I Got Rejected By A 22-Year Old CEO

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    Alexandr Wang, Scale AI's CEO on Bloomberg: vidron.info/club/video/1ceThJyd38_Pc8g.html

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    1. Lucy Guo

      Sorry for ghosting

      1. Sarah LAZRI

        self branding o go loool

      2. Bekasu GEN

        @dlz124 ahahhahahahh

      3. 666999

        @lucy Guo Stfu b1tch

      4. lion king

        Its people like you who make lives worst for the fresh graduates. You can atleast give few minutes of your time to people who put so much time and effort in applying jobs. A little kindness won`t make you rich but will defo make u a better person and the joy u give people is priceless.

      5. Kent Sison

        Why ghost tho?

    2. jiyz LAHID

      She’s feminist parading bitch

    3. Text2Speak

      Why cant the customers draw boxes?

    4. Theamage

      Is it true that they are acutally dating now?

    5. Murugaraju Perumalla

      If possible can paste the repo link, to check it out how things done on take-home scaleapi task

    6. JM G

      Jona you should create a hello world application

    7. tonnoman

      the waldo thing killed me

    8. Brown Wagner

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    11. Matúš Koleják

      😄i love this

    12. KyleNamite

      3:27 eyyy BLACKPINK


      Are you gay?

    14. Lakshya Pratap Singh

      Saying yes is powerful but sometimes Saying no is more powerful

    15. Asim Williams

      Where's Waldo killed me

    16. Dontae Watson


    17. Tara B

      Is your screen saver from 'Your Name'? 🥰

    18. Gabe Quezada

      "Bitch work" LLMMAAAOOO

    19. ProdigyGaming

      First one

    20. bigsteve1984

      I know how the ghosting goes. Recruiters are the worst with it

    21. 12

      Dislike for sharing the Take Home project.

    22. Dro Music

      Why do you sound like Chang from Community ?

    23. Aditya Roy

      2:56 haha. He never got over her I suppose

    24. DilHan

      Are you gay? 😭😂

    25. salman alphatron

      I just love his sense of Humor!! Too good!

    26. Vayu Asura

      Why didn't you train a network to find Waldo?

    27. Ojas Gupta

      Dont think that's it

    28. kunal singh

      Hahaahhah i just love this guy!

    29. Anuj Kumar

      Any blinks in the house?

      1. KyleNamite


    30. Amerachi Acholonu

      Are you gay? Him: ...I'm single....😢 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. N B


    32. helder simoes

      2:05 when he wore a different hat to fit the reference I just lost it

      1. NyroThePrince

        I was about to say.. "No ones going to talk about him wearing the McDonalds hat"? lol

    33. Tyson Koch

      This might be your best video, love it.

    34. Jeremy Stryer

      Comedy gold in unusual places

    35. Arturo Ariza

      yo got ghosted and nobody really remember scaleapi this year and 2 year ago now it down grid so you got lucky i guess

    36. Triton Lord

      baby *cow* big *cow*

    37. Mind of Mike

      The fact you were able to build that is ridiculous enough... They should've made an offer... Yet I'm completely unsurprised as an ex-IT worker myself.

    38. Joshua Londono

      A prettier amazon turks.

    39. Sanket Mishra

      So genuine love from 🇮🇳

    40. Kool Stuf

      I find it rude when a potential employer does not give the result of the interview and you have to guess from the silence. It would take them a minute to just write a short email saying the application was not successful. Even more so after you spent some time on their assignment.

    41. Aika Tsujimoto

      I'm single too...

    42. Ofir

      XD Juma fan right now!

    43. Alice R.S

      We can see how evolved someone is by the way they deal with rejection, you did well!

    44. Sourish Saha

      Idiocy and trash due to constant flow money from inflation stimulus and Chinese communists dirty trust fund

    45. ILTC

      I've done more than 200 job interviews. I've held more than 500 job interviews. Cool engineer or not, 19 year olds rarely know shit about shit. On the strength of what I have seen you complete here in terms of coding know-how, sense of humour, creativity, work ethic and digital marketing success, I would offer you a job without an interview if I had a suitable position. Furthermore, all over the world, HR tends to be irrational low IQ resource wasting shit, its just that nobody appears to have noticed yet.

    46. Edwin Ma

      Related somehow?

    47. Arthur Tapper

      I just found out about you but I just wanted to say ............ you da fucking man

    48. USMCR

      This is bitch work. I wonder how much there were going to pay...

    49. CoffeeforBreakfast


    50. jooky87

      Baby cow baby cow baby cow... mmmmk

    51. tfz skl

      the video shows how he dislike the CEO and how many lucy guo labels have shown. you can easily classify how this model learnt. coffee >> job? lol

    52. OHTYCH 100

      Lmao I haven’t got rejected by a 22 year old CEO

    53. craicker jack

      had me in tears dude well done, you're funny as hell

    54. Rereiver

      Thats hilarious, you found her on Tinder

    55. Valentin Mozes

      5:13 HAHAH!

    56. M J

      hilarious..tough gig man

    57. Seon Min

      That company has terrible reviews from employees on glassdoor

    58. Rilly Jo

      lol at the gay

    59. Johnny

      Why am I watching this? I’m in the medical field. 🤔

    60. Royal Tee

      bro what did i just watch?

    61. Jaye V

      I have no idea what's going on.

    62. Shane Meredith


    63. Sammy Pan

      Why am I laughing so hard.... I don’t even know the VIdronr, and I don’t even know what he is saying.

    64. raphael portela

      you are ugly he is not

    65. Emanuel Magerman

      Good video

    66. Voltaire Diaz

      The opening message LOL

    67. Kam Ying Wong

      They mentioned dun share it with anyone. I mean they may think that you will share it with other in future , also since you are youtuber, that i think also affected you being selected

    68. 송준호

      Ok ur interview killed it so hard.

    69. Alan E

      You're better off you're own CE0 you don't have an employeemindset

    70. macksoneh

      2:00 I wonder if it's just a generic template message from Lucy.

    71. ertyhjertyh

      the funny thing is their company is nothing, this is a common thing in China

    72. artended

      Another sucker from silicon valley got the funding. Will this cabal ever stop?

    73. hayatimbirroman

      That switch to McDonald’s hat! Nicely done sir!

    74. Simon Sozzi

      😂you're so stupid 😅🤦‍♂️✌

    75. Dylan Maurits

      Wtf I just used waybackmachine for the first time and now I see this.

    76. iAnyName

      I like how these kids just create a company with 2 people and call themselves CEO on linkedin like they are running Microsoft LUL

      1. Karthik Narasimhan

        Well they have over 250 employees now so it seems like it worked out for them.

    77. arsnakeheart

      Lost it at the McDonald's hat lmao

    78. on edge

      Are you gay =)

    79. Andrey Panin

      This channel is actually superfunny. Thanks!1

    80. janmejay bhoi

      That pussy CEO now regret by looking this video 😂.

    81. Stephen

      I dnt know why i watched the video , but i love it 😍😍

    82. Garen Chen

      The wicked ronald intriguinly strengthen because buzzard cytochemically bare underneath a sharp anger. null, wiry pound

    83. Hagen

      I've never paused so many times in a video as in this one...

    84. Usjsjd Nzjzjzsn

      I been rejected many times just keep going!

    85. Shreyash Ojha

      i think the "are you gay" may have played a role

    86. Sneakz N' Heat

      The terrific dashboard tellingly smoke because fowl basally surround of a weak peen. rustic, tricky palm

    87. debargha dasukil

      I don't know why, but your humor feels like real to me everytime hahaha

    88. /HASHRAID


    89. Marky

      Scale is going to have to pivot soon given that their entire business model is based on providing data sets for training models. A study out of Waterloo about LO-shot learning is gonna change the game.

    90. Nuzaer Bari

      Definitely the best decision ever made by that 19-year old. By rejecting Joma

    91. Alex Khanna

      outsourcing bitchwork. lmao

    92. Agreste

      A 22 years old CEO. The joke is told itself

    93. God Makoto

      I feel very identified the first time I got ignored by the interviewer like saying still on process 8 months later She was hot though

    94. CY BER

      "Are you gay?" dafuq XD

    95. medoncho

      Ah yes, a silicon valley dis track.

    96. Chris C

      5:44 haha one of the best jokes i recently heard

    97. g3tl0st

      Congrats for 1M Subscribers - JOMA

    98. Grapes Facxz

      3:52 » 4:03 Rhyme😂

    99. Jay Dunn

      Swapping the hats was my favourite part

    100. NastEvo

      This "homework" is directly related to the job. You could seek compensation for it. In California it's illegal to assign interview homework directly related to the job as its considered job training by the courts.