Interview with a Competitive Programmer

Joma Tech

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    1. ROHIT

      Errichto is my motivation

    2. kajodata

      yeah! go Poland!

    3. SkyHeart

      “Competitive Programmer” What a funny term!

    4. Andrei Amza1

      That moment when you get the chance to advertise your youtube channel and you channel rises from 5,3 k to 233k subscribers. LOL

    5. Stefano Cuter

      Printing the last letter for the tennis example would be wrong cause you could lose a game even if you won the last point

    6. Vishal Rajendra Kumar

      this is ryan higa

    7. Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak

      I'm proud of you Kamil! Great job, Poland strong :D

    8. kirill

      Creativity is not a sport!

    9. Waffle-Waffle

      suggestion, they need to add a stackoverflow competitive copy & paste programming

    10. Kim Skogsmo

      10:42 - 10:47 +1 same reaction here

    11. Tech Guy

      He's Russian. That's all lol

    12. Jose Maldonado

      The awful mint early whisper because icicle externally imagine apropos a heady tanker. living, observant furniture

    13. yehah

      Great guy

    14. K3ith Price

      Here's me thinking I'm a genius because I can now use .map() instead of a for loop.

    15. Chess Freak

      Clickbate bro

    16. Raymond Andrews

      "You print the last letter" ---- and I dissolve into my chair

    17. parag barsar

      so again we found programmers are also gamer

    18. Arpit Pandey

      Gennady is like the final boss of competitive programming

    19. Arhat M.

      I almost made it to the IOI when I was 17, and all went down hill from there, lol.

    20. Pavlin Mavrodiev

      Actually the solution to the tennis problem is not correct. It's not always the last letter that wins the match. What if the last shot was a fault and the guy lost because it was match point for the other player?

      1. Pavlin Mavrodiev

        @Dev May Cry You are right, I misunderstood the question.

      2. Dev May Cry

        I think all points are already earned by the given player, even if it is a mistake of the opponent; so if A missed the shot, the point is earned by B. The last scorer always wins the match because there's no time constraint.

    21. Kenee Patel

      This guy so amazing and humble. Huge Respect!

    22. khanh chung

      People only focus on what benefits of solving problems on contest programming but forget that to become a top competitive programmer, you have to be hardworking, dedicated and persistent. Those characteristics are really important not only for software engineers but other careers as well.

    23. Pedro Rodrigues

      He's able to make any person feel dumb lol

    24. Muzan

      What???? 24??? I'm 20 and still noob at Data structures and Algorithm :(

    25. Prince Lux Grey

      Joma lost it at 13:50 lol

    26. Chuck Tilly

      Whoa! I enjoyed this interview way more than I expected. This guy is a BOSS!

    27. Andrea Ho

      10-year working in the industry of mine is now no better than garbage after listening to this.

    28. Symon

      BloodTrail POLSKA GUROM

    29. Evan Pc

      This is one of the best interview by jomatech

    30. Культурный Дотер

      I competed with Gennadiy at school on a national programming contest. Well, it's not that I competed with him, it's more like I participated, and he had some easy practice for an international contest. He was already brilliant and FAR ahead at 15

    31. Lionbreed A

      Russian guy

      1. Ben Shapiro

        @Rafał K. both are ethnically same

      2. Rafał K.

        Polish guy

    32. 6000mmr322


    33. Armen Haddad

      you can tell if you give this guy a programming quest he'll ace it !

    34. 17teacmrocks

      it sounds like he should be in deepmind. they get to apply algorithms to play games, the two things he said he prefers to do

    35. 17teacmrocks

      he said they only need to practice several hrs per week?

    36. 1JS19CS083 M Balasubramanian

      "what if every job paid the same, what job would you choose?" "Can I just play PS4 all day?" That's a competitive programmer way of thinking right there

    37. Tookey

      would love to see him take an iq test

    38. jdragon jds

      this guy is alpha , he went on demoralizer channel to help solve F on a contest , talk about dedication

    39. Volvox

      It's all fun and games until *The User* enters the room!

    40. Meraj Hussain

      I am 30 and i am still a struggling programmer

    41. IE

      You are rude asking about Gennady.

    42. whatever

      Can someone explain the tennis thing?

    43. Kaushik Dey

      Gennedy's face haunts me at night... I didn't even crack kickstart

    44. INCEPTION 25

      genna alr on olympic since 5th grade wht u expect

    45. Azraf Khan

      Errichto is very good looking. He's got a very nice voice too. I like.

    46. Azraf Khan

      He has a delightful accent.

    47. kesu1

      I see you are a Saiki fan as well

    48. Mohammed Thaier

      This is our alpha

    49. Troy Cao

      if you zoom in on his forehead you can see all the muscles that carried him in competitive programming

    50. kasim sche

      Joma you are best bruhh..... you interview very best people, ask questions that brings out answers with quality knowledge....

    51. Nevil Vekariya

      @Joma Tech The solution is incorrect, it is always not true that the last person who played is the winner. I mean imagine B requires 1 point to win, A played last round and it was foul (in some sports foul gives point to your opponent e.g table tennis). Then B might be won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dev May Cry

        Yes. The last scorer always wins, not the last who played. With a time-constraint sport like soccer or basketball, it's a count() function when the time expires to do the trick.

    52. Pathera Tigris

      Idk anything about computer programming.

    53. /HASHRAID

      idk wt am doing here just wtffffffff

    54. Wi Husky

      Really enjoy your channel! Thanks for the vid.

    55. Vishal Das

      And here I'm watching him as a beginner who just started giving contests 😓😥..,..any pair programmer??

    56. Matthew Whebell

      Cringe interview with a god. But, thanks for the content.

    57. Karl Olofsson

      I'm trying to "hack" life by coming up with a stupid simple but really popular idea that everyone will want and which will be fairly easy to create. Preferably by hiring smarter people than myself. Build a company and sell it. Sure seems a hell of a lot easier than becoming great at this stuff :P

    58. takashy87

      Cool video and topic, but that example just made it seem like it's really just "a game", kinda like eSports compared to games. Having specific knowledge or rules, that don't really apply to the real world (I mean in terms of the specific example), which is a bit meh. Like it sounds fun, but if there are "rules" like this, then it's a bit disappointing, but I guess that as long as everybody who participates is aware of them, then it should be "a fair game". Otherwise it just seems like a lottery and random chance for who might make the most points or not, if things come down to unrealistic (in terms of real world) examples like that

    59. Mr. Melon

      My brain crying 😭 this video , LMAO

    60. WolveZOid


      1. Ben Shapiro

        Wrong channel gtfo

    61. ANUJ Maurya

      Gennedy started programming when he was 6. I guess that is where the whitehatjunior idea came from

    62. Dragos C

      How is an european teaching an asian, I don't understand?

    63. syed mohammad

      I am not capable of it guys, I tried but could not get in good company payroll.

    64. LaserGamer28

      What’s that music when Genaddy appeared ? 😂

    65. Ivan Vlahov

      22:51 boy was he wrong

    66. Step by step to success

      I'm from Syria , I understood about 56%

      1. Step by step to success

        @Ben Shapiro thanx million

      2. Ben Shapiro

        Hope you are safe?

    67. Mike Chininin

      Joma's a beat, this is already added to my favorites and on the first minute

    68. Alaina Khan

      What I noticed is how down to earth he is. So humble.

      1. Samo

        most people in europe are like this

      2. Giulio Pulina

        yes I like this guy for this

    69. Albert Argumedo

      Does anyone know how many times they have said the word "algorithm"?

    70. Tec Thorb

      I like how gamers say they have it hard while the smartest minds in the world are under-paid and under-appreciated for cracking the logical problems of today Buga *Wins 3 mil* Errichto: "I'm done with this m@th sh!t!!"

    71. Peter Butler

      What in the hell they talking about? Lmaoo

    72. Grand Priest Goku 神道悟空

      so if u r good at competitive programming u should also be good at competitive math? welp there goes all my hope of being a competitive programmer :'(

    73. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

      What I feel while making algorithms is you need to exploit loopholes in given problem to your advantage. Idk if it's true but let me know pls

    74. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

      If it's all about having more IQ then definitely I can't become even good programmer, forget about competitive programming. I am feeling so depressed that I think I am worth nothing

      1. Bill Owen


    75. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

      So does it mean if I am bad at maths I can't become competitive programmer? Cmon it's my passion for programming and I am really bad at maths. Just got depressed when I heard those people are good at maths.

    76. bilel mizabi

      cicso cours

    77. Biswamohan Dwari

      Can you solve this most difficult problem - max no of cards such that no 2 cards overlap each other, you can think the cards a deck of cards placed over one another parallely

    78. Aaron Peng

      the thirty-second example really freaks me out

    79. Only Coding

      i am going to play chess!

    80. Nitesh Gupta

      Gennady 😍

    81. Chetan Kota

      Errichto's smartness is evident when he answers the question, why is the prize money for Google Code Jam pretty less. @10:22

    82. Andra

      We got the main villain of this series here 1:32

    83. Ash Singh

      What computer language do they compete with ?

    84. Norbert Soboń

      Rozmowa z Polakiem, a nie ma żadnego Polskiego komentarza..

    85. Wamviee

      he sounds like jarvis

    86. Just_another_soul

      From 5k to nearly 200k,did change quite a bit😁

    87. Duke Bubble Butt

      Gennady looks at u like at shit lol


      Gennady has a villan intro music, damn! Cool stuff!

    89. Udhay Brahmi

      1:29 best part.

    90. Nikhil Titus

      Very informative interview. Thanks for sharing

    91. Efthymios N

      Can't you just look at who scored last? They won lmao.

    92. Charles Smith

      Pure idealism.

    93. el cheems

      CAn yOu hAcK tHis FacEboOk...

    94. Pedro Vieira de Castro

      Man, there's something about these countries... they have lots of good programmers and hackers

    95. rajeswara reddy kaipa

      Gennady's music is really cool

    96. Kenny Lin

      lol that anime music popping out get me crack everytime

    97. V D

      No, I don't know how to invert a linked list.

    98. 37. Vignesh Gopal

      y the hell does everyone wear black t-shirts whenever they come to interview with joma tech.

    99. Pavel Yankouski

      Ps4 eh, Apple probably in a future

    100. Chad Davis

      start foobar.exe run asm /mount -t /auto /adminisrator ! There, that should clean it up nicely. Good game high-level programmers.