If Programming Was An Anime Part 2

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    Thanks Captain Sinbad for the cameo:

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    1. Joma Tech

      Thanks for watching

      1. santo3vong

        @25k without videos (due: Nov 2021) i think he is a japanese original

      2. spycode

        : C

      3. Minh Vu


      4. RealZiez

        Don’t worry most of us are initiated!

      5. Marwen Aouinti

        Kuso : Shit !

    2. Arthur Costa de Freitas Segundo

      3:30 you know, that you can just ask a question instead of cheating. I know it takes away all the anime but really, it's that simple.

    3. o0olvlo0o

      oily touchpad.

    4. Cymon Evo

      0:19 This guy even said "it works" even before he run the code.

    5. Live Is Naver Flat

      Haikyuu backsound really got me there

    6. Sibusiso Mfana

      This should be a series


      I laughed so hard 🤣

    8. ꜰʀɪɪᴜʜ

      if you're going to make another video like this instead of saying i've won just say ka ta

    9. flovous

      this is actually pretty well-edited

    10. Vaibhav Pathak

      Loved the video ❤️

    11. Leigh Lommen

      This is funny. I'm almost 50 but learned to code in my 30's. Although i don't use it day to day, it's still a blast to do and i often build myself scripts for excel data wrangling and computation. Now my daughter is into anime and that pretty much sums up how i feel when I'm coding with the dramatic self-narration

    12. alvin tey

      sddff is a nice comment lol


      Mvp programmer: copy paste coding Him: nani

    14. Samuel An

      Lol if you stop at 4:01 his function name is iterativuh

    15. Thevan De Silva


    16. Sizzelz 2

      If light was a programmer lol

    17. Jason Iso

      That I-TE-RA-TI-VUH really got me😂

    18. Ankur Shinde


    19. Simon Asiimwe

      I used the Google to destroy the Google

    20. Legendary Gamer

      Death note??

    21. Eblin TV


    22. Sanjay _

      This shows, how over-exaggerated anime protagonists are..

    23. PeriPeriPooPoo

      uhhh y is this not cringe?

    24. Duong Gia Dung

      3:00 My heart...

    25. ayushss123

      i did not knew anime was that dramatic, plus anime suck ngl


        Really ? I think you have lack of taste DN is my best overrated anime

    26. EnderBenderPlayz

      Did you actually get into google? if not, then you should. you are very knowledgable in coding.

    27. Max Inc.

      Bruh super good 👍🏻

    28. It won't fit Oniichan!

      He has the vibe of light Yagami in death note xD

    29. Fly Sky Star

      For someone wondering, he's not using visual studio code, he's using replit

    30. IDENTITY

      3:34 how did the interviewer did not notice that nothing is changing in the coding panel while the typing sounds are coming from the phone call?

    31. Alpha Ducki

      Kinda disappointed that they didn’t add this scene to deathnote

    32. Happy music

      Please help me 😭

    33. timely skydive

      Omg his Joma class is liek X20 times cheaper than codecadmey theres is like 30$ a month and yearly is like 200$ like Thats alot but Jomas class is only 8$ and month

    34. Sasatern

      Next time hire JP voice actor. Besides that, great video.

    35. eigoMANGA

      I did that once and I got busted when the interviewer googled the same code that I was cheating with.

    36. Vedant The Sniper

      Which editor is used here?

    37. Ima Baddie

      No matter what you do, there is an asian better than you, *even at cheating.*

    38. Kylian Ngo

      What will be happen if they really make a programming anime in future? xD

    39. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    40. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    41. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    42. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    43. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    44. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    45. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    46. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    47. njn brl:re

      demon slayer - function(flashbacks){ print:tanjirou's_family_members } flashbacks(dead)

    48. arip qu

      Meskipun saya tidak mengerti bahasa Inggris tapi saya paham

    49. Kavita Iyer

      omg its Nikhil from Captain Sinbad!!!!

    50. poonam 1981

      I am seriously writing that why become a coder in my college essay

    51. kxtbit

      ahh yes, when in doubt, cheat

    52. Dor Ben Yaakov

      Forgot to eat a potato chip tho

    53. Ayinkaren A/L Saravanan

      you were just talking to your self

    54. Raghad

      Thin is very funny 😂😭

    55. Andrea Fais

      skidding test passed lol

    56. Nanu


    57. The JC

      if you have a MacBook you already software engineer lol.

    58. Shashank Reddy

      I bet the interviewer is Indian

    59. Reality Inconsistent

      Cringey lol

    60. Ryan Mckenna

      That was a cool, you should do more anime videos

    61. Lancebert Luces

      We need a complete season 1 of this💖

    62. Fardi Kun

      Lol silent keyboard

    63. skeet Purple

      Good ending

    64. Zocus

      Anime fight music intensifies

    65. Radoš Perović

      what site did you used to code

    66. Rkshit budhe

      I love he used haikyuu music


      As a fan of deathnote, I approve 👍

    68. 福岡志麻子

      "All you need is a notepad and the world becomes your canvas." Compiler: aight

    69. Kiril Covaliov

      We need more of this please

    70. PopoDiko

      Ryan Higaaaaaaaaaa!

    71. Prakash Roy

      Wow crazy

    72. theluschmaster

      Bloody hell!! You make coding so interesting - I love it 😂🙌🏽

    73. Shah Kushal

      Sophomores, you certainly don't get there by solving that question.

    74. Ikansh Mahajan

      The DeathNote music and references make this the best video ever

    75. fmiftah

      that death note references crack me up XD



    77. N Srivathsan


    78. Youssef_gmg

      Thats my dream too, to become a professionell coding engineer since i was 15 (im 17 now) and I haven't let the dream out of my sight. Now i have registered at a school where you can learn to program and they accepted me. So after the holidays i go to this school and make my dream come true.

    79. Veliki Strimer

      I have 11 years old,and i want to be front end web developer.This video is motivation for me.Respect for you bro!💪❤️

    80. Kampfpanzer - 70

      The amount of Death Note reference in this lmao

    81. Soham Taparia

      Ok 1:09 guy is indian I'm Indian too Dammit

    82. Cosco DSM Gaming

      too much fun

    83. AT Miura

      It is great

    84. ElDon Vergas

      XD nice video lol

    85. Christopher Shaird

      "I'll take a coffee cup, and drink it!"

    86. Pranav Maheswar

      Even me my goal is to get in an tech company. coding makes my day and i make its day :D

    87. Sasmit De

      The haikyuu background music man..... Xd

    88. Goldmany Mulveye


    89. JRGaming

      can anybody Know? whats the name site that he search for the Code?

    90. Lukeee

      I went into network engineering instead of software engineering and everyday I regret it. I learn coding on my own but it feels impossible to find a job without any official certification. Everyday that passes I realise how networking is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, its starting to depress me like hell.

    91. Samuel

      this is a lot like death note xD

    92. Pan Lis

      I was lowkey expecting the interviewer to be the one who left that answer which would turn out to be wrong on purpose in order to catch him cheating

    93. Daksh Singh

      Thank you for this!!!

    94. Alpha X

      Man u look like Bruce Lee

    95. जो षी म न न

      Ohhhh i just shoked when nikhil came 😂😂😂

    96. anu saini sharma

      "Sir this is a Wendy's"

    97. Shiroi

      Python @@

    98. 1 1


    99. Israel de Andrade

      you're cheating

    100. P4pZz Official

      Is that similar with the "real test" when you going to join a company?