I spent this Christmas all alone...

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    Parody of this Pixar Short: Geri's Game:

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    1. Charles

      damn Loved it Joma, Your film making skills is out of the earth. #CoolKidsCode

    2. MrGabrielmeurer


    3. Sachin Sidh

      This content, this is pure gold

    4. Jedd Salalila

      That's why you don't have girlfriend

    5. Halil İbrahim Üstün

      You didn't deserve the plate. The plate deserved you.

    6. noname 0


    7. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

      loved this video

    8. jnuno98

      a night in Tunisia, top song

    9. Kamara E.

      Hands down the most impressive video I have ever watched on VIdron. You are so talented in so many different ways man

    10. Shinya Kogami

      At least I have a girlfriend.......... in anime

    11. Gabriel Wilkinson

      i died laughing

    12. Jees

      I'm so lonely.......

    13. Rifqi Asyhar

      zach king ?

    14. skywizard

      this is really good, amazing production, sound design, storytelling, cinematography all a1

    15. Lil Jacket

      This aged very well

    16. Wing Ng

      There's a sofa, dedicated to corgi plushies?????

    17. Doge Raid

      Is it still the same this year?

    18. YUAN WANG


    19. Fawaz Ghani

      Why didn't u code a simple bot to play with u?

    20. Armando Martinez

      I love pretty much everything this guy uploads

    21. Infinity Mind™

      If you need a place to spend Christmas at, you can always call me Jona

    22. miltonmoll

      Have a cooking show

    23. Kevin Chasse

      Totally pixar

    24. ZEN

      Nice rework buddy xD

    25. Surya kant

      4:16 when my mother asks how was your exam?

    26. Alpha1111100

      Joma you are amazing

    27. Carlos&Kat wuzzita

      Nice!!! I would've of joined you lol

    28. Lissette Vásquez


    29. Shreedhar Raj

      very nice

    30. Eduardo Arteaga

      Jajaja, pixar alike; love it

    31. Rohit bobli

      His laugh is amazing🤪😂😂

    32. Konakona Xiong


    33. Howard Lam

      Wouldn't he be playing against AI that is built on the statistical model he developed before his first internship?

    34. nabil rise

      here is the inspiration for this: vidron.info/club/video/nKy7i6abzZitdcg.html

    35. theAFKguy ZzZ

      So, I just watched a 5 min video without almost a single word on it... thats high Quality entertaiment

    36. Nikki Gonzales

      This is Good!!! Exact replica of geri's game from pixar

    37. Yulia Lunyova

      Ого, это же было в Ералаше, только там маленький мальчик играл в шахматы.

    38. Lorran Carvalho

      excellent video, I love pixar studio. won a subscriber. A save here from Brazil..

    39. Rishikesh Vyas

      Post more coding videos like Cool Boys Use JavaScript or If programming was like Anime (*best*) !!

    40. Makarenko Artem

      Wakanda Mr bean fakery is this?

    41. lunatic weeb

      Split: the beginning

    42. LouisChiaki

      Haha nice! Very similar style to a Taiwanese VIdronr called HowFun

    43. Nathan Gali

      This was super well done, really enjoyed it

    44. Alanis Flores

      This one is so familiar!!

    45. Rodrigo Garcia

      This looks just like The Sims hahaa

    46. TheKyotoEffect

      I love this reenactment!!! It’s so charming. 😊😊😊

    47. Code: Recode

      Are you okay man ahahah

    48. Oreo Waingortin

      Loll that was actually great 😂😂

    49. Valor Hummy

      To say I liked this video would be an understatement. I loved it. XD

    50. Sahil Siddiqui

      kya bakchodii hai yeah

    51. Ammar Sayed

      Great actor joma 😂😂

    52. queso

      First time?

    53. A Santos

      Muy bueno

    54. Anthony K

      Maybe don't hang around Tech Lead, your odds will improve next year. 🤣

    55. Jeremy J. Lee


    56. Wild Panther

      Loving your content Laughed so hard 😂 your expressions

    57. g


    58. Kagwe Allday

      I like your creativity 🤣

    59. Christine A

      love love love!!!

    60. Amy Huang

      omg I LOVED that pixar short as a kid

    61. Maryam Sadeghi

      Can I pleaseee have one of those cuties on the Sofa? Happy new year from Austria :)

    62. 林彥良

      Hahaha interesting

    63. Mizosoop

      This is a video of you going stir-crazy. Lol.

    64. Shivraj Nag

      Hey Joma i have a startup idea for u. Are u interested??? Reply me

    65. Jae Woong Shin

      Joma is running out of contents..

    66. Mẹ Lê Thị Lạ

      You're unhappy when being alone , but happy when create this video :)

    67. Shin Christine

      Hmm is this a sarcasm on youtube? Well I love this short film. Very artistic! Looking forward to seeing more video like this :-)

    68. Rory Dorman

      originally thought about disliking this video but stopped bc i appreciate the effort. keep on rockin jomba

    69. itashbaqa

      Moderated comments? Zz

    70. itashbaqa

      Moderated comments? Zz

    71. Reza van Dijkstra

      I watched this prequel from A bugs life movie DVD when I was a kid

    72. Up Skill Or Die

      I feel like I was watching a Pixar film lmfao

    73. Nhi Nguyen

      I love this!! More parodies please! And especially loved the ITZY photos and the script in the beginning haha

    74. Braullio Soares

      Seriously, you're a genius man

    75. Stefan Larsen

      captain sinbad's script at the beginning, nice easter egg

    76. Kevin-U

      You are always awesome, Joma

    77. Rafael N. Castro M.

      Fantastic. ! Full Human creativity. ! Wish my Best from Venezuela. !

    78. Yiwei Dai


    79. Estrella S.

      OMG! You're SO good at acting!!! 😂 This is hilarious! 💓😂

    80. sgsniper1

      Even Mr. Bean has a teddy bear.

    81. Montaser Qasem

      Boooooooo not cool

    82. Josue Gonzalez

      As soon as I saw him sitting I new what this what

    83. alex castel

      Wait this isn’t a 2010 nigahiga video ?

    84. Kev

      You’re weird

    85. JaneDoe

      Feel like you have a great camera

    86. K K

      man the sketch is so bad to the point where I actually like it

    87. Monica's Design Process

      Ohh my childhood 😂this was an amazing reenactment!

    88. Jeremy Stanley

      I knew almost right away what this was a parody of😅😅🤣🤣 hilarious

    89. Bonaventure Okoli

      If u re happy keep rolling

    90. Atif T

      This man is in the wrong industry. He should be in show business!

    91. dvlpr

      This isn’t as good as all your other stuff imo, love your vids either way!

    92. Samuel Dominguez

      Loved it! Keep going with the artsy videos! Tech videos are lame now, there’s nothing new to say.

    93. Melqui Carvalho

      I like it.

    94. sambochen2010

      You need to reenact Geri's Game but play against TechLead. 🤣

    95. Quang Nguyễn

      Omg that fun :33 Happy new year to everyone from VietNam

    96. raan an

      Looks like that old man who play chess with himself

    97. KenTheDuck


    98. eddrum elsa

      I know you're a tech guy I have an idea for social media app and I am waiting for a coder if you are one has interest in can contact me in mail as eddrumelsa@gmail.com Waiting for your reply

    99. Galaxyer

      The same procedure then as every year.

    100. Bryann Sotomayor

      Nice. Too bad most people are missing the fact that this is a re-enactment of a Pixar’s short film. They are confused because they’ve never seen the film, so they dislike. I personally enjoyed it very much.