If American Psycho were about Programmers

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    During a meeting, a bunch of programmers tries to one up each other by comparing their keyboards.

    A parody of this scene:

    Captain Sinbad's Channel:

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    1. Captain Sinbad

      I love the tasteful thickness of your sketches

      1. petor95

        Great impression man 👍🏾

      2. PoD III

        Full respect for the acting

      3. Stan Leery

        So Im watching this and I think, "is that captain Sinbad?" Then I think, "or am I just racist because 'everyone looks like captain Sinbad' to me?" Then I see this comment... Redemption.

      4. Chad Thunderboobs

        Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

      5. Tyler D

        You totally nailed it

    2. alexander lau

      pff, inaccurate. Every person should have hugely different keyboards (where are the split), with some of them comparable to a disco ball.


      Almost forgot my daily viewing of this

    4. sirens

      2:10 thats a HHKB with topre switches not mx green

    5. Dylan Mills

      this is quality

    6. Renovatio2142

      which one is joma

    7. Dank Memes 420

      I feel a little bit too annoyed at the fact that they said an HHKB has green switches.

    8. Tommy

      Is it me or are those the same set of hands when it came to showing the keyboards?!

    9. Raymond Morgan

      I swear I am the only person I know who is horrified at the idea of a keyboard that doesn't have a number pad...

    10. ur re

      so many glasses

    11. lit savage


    12. yellowadidas

      bro how does he get the voice so perfect

    13. Jack Campion

      this is actually so perfect

    14. ThePrim0

      holy crap this acting is on another level, amazing

    15. Blyaticon

      Just saw the movie yesterday lmao But the keyboard really is nothing

    16. Alison Yao

      Those are Topre capacitive switches, not MX Greens.

    17. Guy Thomas

      MX Blues or nothing

    18. thenotorious ALX

      His voice is dead fucking on

    19. ali ali

      "the keys aren't even labelled" LOL - i kinda want one

    20. Angelo Villanueva

      the cooming is well played, well played coomer

    21. Nicholas Stathos

      This just got recommended to me, and it is way to true.

    22. Wischmopps

      Best thing is: they showed how ridiculous this show off stuff is like 30 years ago. And in a video making fun of the scene that makes fun over it, there are still people discussion races and what and who has better stuff. The stupidness of humans is awesome

    23. Critically Cheesy Caleb

      That's funny because clicky and tactile switches are trash anyway. Linears all the way.

    24. EpicLedger LLC

      wow... had to click on this as soon as i saw the word programmers... LOL

    25. Arnab BhanjaDeo

      Yes Exactly Christian Bale Vibes....

    26. victor rossi

      Killed it

    27. hugo prairiedogs

      nailed the mannerisms & the voice oh my god

    28. Any Amrech


    29. RL89pl

      Captain Sindbad , that voice, acting skill... perfect

    30. Jericho James Regarde Guanga

      joma was this the video that make you dream about being a director

    31. Alhaji Daniel

      Lmaooooooooooooo yup! I'm subscribing!

    32. timowthie

      Your acting and voice is so good that I thought you dubbed the real voice over it

    33. Okay

      Why tf is everybody asian 🤣

    34. Clint Eastwood

      The fact that every keyboard look the same.

    35. James Ashton

      Your voice is perfect for this role.

    36. nikben

      1:41 Has anyone noticed that the black guy is pulling out his ke ys yet his hand is actually white?

    37. winos9

      he's voice is perfect.

    38. Tezcatlipoca

      ÜBERRAGEND LEUTE !!! GEILE ARBEIT :DDD really nice ......*his* ...... very nice..

    39. Tezcatlipoca

      hahahha this made my day :D

    40. Shannen Saez

      Did anyone else say to themselves "cherry blues, nice click" before he mentioned they were blue switches 🤣

    41. Sourish Saha

      Two of my favorite people collabing

    42. BIG BLUE

      His voice is spot on. Everyone did a dynamite job in this.

    43. dix0n

      My man is a natural, the Bateman/Christian Bale impression is spot on.

    44. Mike Hess

      The acting & production in this is top notch. The only thing that stops it from being perfect is the god-awful acting & look in the camera of the guy in gray in the beginning. Sad you couldn't find just one more friend who was close to decent at acting.

    45. Cordell Erskine

      Idk of the guy Nikeal is an actual programmer but he should quit immediately and go into acting

    46. lmao laurent

      holy shit its cringe

    47. Mihai Craciun

      oh my god the voice and his acting is incredible

    48. Keyser Söze

      That Patrick Bateman impersonation was spot on

    49. Odd Khan

      A very good impression

    50. mwanakazi

      This is hilarious

    51. Haze1434

      Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2.

    52. The Dude With Videos

      *Daamn Captain Sinbad acting in the role of Christian Bale is Perfection. The Expressions, Dialogues are spot on* ❤️

    53. anuj sanghvi

      neakheal also sounds like christian bale

    54. KlueZ

      Dude playing Patrick Bateman is perfect.

    55. Ahmed Amine Ramdani

      I would watch that film. I would actually go to the theater and watch an actual screening of that film.

    56. Alexander

      “...oh my gawd the keys aren’t even labeled” i laughed way too hard, thank you. this was amazing !

    57. sof

      Who the fuck picks browns over blues ? I rather use greens than browns, plus browns ? they sound like office keyboards ...

    58. Death Star

      The dude..The dude....His name is Nikhil..they say it like 10 times...pfft.

    59. ZeKaizer Guy

      The acting is superb tough

    60. Iacobi Brasiliensium

      Blue switches what is wrong you? You're gonna make yourself deaf

    61. Iacobi Brasiliensium

      Blue switches what is wrong you? You're gonna make yourself deaf

    62. Vatsal Gupta

      Wait what Captain sinbad 🙌🙌

    63. Pinebaron

      HHKB is Topre though...

    64. mohammed b

      man the keyboard community really took it to the next level huh

    65. FOTPJusto


    66. Julian Yau

      Really nailed the “how’s cecelia”

    67. ARYAN JHA

      The facial expressions were really good. Thanks a lot!

    68. vm vm

      wheres Pauls @???? i need ittt

    69. shahzad akhtar

      "It's blue's with O-rings" Yea they are clearly psycho

    70. Vijay Iyer

      You have got to do the morning routine one.

    71. Billy Croacker

      This is insane 😂 the keyboards were the icing on the cake

    72. George Floyd

      not-american psycho

    73. Guilherme Almeida

      The acting and accent is absolutely spot on. Incredible

    74. Another Generic Gaming Channel

      Almost all Asians and the voices are on point! LOL I love it!!

    75. Samo win

      Can anyone send me where I can get the exact Gucci glasses frames he's wearing? I've looked around and have only found similar frames. I plan to get new glasses soon so this would be a huge help

    76. Nick Risley

      I feel personally attacked

    77. Markus Sagen

      This is hilarious, and... strangely accurate 😂

    78. Dale Gundersen

      Nailed it.

    79. Nihal Prakash

      the incredible irony of this is that all those boards are bottom tier trash lmao

    80. Dan


    81. Brising Conan

      dude xD

    82. Aditya Jain

      Dude same voice 😂😂😂

    83. Pentti Ranta

      Oh my god, whats with the voice? Its EXACTLY like Bale in Psycho. You get Bale to voiceact this one?

    84. Jack McCauley

      the dude playing bateman literally sounds exactly like him, and yeah the acting all round is great! really nice replication!

    85. A A

      I actually get the keyboard envy!

    86. Alberto Bertola

      The actor makes convincing Patrick.

    87. Beethoven Nguyen

      "BOULDERING" LMAOOO if that isn't the most accurate thing I have ever heard.

    88. James Hogge

      Those are some nice keys but here's mine: Zilent 67g switches, lubed with 1.5mm / 40A o-rings and held in a custom-built, curved ergodox frame made from oak and aluminium. PBT keycaps too without lettering - only single transparent dots for backlighting

      1. Peter C

        This man keebs

    89. Dip M

      Bad acting, or deliberately acting bad?

    90. Chikipichi

      I've never seen American Psycho and now I don't know

    91. Joshua George Shaji

      I need that keyboard Now I need it now

    92. Smeq Wack

      I expected more coke, I mean Ritalin in this version

    93. Bhante

      Can we get the full movie please?

      1. William Xiong

        Instead of killing people the dude hacks their personal data.

    94. ian fenwick

      Haha that keyboard literally had a watermark too.

    95. palo

      I was unironically thinking "how the fuck does he prefer browns over blues" before realizing that's the point and I'm an asshole

    96. political pelican

      Let's see Paul allen's parody sketches...

    97. Verdant

      Nikhil Bateman is spot on. Everyone's white fingers? Not so much.

    98. KidKareless

      This mans voice impression is on point. at first i thought they just synched it to the movie audio

    99. Kiriakos Vilchez

      The scary thing is this isn't a parody of American Psycho or playful humor about tech culture. Techies really are this bad.

    100. Casey Huber

      How do I like something more than once