I got rejected by Amazon (Interview Fail)

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    1. Girish Balaji


    2. Deepsikha Bhattacharjee

      So I have Amazon coming to my college for placements and this video made me realise that I need to work a lot harder to even sit for round 1. Thanks for the reality check though

    3. Vanguard

      I'm about to start, hopefully I reach the point of being discouraged by interviews.

    4. Om Dandade

      The time music changed ......... 😍

    5. Saumya Sah

      A few days ago I got rejected by microsoft , and ever since that i've been questioning everything about the knowledge that I had so far, thank you so much for this video, love from india❤️

    6. Rishabh Malhotra

      I failed my recent interview because I prepared for Java and DS as mentioned in job description and they asked about Javascript and React in the interview

    7. Max Clifford

      Amazon should be hiring to make a prime series honest!

    8. apollo wellstein

      There is zero reason to work at Amazon, and the only thing they have going for them is their name. At the end of the day, they don't respect any of their workers, devs included, and underpay.

    9. Aracoixo

      Amazon failed u

    10. 나필재

      Your saying touched me a lot. I've been failing a lot of interviews. Cheers, Joma!

    11. Misión Código

      “Make friends in college” Me: damn, a little to late for that

    12. MAN45

      Been there (on-site) and done that.

    13. Stalin D'souza

      It would be great if u had gold tounge during the interview.

    14. askmadonna

      damn i needed this

    15. praharshitha josyula

      i just found this channel and i cannot get over the fact that he looks so similar to Ryan Higa.

      1. Clement Franklin

        Can't believe no one else is talking about it

    16. Bastien Silhol

      Very inspiring video!

    17. Eber Hwang

      xD when she "shokes" (Yes, I made up that dope word. shoke = suck & choke) on the boba lmfao

    18. Jeta Z Zeta Z

      I'm versed in 12 programing languages, but I hate coding.

    19. Miracle Abaye

      You know. You look and sound like Lance Lim that starred in the Nickelodeon's "school of rock series. You sure you guys aren't related?


      i had to subscribe to this channel.. thanks man really needed to hear this

    21. deniz Orsel

      Jokes aside, it is all about failing 99 times to succeed once and make that one time count. That is the marathon.

    22. Rezki Wijaya

      Why i'm an advertising art director love your channel man, thanks for the positive closing messages 👍

    23. Nguyen Van Thuan

      Thanks for sharing Joma.


      I love you Man!

    25. uniqueJt 403

      Those last few minutes I thought he was making a joke

    26. Levi Beam

      how did more letters to the acronym get added and Microsoft is still not part of it 😭. I understand Microsoft has been big for awhile, but Microsoft stock has been zooming the past year

    27. Sarang Bidkar

      Just wow

    28. Samuel Evangelista

      That is what I was needing.

    29. JJAJAJA Juajauajaua

      I ve got one question ^_^ If you got rejected in one big company, can u apply later on? or they put you on a black list forever?

    30. Stef

      Passed my AWS interview 😝

    31. Pavlo Mospan

      Man... really inspiring. I had a rough last year when I couldn't get a job I want or even remotely want. That pushed me towards selfstudy even more. I was learning all day every day, filling the holes in knowledge that I had and making my own projects, because I thought I was either dumb or not worthy, etc. Now, working (almost) my dream job I understand that many of the interviews that I had, I blew just thanks to my lack of interview-passing skill and with nonsensical stuff I thought was cool or smart to say... Funny is that, that the job I have right now is far more hard than those I applied last year to. So, yeah... don't diminish yourself over few (or even more than a few) failed interviews!

    32. Black Uli-Jag-Ner

      I failed too, but the guy on the other side (with degrees in industrial engineering) was kind, questions were very simple, it was just me: being under too much stress, I talked BS... Stress management is important.

    33. Oak

      got na interview in 2 days and im getting so anxious man

    34. Anthony Johnson

      I had to save this video. The end of this video was very motivational.

    35. Tsigu Eatman

      Thank you

    36. lactobasilio

      You dont fail, you learn

    37. Submersed24

      Was this for a Senior dev role?

    38. Rhey Jhey

      me too, i failed the amazon interview..

    39. The Girl JC

      Always found it strange how interviewing is so unrealistic. "Design a full system in 30 mins" when in real life you would have days, even weeks to work on something, and a whole team supporting you. Thanks for the encouragement.

    40. Piyush Bansal


    41. Stefano Ceci

      Thank you Joma, you give me motivation and inspiration with this video :)

    42. George Columbu

      Thank you bro...literally this was the first video i watched after getting rejected and I feel a lot better. Gonna keep pushing so I get my dream job too

    43. Kyra Lynch

      I’m guessing yours wasn’t like the other ones where u just show id and etc

    44. birdcut


    45. Bizybee

      What he says at the end is true, same thing happened to me big time. The worst thing you can do is give up, just have to keep going and it will eventually come.

    46. Victor Dedon

      Really loved the last part of the video ♥️, I felt like He was talking too me directly

    47. coyote style

      I failed 4 times at Cisco company and 1 at AWS . I didn’t give up, now .. tomorrow .. I will start my day one at the hard journey of interviews rounds again at AWS .. here we go again 🤣🤣

    48. Duc Tran Anh

      Sorry but I cannot hear what he wants to switch from Data Science to. Anyone could help?

    49. Xinna SinPatria

      At least you tried, I saw the jobs description and I was ashamed of my CV.

    50. Wei Heng Ng

      This is very relatable, although I don’t work in software engineering but in 3D printing. Life is really a random occurrence, u never know what fate would bring you. I was dismissed from a small company due to some disagreement with mgmt practices and I was feeling very dejected, especially it was during COVID times where job security is important. But then came an opportunity to work in a larger company with much better pay and I grabbed it. Even better was I get to work from home since then.

    51. Allan Vasconcelos

      great message! thanks man

    52. Mikey Swerve

      Hey Vsauce, Michael here!

    53. Todd DeLozier

      Amazon sucks. No one wants to work for a computer. I have been contacted, I ignore them.

    54. Ricardo Viatruso

      I want to watch more Start Up!!!

    55. Choon Bok

      Happen to came across this video. Well advice JOMA !

    56. Dragon777

      definitly silver tongue :)

    57. Don Sy

      I needed this today. Thanks, Joma.

    58. Joe "Jammin'" Johnson

      They still haven't been able to sort their products (via search or category listing) by price without "out-of-order" items appearing sporadically on almost every page of results. In addition, this overblown delivery company can't give me anything but a 14 hour delivery window. The cable company does better! I've had 2-3 orders (in the past 3-6 months) that were "out for delivery" but never arrive and get updated at 5-8pm saying it'll be delivered the next day. So, I not only waste an entire day waiting at my house (I need to be home for deliveries) but also the next day since it never arrives (until the following day -- if I'm lucky). They're not the best company despite appearances. Microsoft and Google falls in this category for me as well. Also, my LinkedIn interview was very similar -- and, stupid during one of the crucial interviews (most of mine went well but I didn't get it). After 20+ years experience they ask me trivial questions, and I didn't understand that they were as simple as they intended.

    59. Killroy


    60. Goldman Xu

      I failed google, but got into Amazon, never give up in life always move on

    61. Adam Crockett

      Amazon, I'd rather just be the consumer and not spoil the love

    62. kexin xu

      Joma motivated me in this video last year, now I have worked for Amazon for 4 months.

    63. Julio

      2021, Buddy i'm gonna say this just once, I love you!, great talk, superb content, you got a subscriber!.

    64. Adalid A Bori P

      i got rejected by Sonia's Seafood restaurant for dishwasher position when I didn't have papers work in USA, now i work in a really cool tech company here in Miami.

    65. Thomas Fitzpatrick


    66. Atouchofrosyclouds

      Needed to hear this rn. Thank you 🙂

    67. Nicholas Drake

      this is giving me anxiety - just listening to it

    68. Gregory Galushka

      @Joma That was a superb motivated speech. Thanks man.

    69. Esther Lopez

      Needed this so badly, just totally bombed my grad interview, I’m expecting that rejection letter in 2 weeks, definitely feel depressed but whatever

    70. plonkster

      Also failed amazon interview some years ago. Turned out to be a good thing. I now do something a lot more rewarding.

    71. Doctor Emmett L. Brown

      Big Tech sucks anyway, and they are corrupt. Better enter a small tech and make it big.

    72. Link Fang

      I have been curious why Microsoft is not in the Fang list.

    73. Clarisza Bata

      Can I get your email? I will send a proposal. Two project proposal.

    74. Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano

      Well those young people is the future of silycon Valley? Really? That girl was pretty funny

    75. Shikhar Tiwari

      And I was expecting something sarcastic at the end. Wtf is wrong with me

    76. Jose Sanchez

      What is Sweet?

    77. Abhiram Ojaswi

      I can relate to this, thank you✌🏼

    78. Lin Zhang

      My daughter is 5 years old and always cry when she fail to do something. Like unable to untangle a knot.. I am going to show her from 9:13 hahah :)

    79. gomez richard

      Yooo this content is fire! This is my shit right here bro

    80. mochno1

      They reject me too. That i want to grow toonfast they can offer.

    81. IDarkNight

      5 interviews? What a waste of time. Max 3 interviews is my rule.

    82. Jimmy王

      thank you Joma

    83. julio donadello

      i think they change the address on purpose. One friend of my had the same experience in Amazon Brasil an he is sure he didn't mess up the direction.

    84. Edpacis0506

      Nice!!! Well said!!! Bro...

    85. nioutest

      These companies are so arrogant. In the end it s their losses as they hire people that are good at interviews and not people that are good for the job (and yes, you can be in both categories)

    86. YIJIA ZHAO

      Dude. you dont need to go to Amazon. As a youtuber, you are dammed successful!

    87. M

      Bro you fucked up the second your mom pooped you out

    88. N B

      I like this guy!

    89. Atlas Inteligência

      It's okay Joma, your videos are awesome! They don't tell who we are, only us know who we are. I've got rejected last week just cause I'm 20 y.o brazilian, by my resume they thought that I was 37-39.

    90. Sam Machielsen

      Why no Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and Adobe?

    91. Michael Montero

      best channel ever! congrats man!

    92. Rahul Vaid

      This guy has proved how failure at some place can be a success in youtube 😂.....

    93. mark alfonso cervantes

      I instinctly hated Joma at first because he's a friend of the narcissistic and a very nonesense-content creator Techlead. but I now think, Joma could be better than I initially thought.

      1. Garage Karate

        Crazy was scrolling down the comments after readin the tech-lead clap back comment and thinking to my self " man hes friend with that douche?...ugggh "

    94. Matthew Oliveira

      be yourself during interviews be as real as possible

    95. Hans Hart

      Come on ;-) let's become the bastard administrator team ;-)

    96. Yash Ponam

      Thanks a lot for the boost up !!

    97. iAmCoded

      Why is Microsoft not part of this list?

    98. Josh David

      name of the hot Asian girl in the startup part of the video?

    99. Fightrec

      This applies even for reliability engineers at facilities

    100. Upam Sarmah

      I thought you were joking in the motivational part..haha..