamidulin

      I mean it is physically USB C, but you should mention that it is in fact using Thunderbolt interface. Otherwise people can get confused.

    99. Byron JR

      What rack did you buy to hold the monitors?

    100. Aakash Aakash

      2:30 was the best ..........only thing missing is my talent