Interview with a Product Manager from FANG

Joma Tech

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    1. Someone Youknow

      Facebook + Amazon + Nio + Google = FANG

    2. Levan l

      What is his name?

    3. Imamul Malik Chowdhury

      He says Sanjay Subtitle says Andre Lmao

    4. Yoni Fraimorice

      Interesting talk, very insightful. However, the crappy sound quality (lots of echos) made it hard to listen. Come on Joma, where was the mojo powers here? :)

    5. Ataur Rehman

      he doesnt have a adam's apple, he has adam's face

    6. cascada122321

      It was really easy to get to the end of this video without losing interest, thanks guys!

      1. Zeegoner

        I was impressed at how easy it was too! Really appreciate it too!

    7. Lucky Chonk

      Yo is this dude kinda cute or is it just me 😳

    8. Vinu Prasad

      Shouldn't it be Famg??

    9. Anushka Singh

      Wow, so Elliot Anderson's now a Product Manager? I guess Cybersecurity Engineer is a really stressing job lol

    10. GabiN64

      I can tell he lays the pipe

      1. Zeegoner

        More like the peepee

    11. Lafeo 007

      joma will be technical and non-technical at the same time, bruh he is perfect not even kidding

    12. Jayson Demarco

      He is so gay🤣🤣🤣 in a happy way of course lol loved the video

    13. Dhruv Agrawal

      Why did you personally move from data science to software engineering?

      1. Zeegoner

        A problem with data science is that the culture doesn't allow for men to perform helicopter moves in the office. SWE allows ample room and facilities where people can helicopter inside of glass enclosures. It really is the new ping pong table in rec rooms, and really is a 10x to the work life.

    14. Chaddons Chaddons

      Man, what an ANNOYING host! Damn!!

    15. Product Manager

      Yes, ability to EXECUTE with speed is so gives you more cycle to iterate, and test new ideas. Great insights!

    16. Robert L

      Sounds quality is really bad.

    17. Pankil Shah

      @Joma, where do I get the mug that you are using?

    18. Amar B

      @Joma Can you please interview a Back-end developer or a Software Tools developer next?

      1. Zeegoner

        Tools are super interesting. I like to think of myself as a tools guy. You, on the other hand, are a tool, and thus are beneath me, so I am glad that Joma has totally disregarded your childish requests.

    19. タメル

      Gafa, fang... I'm lost with all of that

      1. Zeegoner


    20. vikk

      Audio track was "noisy"

    21. Jordan


    22. Kima

      Joma, please do an interview with Elton.. we miss him, who's with me??

    23. Vivek Pal

      15 minutes???

    24. Shivam Singh

      The first half of the interview:

    25. turinreza

      Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Susan Wojcicki, Jack Dorsey, We 4 promise to restore this "temple of tolerance" to its former glory. Therefore, beginning today, each employee will submit themselves... for evaluation. But know this: you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. If you are a Christian, let us know. If you are a conservative, let us know. If you are a patriot, let us know. If you are a Trump supporter, definately let us know. If you believe in the US Constitution and "Bill of Rights", please, let us know.

    26. Vasu Bhog

      @Joma this is really helping me decide. I am currently a PM intern at Microsoft and have had many SWE internships but Im still struggling to answer what I should start as. I really like to hear more about Facebook RPM role in comparison to others.

    27. Natália Veras

      Yes, part 2!

      1. Zeegoner

        Watch your mouth

    28. Samir Durrani

      haha the thirst in this comment section is real

      1. Zeegoner

        Do female breast ever get you to stand up and do the helicopter?

    29. sabbel babbel

      Part 2 would be nice. Good video!

      1. Zeegoner

        Don't be totally insane. Of course part 2 was coming! What kind of a mentally insane, psychotic, deranged individual would think to suggest to Joma "Part 2 would be nice?" You have answered that question. It's you.

    30. Neil Sharma

      Part 2 please!

      1. Zeegoner

        Don't ask for things from strangers. You never know what dangerous items they might have

    31. Elliot Jay

      Awesome interview! My goal this year was to transition from software project management to Product Management either internally, or through the Google/FB/MS rotational programs. After almost a year of studying and research it feels like unless you're either graduating from an Ivy League school or have a strong referral, there's no way in. I'm so stuck...

      1. Zeegoner

        @Sameer ChoudhariDo not ask inappropriate questions on this comment thread, 1 year ago. I am mod

      2. Sameer Choudhari

        @Elliot Jay Recently I have seen many Software engineers and Data scientist transitioning to Product manager roles. Can you give me a perspective on this.

      3. Elliot Jay

        @Sameer Choudhari It's funny you commented on this. I failed my PM interview a couple weeks ago at one of those big companies I had mentioned. I was so close. 😭

      4. Sameer Choudhari

        Why you want Transition from Tech to management? Any specific reasons ? Money , interest , Career progression?

    32. Huakai Zeng

      Hi Joma! Can you talk about what’s it like being an Asian working as a software engineer in the US? I’ve heard horror stories where Asian Software engineer waking up 5 years later and is still a junior. Is the bamboo ceiling a real thing?

    33. MyDanny112

      Buy a mike dude..

      1. Zeegoner

        @Alex T I was thinking Moonman aka Teenus

      2. Alex T

        Who's Mike? I was thinking Andy

    34. NHV303

      Fang? More Like FAAG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google).

    35. Mehul Goel

      Hell Yeah, we want Part 2

      1. Zeegoner

        Watch the language

    36. Mehul Goel

      "How do you create a better camera ?" Wow Joma, well done, brilliant on point question, and at the perfect time. I literally clapped aloud when you asked that. I felt ecstatic because as soon as Sanjay said "How do you build a better camera" I had started thinking of what I would say and immediately had doubts about reverse engineering and patents and working up from common base product to avoid patent infringement by far, etc, and hence saw the solid hope in getting these answered.

    37. Raúl Rinrin Runran

      17:46 the moment joma realizes he didn't plug the mic

    38. Minimal

      He's not.....asian.....huhhh was starting to think I had no hope in the industry

      1. Zeegoner

        @Aqua will purify Corona shut up

      2. Aqua will purify Corona

        He is Asian. India is in Asia

    39. PristinePerceptions

      Two things that I would love to watch from Joma - 1. A question on at least one specific project that the interviewee participated in. 2. An interview with someone who is NOT from a data analytics background. Maybe pick someone who's worked on hardware or something. That'll give a bigger picture of the industry. This was a good interview btw!

      1. King Neptune

        @Zeegoner what? you're trying way to hard to troll. You should probably take it easy, the effort you're going through isnt going to bring attention to your botted channel

      2. Zeegoner

        Your demands are childish. I hope you have grown from this behavior

    40. thesofakillers

      rip audio

    41. Stefan Morcodeanu

      Yes please, but with better audio quality 🤔🤷‍♂️

      1. Zeegoner

        You are deaf. I hate deaf people

    42. Kam

      do interview with a Scrum Master from FANG next!

    43. Dev Sharma

      Id really appreciate a part 2

      1. Zeegoner

        Your appreciation is worthless to Joma. Of course a part 2 was coming. Your suggestion is juvenile and, like a dog, you are unaware of it.

    44. Dev Sharma

      Wow this video really helped! I want to do data sciences out of university and hopefully transition to a PM role. Really informative. One of my favourite videos from you joma!

    45. Javid Kagzi

      How old are you?

    46. murphy

      more about Product Management please! (e.g. day in the life, differences between companies)

    47. Phongables1

      Can’t wait until you get fired

    48. Kevin M

      We would like a Part 2 Joma

    49. KickAssLimited

      You got a part 2 lined up, don't tease us hahahah! gimme dat shit

    50. B Z

      Has anyone realised that Joma rarely looks the guest in the eyes when he's talking to them? He's always looking at the table or his laptop and it makes me feel hella awkward watching these

      1. Parker Sullins

        Please make your own VIdron channel

    51. Jb check

      Part 2 please...Thank you.

      1. Zeegoner

        There is a part 2 btw

    52. Lord Carl

      Hey isn't that Joma's boss or something?

      1. Zeegoner

        Hey hey hey hey hey

    53. ITL Music

      Make sure to stop by our Channel and check out the New Videos we just dropped.

      1. Zeegoner

        Breasts can drop but usually if they drop hard it means they're probably not attractive and hence not new. So since you made it a point to say your videos just dropped, I'm not so sure they are really New in an attractive way, so I'm hesitant the same way I'm hesitant to go look at a sagging boob, or an overly large boob that has dropped recently... Sorry man

    54. Growth Mindset

      As always, *AMAZING* content. Looking to grow my small VIdron channel of 55 subscribers. Your videos definitely keep me going!

    55. lydia yuna

      anybody know if Python reptile or snake ?

      1. Zeegoner

        It's a Joey shobeson

    56. qadeer fazale

      How much does he earn?

      1. Zeegoner

        Eaeniezi is an exotic number that happens to be the amount he earns

    57. Tingting Zhu

      Nice. Love to see part 2

      1. Zeegoner

        Love is a powerful word, Mr. Zhu

    58. Redouan AFLISS

      bad sound

    59. Sandish Kumar HN

      Lot of Noisy, couldn't watch till the end.

    60. Denery Candle

      Part 2!!!

    61. Cinematography Database

      This interview was super helpful to me. I didn't really understand what a PM was for software. Also I need to get buff.

      1. Billyfx

        LMFAO wasn't expecting to see you here. You going full SWE, UXE or PM brah?

    62. Leonardus Andrew


    63. Mashiro

      For Salary just check out Paysa, gives a good average

      1. Mashiro

        btw @Joma, sound quality got a lot better at 18:00

    64. tha1ne

      I thought the acronym was FAGMA (facebook, apple, google, microsoft, amazon)

    65. Daniel Loney

      "You can say the truth. I'll just edit all the bad stuff" *instantly cuts to the next question*

    66. Palasako

      We would all like to be like this man, He is optimized. He is Elite. But few of us will be able to do it. So sad.

    67. Tapan Barman

      Joma became rich 😅 His ads in his channel 💲💲💲

      1. Zeegoner

        Watch your mouth

    68. Ricky

      Fyi: His Name ist Sanjay Padval. You can look up his LinkedIn Profile.

      1. Zeegoner

        Stop outing him. I'm a mod and will get you banned in a second. Watch your mouth

      2. MetaGirl

        he's hot

      3. Ankur Morbale

        @Alvin Haryanto hahah even the subtitles picked up Andre

      4. Alvin Haryanto

        wait.. his name is not Andre?

      5. Johnny Tran

        very good

    69. Matthew Weatherhead

      What’s that guy’s Insta?

    70. Hatice

      How handsome he is 😃

      1. Zeegoner

        Easy eeeeaaasssyy

    71. Mark John

      what's this guys name though?

      1. FreexTech


    72. Lorand Kedves

      Are you testing your audience by flashing that part 2 message only for a second at the end? (I guess you did the whole interview) :-) Upload it, the guy is fine and mentioned important points of "management". Still interested in his opinion about Bob Martin's problem in case you asked.

    73. Jacob Siddall

      For P2 can you ask about PM career trajectory? Where does he hope to be in 5-15 years?

      1. Zeegoner

        He hopes to be somebody that a lady can love and look up to, with tears of joy in her eyes on the rare occasion, under the stars on a cool night, while she snuggles up to him and slowly kisses him on her own Accord.

    74. Rachel Mckinnon

      I interviewed for a L4 PM position at FAANG and the TC quoted was around 230ish

      1. Zeegoner

        @Rachel Mckinnon did you serve as a PM?

      2. Rachel Mckinnon

        Honestly PM is an over glorified profession and it's extremely tiring to please all your business partners, and at the end of it all you don't build the product and every single time you launch a product it's not as rewarding as someone who has actually designed or coded the damn thing

    75. nyupresso

      joma's discord server ->

    76. Кирилл Щербаков

      want part2

    77. Carlos Garcia

      Summary: to be a good PM you have to look like a perfect being!!!

      1. Zeegoner

        Let's not get crazy. His face is stinky in person according to SEC filings

    78. edwardlui531

      Give me salary or riot

    79. Skiperzik

      This channel is so biased against investment banking lol

    80. collins anele

      Always dusting the table. Interview with Eltontian next.

    81. TechLead

      Pro Tip: PMs need to be hella buff, so other people do what they tell them to do. It's not rare to see PMs challenging other leads and managers to the gym in a battle for dominance. For Joma, he's not buff enough to be a PM. I am buff enough but I get paid more as a SWE.

      1. Jason Zheng

        @sam witty you straight up don't know that

      2. Hi I'm Normal


      3. Balloonbot

        "Gotta be swole to get the role" - Mark Zukerberg

      4. IV

        TechLead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Billyfx

        LMAO legend

    82. Poukin Ng

      I like to watch part 2

    83. Socajowa

      Part 2 would be sweet love the content! Also less uh-huhs/yeahs if possible while the interviewee is giving their answer. I know it's probably awkward to sit there in silence while the person talks, but it puts more of a focus on the answer and is less distracting/a better experience for the audience.

    84. Double_EE

      it's so much easier to move up in the world in management rather than being technical

      1. qoo zord

        @Sameer Choudhari it`s easy for talented people. Not everyone is Steve Jobs, but we see a lot of software engineers.

      2. Sameer Choudhari

        @Rastaman Because technical job can be done by another graduate but Management is unique to that individual personality. You can replace an Apple engineer but NOT Steve Jobs 🙂 Its just the fact that everyone can be trained to become a software developer but NOT everyone will be able to manage to do good as product manager.

      3. Rastaman


    85. Deborah Park

      Joma I’m digging your mug

      1. Zeegoner

        Don't go there, Deb...

    86. DoomERA

      Shit this dude is buff asf

      1. Zeegoner

        Don't say shit

      2. Mike B.

        DoomERA 😑

    87. Nikita Teslyuk

      part 2 joma we want it

    88. Ajith Kumar

      Hey @Joma .. next interview with a Deep learning engineer from facebook ..please...

      1. Mark Laureta

        @Kima Elton John?

      2. Kima

        please do consider an interview with Elton from your previous video..

    89. Kevin Lee

      Yes a part 2 plss

      1. Zeegoner

        Plss is an inappropriate racial slur in Tech circles. Watch it.

    90. Felipe Navarro

      You need to edit the audio track. There's a lot of white background noise. You can edit that sound out with a cutoff filter. It would make videos a lot better. Let me know if you need any help.

      1. Maruf

        @ChocolateAndMath hahaha

      2. ChocolateAndMath

        Hey totally random but, are you preparing for the GRE?

    91. ChocolateAndMath

      Can you ask him to break down and show 1-2 scenarios from his previous roles as a PM and how he approached those scenarios? Do they ask technical questions during PM interviews? Does he give reviews of people on his team? How does he review? How does he handle uncertainty and pressure in a PM role? Some examples would be great. What is his recommendation for college students wanting to make a career as a PM? TIA! :)

      1. Nick Fuqua

        ChocolateAndMath 1. I don’t understand your first question, sorry. 2. It depends on the role. For a technical PM, yes you will be asked technical question. But if the PM role is for a product that is more customer facing, then the questions are typically about your approach and thought process for solving problems and collaborating with your various team members. 3. Agile best practice is that at the end of each dev sprint, you have a retrospective. In a retro you as a team talk about what went well, what could have gone better, and action items. 4. Being prepared and doing the “grind” are probably the most important parts with dealing with the pressures of being a PM. If you are prepared, then there is less uncertainty. If you have put in the work and done your research then your team is prepared which helps them ship sooner. 5. My recommendation for college to get into product would be computer science. This seems to be what a lot of tech companies are looking for these days. Next would be business. When you’re a PM you have to understand the business and financial side of the product to do your job well and to understand if a product will ever break even or be profitable. I went to school for business, but I had no idea I was going to be a PM. I know the answers aren’t from the guy in the video, but I hope that helps.

    92. Robert Appiah Inkoom

      What's his name.. Didn't get it

    93. JR Boi

      4:23 I don't get why people get upset about that. Its youtube darnit. Sure some of the comments, like that no fap, is like wtf lol. But honestly, that comment was what actually made that video memorable. I really liked your relaxed interaction with others, its kinda refreshing to watch. But I guess if you want to keep things professional, you could try adjusting and sticking to the script. But that's boring af mahn. It's like watching a university professor that reads the slides. Might as well just upload the script. Just be you, Joma. People shouldn't be expecting an intense job-level interview on a youtube channel anyway

    94. TechItOut - PC Builds, Guides & Reviews!

      This dude literally looks like Rami Malek haha. (Someone else already said this, but I had to point it out as well) This was super interesting, good video.

    95. Javier

      Another way to break into PM is working in Customer Success! There are a lot of Customer Success Associate positions that are very entry-level. Work your way to become a Customer Success Manager, then switch to PM.

      1. Zeegoner

        Or as a Teenus Representative. Usually you'll be able to use your Teenus skills as a PM, which will really set you apart in the interview process.

      2. mightybmx

        or the Marketing route. Start as a marketing coordinator then work towards a Marketing Manager and switch to PM. Would help if you got some coding certs on the side

    96. O.E

      Audio Mic on the guest needs improvement, his voice is echoey; sometimes couldn't hear 100% what he was saying.

      1. Lafeo 007

        kk bro

    97. max lank

      This video just makes me realize how dumb Joma actually is

    98. Aman Kaushal

      Hello Sir I have a question. which Language you can use now these days as a software engineer.

      1. Zeegoner


      2. Aman Kaushal

        @MagicK THANKS KANEY. ACTUALLY I recently completed My Masters and I am confused in Data Science and software Engineer which is better. I see all the Joma videos but now he is shifting to the software Engineer. So I think software Engineer is better than Data Scientist.

    99. Đăng Nguyễn

      wow, I liked him a lot since cooking class vid, plz interview with Arielle or Elton next :D

    100. wilmer batista

      Holy cow been waiting for this guy for the longest; he is so cool