If Programming Was An Anime

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    I tried to solve a leetcode problem I thought it was easy... but then...
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    1. Joma Tech

      Watch Programming Anime Part 2 here: vidron.info/club/video/srfIqZXDud3cesw.html

      1. Light Theory LLC

        Salam, Can tortoise 🐢 and Hare 🐇 Algorithm be manipulated with Custom Layers? Also, Can that Algorithm solve for numerical patterns for cyber 🤔 security say a password based on 8 number characters ?

      2. sorteio master

        runtime complexity is O(n²)???? so the whole video is a lie, any decent sorting algorithm is less than n² mergesort is nlogn and quicksort is o(n²) so the first solution would work

      3. vlаdimir рutin is аndrеi раnin jfk is jimmy carter

        how do you know the earth is a globe? that is revolving around the sun? have you been tо space to look аt earth and verify what it really is? have you proven the shapе of the earth and heliocentriс theory anyhow yourself?

      4. LucKy

        @Oleg Petrenko not *all* numbers from 1 to n. The numbers can vary from 1 to n (inclusive). However, it might be the case that some numbers are left unused, as has been shown in the video as well. He takes [6, 4, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1] and [2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 5, 6] as examples to explain the question.

      5. Oleg Petrenko

        @LucKy isn’t the problem says n+1 element array filled with all numbers from 1 to n ?

    2. Dont Touch Me

      the things u say about cofding sometimes confuses me xD

    3. Sad Red

      Step 1: copy and paste from stack overflow Step 2: copy and paste comment

    4. Isaac Chou

      1:29 the name of dict is sseen instead of seen.

    5. Kevin Genon

      carpal tunnel always kills me LMAO

    6. burububuna

      the judgement knights of....

    7. Brent Carter

      Carpal tunnel xD

    8. ASCII Disciple

      Joma bro hyroglyphics tho? lolol!

    9. özcan arslan

      the song at the end of the video is called "judgement knights of thunder".

    10. Praveen Senpai


    11. Dream Rodriguez

      don't think i didn't hear the food wars music in the back. good anime

    12. ARC655

      look at the replit website name at 00:38

    13. tharun shan

      you forgot sad flash backs

    14. Gaider Pirata


    15. Cuber 1508

      Hello I tried to solve it Code: def find_duplicate(nums): for i in range(min(nums), (max(nums))+1): if nums.count(i) > 1: return i print(find_duplicate([3,1,3,4,2]))

    16. The Great Achraf

      what about "if nums.count(nums[i]) > 1" ?? Is it me who didn't understand the task ??

    17. Gabriel Sara

      What do you program in?

    18. Tortudereli


    19. D N

      This is giving me anxieties LOL I would never be able to recite any thing like that. I don't even know anything like that. The pigeonhole principle??

    20. LibuxPlays

      I mean it's not like just anime had those cliches...

    21. Alexandra N.

      Lets pretent I understand it

    22. Tony Huang


    23. Ali Alaa Khader

      what us the name of the platform you use? It looks great!

    24. Nagarjun Vinukonda

      H aha hahaaahahaha.....This is an awesome video......

    25. EkZac #DetonaHard

      That problem took years for people to create, study, test, improve... And you won with the force of the friendship! Again!

    26. voidz-


    27. Small Vines

      Nani.. .... Was the best

    28. pooja sharma

      Joma nani in hindi means your maternal grandmother

    29. AEatingGoat

      I just reached the neural link part in my AI course......I got the same clueless expression watching this video.

    30. Name tho

      I don’t understand any of this

    31. Tau

      Just Imagine if his senpai was Techlead

    32. The Invinsible Camera Man


    33. David Hui

      This is too good!!!!! This is way too good !!!!!!

    34. Jake Dahl

      It's the HashMap-uh that got me

    35. Retroworldnews

      where is Dragon ball


      Such a unnecessary bit more complex approach, you should just have summed up all elements and then subtract n(n+1)/2 from it, that should give you the answer.

    37. César Swensson

      Colness intensifies... Epic

    38. sparsh goyal

      When you want to create a funny youtube video but end up creating fuckin masterpiece!!💀

    39. Nahrul Hayati PMTK A 2019

      I didn't get it but it's so cool xoxo

    40. Халид Ибн Валид


    41. Asim Williams

      Carpal tunnel bit 👌🏾

    42. Rohit Retnakaran

      Who else noticed the hash map : map mapOfInches = {"Joma" :4 } ?? 😂😂😂

    43. Malachi Musick

      When you actually learn something from a meme

    44. Sopheak Panha

      i dont understand this but watch it anyway

    45. real nigga

      cringe level 100

    46. Andy Castellon

      For i in nums: x = nums.count(i) if x>1: return x

    47. 王兆成

      You shouldn't have wear that *glove* to suppress your power _😆_

    48. Rishabh Malhotra

      Nope, the manga is better

    49. Bruna Rodrigues

      Then senpai comes back and tells he is disappointed that you used 'while true'.

    50. Daniel Q

      Love it

    51. cookiethe lord

      1:36 heh

    52. day dreamer

      Reminds me of death note

    53. faddistr

      Sorry, but I guess this is enought to solve the task: def findDuplicate(nums): tortoise = nums[0] hare = nums[0] while True: tortoise = nums[tortoise] hare = nums[nums[hare]] if tortoise == hare: break return hare Have the same question in my interview with nVidia, was unable to solve((( Thanks for this explanation.

      1. Quillraven

        Does that really work? If your numbers are 0,1,1 then you return 0 which is wrong?

    54. Mohsen Marandy

      0:48 lmao :)) remind me death note main character

    55. Arnav Dubey

      MapofInches joma:4 😂 iykwim

    56. Rahul B.

      If stackoverflow shuts down for a day, by what percentage point would the world productivity drop?

      1. Ezio Auditore

        1 day productivity drop

    57. Daniel Prieto

      I feel the same when I tackle a "medium" hard physics problem

    58. AZ Rifat

      This video remind me Death Note

    59. X Mentic

      jujutsu kaisenn

    60. kwfqqq kwfqqq

      anyone knows the software or website he uses

    61. Don V

      heh! my ultimate power comes the unlimited wisdom passed down to me by ancient Gods! Sutaku Ovafurooo!!!!

    62. Light Theory LLC

      Salam, Can tortoise 🐢 and Hare 🐇 Algorithm be manipulated with Custom Layers? Also, Can that Algorithm solve for numerical patterns for cyber 🤔 security say a password based on 8 number characters ?

    63. StationZeroOne

      2:21 you know some asses or in this case codes getting kicked when they start playing Shokugeki no Soma music

    64. Skippity Blippity


    65. Olam

      That was so entertaining. Lol

    66. Mostafa fadel

      anyone noticed that 00:46 ...? 😂😂😂

    67. Channel Name • 10 years ago

      ngl, there's a better solution for that. def check(list): for i in list: if list.count(i) == 2: return(i) 0.0213s execution time is good enough for simple codes edit didn't see the 0(1) time complexity requirements. count alone uses 0(n) time complexity so my code wouldn't work

    68. endarasman

      everything is great except for the ending. Real man talks with his back! - Kogoro Mouri

    69. sorteio master

      runtime complexity is O(n²)???? so the whole video is a lie, any decent sorting algorithm is less than n² mergesort is nlogn and quicksort is o(n²) so the first solution would work

    70. Ho Ho Lord

      What carpel tunnel has to do with coding 😂

    71. A


    72. Jii-El

      I have no clue why that worked the way it was written lol.

    73. flameodi

      is it just me that has no idea what he is saying because he says some big ass words for me rip

    74. Raphael Augusto

      I'm trying to be a programmer but I'm just too dumb for this shit.

    75. Austin Spruill

      I watch this as a web developer feeling dumb and think “ok wtf did I just watch” and then realize... I’m not an engineer 🥲

    76. G T

      fuckin carpal tunnel xD

    77. Jack Renner

      The Question is too Strong Am too weak....hahaha

    78. Achilles

      Wow ...and i thought that math in 8-grade was hard

    79. Ishan Kapur

      The judgements knight of On the last 2 seconds, it was so good...

    80. muhidin ismahl

      This was very funny hahahahahahaha

    81. Mamadou Mehdi


    82. 김민호

      이게 왜 알고리즘에 뜬거지?

    83. Christian Diaz

      If Light Yagami was a programmer.

    84. Gary

      So close, he almost use the power of dark side, what a relief.

    85. O'Brien Evance

      Uh naniiii😂😂😂🤙

    86. Kênh Thư Giãn

      As supper man

    87. Adrima B.

      I don't understand a thing about programming but this is so funny omg

    88. Metal Gaming

      Fun fact this is python

    89. I Am【ПΣӨMΣGΛ】

      Bcoz of my carpel tunnel!🤣😂

    90. Mark Lai

      what's the song name at the end? hahaha lmao

    91. Wesley GT


    92. tfz skl

      you forgot u did swear that u will go in google 1 day

    93. Drux

      The "NANI?" killed me LOLOL

    94. Adit Kumar Parida

      damn that carpel tunnel lol

    95. XyZed1000

      So there I am, watching a few blender videos to get me back into it, the same creators also use unity and BAM! This pops up.....carpal tunnel 😂😂😂 I'm leaving a like.

    96. Rvmen

      "He's jacket is so big" 😂

    97. Mrbread

      Me,a C++ adventurer, whata hell is he doing?

    98. John Michael Recolaso

      That overthinking within oneself about “asking to be a real engineer” hit a lil too deep for me because I relate haha

    99. Arun kumar

      Thumbnail super pro