Interview With My Brother Who Sold His Startup For $60 Million | Machine Learning Engineer

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    My brother ( madavidj ) talks about how to successfully leverage Machine Learning in Startups. Learn computer science, math, science, and algorithms at (first 200 get 20% off premium).

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    1. Euripides

      I honestly can't tell if Joma is trolling or trying to power play his brother during interview. WHAT IS WITH THE TEXTS AND INTERRUPTIONS ?! Also didn't catch the answer to what he worked on instead of optimising an individual ML component. Seems like the answer was edited out


      10:13 wtf naughty inside serious outside

    3. Nick noah

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    4. Nick noah

      Forex interested persons can get in touch with @austinsdaytrade through the virtue of lnstegram , cutting me off losses and cyber-phobia

    5. RP

      madavidj has zero tweets

    6. Salim TAHRI

      28:39 Alright best of luck... For lisa and dynasty Itashi was waiting for his name like... "Mhmm"

    7. GT Cline

      ML stands for (Meeting at Lunch). Jk I want to do ML

    8. Alan Dobrzelecki

      13:51 it says "maybe show dark interface"

    9. Abubakar Adamu

      Very inspiring 💯

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    11. Yashvinder Hooda

      Why Lisa is shut down now

    12. juice8225

      13:50 lol

    13. gomez richard

      Yo bro, I was supposed to be learning to code, and now im stuck watching your videos! Haha

    14. bioches

      His company sounds like a reit

    15. Alex Dai

      Very cool interview, really informative, thank you!

    16. Ghost 7

      What's the name of Joma's brother startup ?!

      1. Ghost 7

        @Pro Gamerzzz 123 thanks brother 👍

      2. Pro Gamerzzz 123


    17. Simon Sozzi

      What a good idea. Instead of being the SOLE SLUM LORD, spread the responsibility out. No responsibility except to collect profits.

    18. Richard Been

      Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

      1. Trisha Elba

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      2. Bertie Alba

        @Khytron kindly contact her on whatsapp for more information

      3. Khytron

        @Bertie Alba maybe you should learn english first buddy. Also, i'm only 15 and i already have a plan for my future so don't waste your time trying to 'convince' me.

      4. Bertie Alba

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      5. Williams Amard

        @Khytron hello dear

    19. EddieVanTuber

      casino capitalism pinions .... sounds like an Asian-Israeli anglo Wanna be "start-up" .... typical.

    20. Brody Butler

      Lisa needs braces DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces DENTAL PLAN

    21. JCVirt Cloud Consultancy

      maybe show dark interface - this is another NLP message in this video - smooth Joma

    22. Bikash Singh

      I read most of the comments but didn't see anyone comparing them to Sherlock and Mycroft. It really looked like Sherlock interviewing his brother on a case he's solving.

    23. brahim Ba

      lol before i enter the video i saw tht 60 M ads 60 box hhhh thats for intrested meeee who else

    24. Varun

      Pivotttt pivotttt pivot

    25. PixBoi

      Thats actually a smart idea what hes doing.

    26. Chouinard Robert

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    27. CupOfWhiskey

      Are these guys really brothers?

    28. G tv

      Is the app Lisa only for android ?

    29. TD 4YD

      Why does he look poor? 🤔

      1. Debit

        look poor to stay rich

    30. Alejandro J

      we sold it for 60M..I got 0%

    31. Quantum X Trading Strategy - 0 Red Days

      has anyone heard of Quantum X Trading on twitter , shows 0 daily losses since Dec 18 2019?

    32. frost HD

      60mill sheeeeeeeechee

    33. Rivo Suoth


    34. Talking Donkey Productions

      'maybe show dark theme'

    35. ssjoon0328

      Your brother looks like an Asian Benedict Cumberpatch... What an oddly handsome man (Asian Imitation Game??)

    36. Nguyen Lam

      Joma only has 1 mole on eye and his brother has 2

    37. nuke7

      oooooo they use Jabba?! for the back-end?!!? 😮

    38. Chuck Tilly

      This interview is brilliant! The best realistic discussion on the use of real world ML that I’ve heard. David is awesome.

    39. Diaco Nori

      clear difference between someone who has ppl skills and someone who is cringey

    40. chetan Esque

      You did well with the company... but you just had to do something with ML!! It is like you had ML in your hand and you went looking to apply it somewhere! But thanks!

    41. Floating Pine

      nice interview ty

    42. Codding Noob

      you see noone knows better bout computer than asian ppl

    43. 0


    44. Linh Nguyen

      are you Ryan Higa's evil twin?

    45. Jacob Hartigan

      Finally got the subliminal message at 13:51, took only 8 tries to pause it on the correct frame.

      1. Menarul Alam

        The period and comma keys make videos go frame by frame btw, so just pause and spam them. . is forward , is backward

    46. Hari Harsha

      He sounds just like Elon musk.

    47. Monty Wang

      Exactly, we should focus more on how to generate the data other than too much focus on ML models...

    48. xXphaZXx

      25:54 what a comical situation to be in with a sibling :D

    49. Rendroc

      Lisa sounds like the Robinhood of real estate investing, I like it

    50. Lefteris Panos

      If you were my brother I would ask for money all the time...come on bro...just kidding...NOTTTTT.

    51. Fakhri Prayatna Putra

      i thought ml is making love

    52. Talha Abdul qayyum

      He just said 'Pivoted" , Guess who said that?

    53. John Van Geem

      Maybe show dark interface: is this an edit gaffe, or are you trolling your brother?

    54. Abu Tahir

      13:45 "about 40% of our messages are handled by humans who we call 'OPERATORS' " :P That sounds dangerous :P

    55. Alex B

      @13:51 'Maybe show dark interface' I guess you forgot to edit that out :D

    56. Николай Бенлиоглу

      Add time code to your videos

    57. junv

      How do I dislike a video like this one a million times? Do I really have to be boastful being a so called print("Programmer or Coder or . . .:")

    58. Steve Cotton

      Interesting. Still just shuffling money though. We need to move on or we are screwed as a species.

    59. Kenn Tollens


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    63. David Barrientos

      Every video that I watch of Joma is lit af

    64. S O

      Good videos. But too much bass in sound.

    65. dd x

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    67. Fratama Yusuf

      Does it mean that it is better to learn depth into software engineering (like majoring in SE) and then learn extra knowledge about ML/AI from private courses/by ourself?

    68. One Two

      Working as a ML specialist at a small startup, this was definitely inspiring. And it made me feel less shitty about the simple solutions I have come up with for the company so far, lol

    69. Nathan Clark

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    71. sakcee

      Why do you have donuts on your desk

    72. Simplicitas

      So he gets 8,10 mill after tax? So what. In US that's like his medical bills for the next 10 years.

    73. Gerard Ligonde

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    74. Gerard Ligonde

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    75. Pun Nguyen

      I hopefully i’ll be hired for his company in the next 5 years, this video make my try hard to learn more python packages

    76. finalninja22

      Unless your brother was a COFOUNDER then your brother didn't sell shit. The cofounders sold the company, not the jo-blo employee with a bit of equity.

    77. Hrushikesh 0265

      he’s the guy who fired techlead.

    78. Крипто Новости

      This interview shed light on a lot of questions for me. Great advice! Thank you!

    79. Jeetender Kakkar


    80. Jeetender Kakkar

      Beggar poor chutiya

    81. Jeetender Kakkar

      Beggar poor chutiya

    82. Arsene Ngenzi

      Seeing Joma being serious is funny 😂😂😂

    83. Mommos gourmet

      10:14 sheeeeesh😗😗😗😗

    84. Caleb Jackson

      *Clicks video* *Realizes it's joma* *Deletes youtube Again*

    85. Daniel Lindegren

      Am I seeing a tortilla chip on the floor?

    86. KAJ

      So... 60 million 5 ways minus taxes.. Not really even worth the effort then....... As I sit here unable to afford contacts...

    87. Alexander Paideia

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    88. Anonymous W

      Asian Mom: Here my son, doing the computer thing, earn the $60million, so proud of him! Aunty: Wow, your son very good earning potential, my son have 2 PhD in Harvard, now doctor, save 60million lives, very proud of him! My second son, lawyer, defend President Trump, national treasure! How is Joma doing? I heard he just filming himself on the VIdron? Asian Mom: ... Asian Dad: Y u no more like your brother? Earn the $60million!

    89. Alceu Diniz

      So, his brother basically works with AI applied to REITs??

    90. Amy Wang

      Wow... Joma... One of BEST video i have seen.. Yr questions; yr bro's clarity between biz models, ml, process management.. 🙌.. AND in simple easy to understand english too. BIG BIG Thank u (both)!! 🙏🙏


      Jomas still making that boot camp Mula tho

    92. Bektur Boobekov

      Your parents are proud of you 'til your brother comes in.

    93. Damn Nkt

      i think ml is mobile legend

    94. Maulana Ibnu Sabil

      Joma would you interview me? I sold my vape kit for 20 bucks

    95. Laura Powell

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    96. Boris N.

      Typical Engineering mindset: software engineering is the core skillset - really???? Imagine if this mindset was applied to credit scoring, quasi-experimentation, insurance - we'd be screwed! Good content though

      1. Boris N.

        @Ziyaad Fredericks read again, you'll find it.

      2. Ziyaad Fredericks

        What do you find problematic in that statement?

    97. ThunderAppeal

      Proves that any attention whore idiot can become a millionaire in america.

    98. Asma Nazir

      Joma is acting like he’s never seen his brother before.

      1. balsanova

        @Steven Ren while the rest of us were playing with legos in recess his brother was assembling data sets to train his ML algorithms

      2. Steven Ren

        @Golden Griffon ah yes since he was a child he was always working on his business

      3. Golden Griffon

        Considering how hard his brother must have been working to create a $60 million business, maybe he truly hasn’t seen much of him.

    99. Andrew Smith


    100. Neel Doshi

      $60 Million is fine but did he get sponsors just to talk to his brother? I see Joma is Brilliant'. Pun intended.