If Chess Was An Anime

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    1. Joma Tech

      Watch the Startup Series: vidron.info/club/video/zr2lapW5nKvMhsQ.html

      1. KEHINDE Alli

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      2. Receitas rápidas

        Is this was dragon ball this would be a 5 min match and take 10 videos with 30 min each during the match

      3. Jees

        Dude we don't want clips We want the next episode!!!!!! Love your work

      4. Muhammad Ali

        your discord link is broken

      5. Daily Future Trades

        You should use your summoning jutsu. Sanju Rashoumon.

    2. Inklink

      2:01 OH NO MY QUEEN Never mind

    3. GD Magic Gaming

      The king’s gambit is quite unsound, as attacks on the kingside are inevitable.

    4. Cameron Cooke

      A checkmate in chess is like the polite way of saying “screw you” 🤣

    5. azri kimi

      You play king gambit accept but you being back rank checkmate .this is impossible cause you castling king side and you still have f pawn that being gambit

    6. Demon's Paradise

      Code geass vibes 😂 :)

    7. Daniel Sautot

      There is a little mistake even if it's an awesome video :) 2:10 the knight moving in order to be checked by the bishop is an impossible move because the king was already checked by the bishop the move before. Anyway, awesome work!

    8. Traian Coza


    9. Armellium, the Fulgent.

      2:05 those takes are so clean.

    10. Raveendran K.N.

      If magnus carlsen is the saitama of chess what you call stockfish

    11. Xbobplaz

      The end position is Bruyne against fischer

    12. Octavian Macovei

      King's gambit is bad

    13. Tanner McNeill

      "I've memorized over three hundred openings and practiced every day for the past year. You have no chance." -The average Chess.com forum user.

    14. trumpetperson11

      1:50 "Oh no my queen"

    15. Saketh J

      Only anime logic can explain how you castled your king and it still ended up to the left of your H file rook in that mating sequence

    16. divy patel

      Initial conversations sounded like conversation between KIRA and L ❤ #deathnote

    17. Rishikesh Kanchi

      1:26 When Magnus plays a destructive move

    18. SituationIsGrim m

      Sora: Ahem

    19. Emanuele Romano

      1:46 me: "wait, is this the D.Byrne-Fischer?" 1:57 also me: "oh, of course it is" Nice choice. Well, the opening was actually a Grünfeld in that game, but who cares.

    20. carlos maffrand

      Kings Gambit.... and the final pawn structure don't match... never the less, awesome video!

    21. _Darukutsu

      Actually Code Geass is chess Anime

    22. Galaxy

      0:36 let the battles begin

    23. Saketh

      Deathnote be like 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. GHOST

      Well there is an anime for Volleyball Basket ball Tennis Soccer Cooking An some more regular an unexcited things At some point we will get one base on chess

    25. Administrator

      this had me rolling lmfao

    26. Pokefan2000

      Wait how did he have those 3 pawns lined up at the end? Plothole

    27. Mudit Pro

      Where is da clock!?

    28. Mustafa Aslan

      It is the reason why you shouldn't play king's gambit It's really tricky to play and bad for white.

    29. eddu eddu

      i was expecting the loser to hand over the key to their house or something at the end lmao

    30. Ajinkya Bhushan

      not vine is basically tiktok

    31. Kivo !

      March comes in like a Lion is a chess anime 👀

    32. nikko fuentebella


    33. FGtaV

      Joma, I think you should make a movie

    34. só alguém qualquer ∆

      The guy: "which rookie mistake hehehehe I won" So: loses to Back Rank Mate

    35. Light

      There’s actually a chess about anime. Except chess is in another version in Japanese called Shogi. Same thing but different pieces. It’s actually good and also has amazing openings, the mc is smart and there are only 2 seasons so far. Anime: March Comes in Like a Lion Where you can find: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funnimation, etc.

    36. MrAbrazildo

      Awful acting.

    37. F4KU2D0 Hola

      the new season of queen's gambit is cool

    38. Blensidi

      Rookie mistake. He would never lose if he would use this chess strategy instead: vidron.info/club/video/qJXah8_e2dS0dbI.html

    39. Natas Dabsi

      Best video

    40. Anonymous

      at the end he should have said "noo how could i let this happen i let my whole village down "

    41. Normal Vector

      Man, you are killing it. Content is super good in this channel.

    42. Parth Jain

      I was impressed at first like they are showing serious chess but the moment he killed the king I was like wtffff🤮🤮

    43. Daksh Mavi

      Let's make a manga about this

    44. Nether Fireball

      2:08 why is the pawn on the very first row? Lol

      1. Mr.Fishstick _YT


    45. Anime-Watch

      I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣😂😂😆 wtf

    46. Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals


    47. zeka grhen

      Queen's gambit is just live action chess anime

    48. Joseph Catindoy

      Can you add part2 haha

    49. Sergio Ballestero

      i was specting ora ora ora ora ora jojo's moving pieces.. :p vidron.info/club/video/k8mkssKouq2yiZk.html&ab_channel=JRGJRG

    50. Ankit

      Wheres that last part where that guy reveals that the king was actually just a pawn in disguise and the real king was riding a horse, ready to strike now?

    51. allec tamo


    52. Rio

      Wait.. Where's the one that over-analyzing everything??

    53. YorkyPoo

      I think chess would make a great anime and people could learn off it too

    54. L1nkk9E

      I was sure the king was actually a pawn using transformation jutsu or something

    55. Neko-san OwO

      this would be 6 episodes as well as 2 filler episodes long

    56. Hot Shots

      Kinda like HxH S5 a bit.

    57. Devil Bro

      Who fall in love with chess after see beth hermone ?

    58. Random Otaku

      I thought you weren't suppose to talk while playing chess :/

    59. que

      OH MY GOD 😭😭😭😭

    60. Englication Tutorials

      You can’t trash king like other pieces…. King is a prestigious piece on the board….. it can be checkmated but cannot be trashed off from the board… Similarly, in the ancient times, defeated kings were captured but not killed on winning a war… that was a tradition…

    61. TRUCKUN梦灵

      Death note looking a bit different here

    62. BlauDroid

      I died at "Nani?"

    63. TGG Do

      “I’m going to play my ultimate move that I have been working on for decades!” 1.d4

    64. TheOhio

      "oh no, my queen!"

    65. dliriumtrigger


    66. Kris

      I know this is an anime but actually cap guy won. If you knock down the enemy’s king, you made an illegal move.

    67. Ken Cedrick Besa

      backrank checkmate even tho he plays king's gambit...hmmm.. sus

    68. Martin Arnautski

      Why is the f pawn still on F1?

    69. I agree with your comment and

      I noticed in 1:45 his f pawn is not pushed though he plays King's Gambit

    70. erwin z

      shamepain. quasi. : P

    71. erwin z

      Der Mensch lernt nur durch Scham und Pein!

    72. How To

      2:11 pawn at the first square... All my life is a lie...

    73. ŦΚɎⱤΣ ツ

      it missed the, don´t tell me!!, is he really?!

    74. Eedeat Likkle


    75. Shameless Pickle

      check mate

    76. Rio Kisna

      If this was anime, they should shout for every single move.. I ADVANCE MY KNIGHT AND THREATENING YOUR QUEEN.. or something..Even is it just bluff

    77. Something Gaming with Ash

      This kinda gives me the nigahiga vibes

    78. Alexander Gough-Schnapp

      I mean just watch like Code Geass

    79. Shashank Shirsat

      2:11 : Me : Wait..... that's illegal.....

    80. Abod Jamal

      There us an anime ep in jojo's bezarre adventure

    81. George Stoyanov

      if (chess === anime) { make_an_anime(); } function make_an_anime() { make.a.youtube.vid }

    82. ionlysayoneword

      "hey let take a bet on whole kingdom of humanity on game"

    83. Dan Q

      All Chess is Anime. Hell, all the pros keep entering into Tournament Arcs!

    84. Nik 007

      It was in this position we had a nice video.

    85. I'm late

      I would like more emphasis on Nani! and red eyes, other than that great work.

    86. bobingbobs

      Fun fact: At 1:48 they show a very famous chess position from “The Game of the Century” (1956) between Donald Byrne (white) and Bobby Fischer (black). Bobby Fischer was just 13 years old at the time. He brilliantly moved his bishop to e6 (as seen in the video) sacrificing his queen (now considered one of the most brilliant moves in chess history). He eventually went on to win the game despite white retaining his queen. Bobby Fischer would eventually become World Champion in 1972 being the only American to do so. He is considered to be one of the greatest chess players of all time.

    87. MudaMuda OraOra

      Btw these openings are dead fake. tf is h5, like its just losing.

    88. itsShahain

      2:11 Joma : ARBITER!!!! HE MADE AN ILLEGAL MOVE!!! 😂

    89. DubleThr33

      technically, chess does have an anime

    90. Marco Ni

      where is the flashback where his dying friends tell him to continue fighting then he does the 500 iq king sacrifice where he plays his king next to his opponents king

    91. ふわにーFuwaNii

      Just watch No Game No Life

    92. Maxwell Chen

      Fischer game of the century?

    93. Scary Teary

      Only real Chess fans know that the position and combinations from 1:46 to 2:10 is of a real game 'Donald Byrne vs Robert James Fischer' "The Game of the Century".

    94. Juanith Thomas

      Rook takes king

    95. Diiseli

      It should have been a king checkmate.

    96. Midari Ikishima

      ok but i actually wanna know how to play chess how should i start and how long does it take to get to an intermediate level

    97. Ken

      Lelouch:they are kids infront of me

    98. Raza Shah

      fun fact: there are anime about shogi😂

    99. Dead Guy

      He got backranked in the kings gambit lol

    100. Scott Stanley

      That's a nice chess board wow