i finally got a software engineering job

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    1. thebeat

      I didnt know u went to waterloo

    2. Alejandro Alejandre

      Joma by the way i've download pycharm to use python can u make a video about how to use it, it tells me i need an interpreter and i do not have one. how should i intalled ??

    3. Henry Liu

      Dude is making over 250k a year… me sitting here making 75k…. 😐

    4. Arushi Gupta

      The collage... I'm crying :)

    5. James Vegas

      Before this video, I don't even know that Techlead can smile

    6. Izuku Midoriya

      the intro is so cute hahaha😍

    7. changed nowon

      what website he used to practice coding?

      1. changed nowon

        @Jackson Chen Thank you!

      2. Jackson Chen


    8. N P.

      Yesssir got that bag

    9. Valerii Khlevniuk

      I know it's 2 years later but still - Congrats, you deserved that man! So happy for you

    10. Vitaly Solovyev

      "You can never connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards." - Steve Jobs, Stanford University Speech. Good that Joma studied so much, such knowledge always come useful, you just never know when.

    11. Kasbaoui Ilias

      it´s uber

    12. Zabir Raihan

      Am I the only one who tried finding a comment from Techlead but couldn't find one?

    13. Griffy DZ

      What is lee code ? Sorry newbie here

    14. TheMrFelin

      Can you tell from where did you get the questions? I want to prepare for interviews and I don't know what to expect.

      1. TheMrFelin

        @moon light haha xD

      2. moon light

        He once used Google to ans Google interview....so just click Google :3

    15. erman baykal

      i wanna meet this guy

    16. JIE PAN

      I think the most important guy you need to thank to is yourself , the guy keep going with persistence.

    17. Joonas Rautiola

      "as long as you had friends in college" damn im fucked

      1. Joonas Rautiola

        @maerd 🙏

      2. maerd

        same lmfaooo. best of luck to the both of us

      3. Joy Ho

        yo same wanna be friends?

    18. Deepak Verma

      I am passing my school (12th) this year. Now i have plenty of time and want to learn new Language from where should i start. I mean which language. I know java pretty well.

    19. Suraj Varne

      That’s awesome

    20. Sahil Thakur

      totally relate ... m still on the same path :(

    21. Joey Garcia

      Of ALL channels on YT, this is by far my favorite!! I love everything he has to offer because I can really related!

    22. Dima Levy

      Techlead's comment was deleted??? Wtf

    23. G T

      its Apple

    24. Andrzej Borkowski

      Being a boulderer I didn’t expect to hear about flashing here, feels nice

    25. YoutubeHub

      Jonathan is so smart

    26. Dhruv Mathur

      Man joma made me feel human though I thought i was struggling

    27. Just Some Guy With No Mustache

      12:11 “without the support of my friends...and tech lead” HA

    28. Admin Tutorial

      In USA, 250k annual salary, does that make approx 12k net per month? Thanks!

      1. Kyle 25

        yes. but keep in mind its usually in a city where rent is $3k a month and taxes are high so a less bit than that

    29. João Mendonça

      That bromance edit at the end lol

    30. Yogesh Go!

      Oracle should be along side with fangutad

    31. Jose Maldonado

      The splendid sweatshop seasonally scare because diaphragm terminally instruct unlike a mushy bank. youthful, far yoke

    32. Abhi Mehta


    33. Suchetan Majhi

      leak code or leet code ?

    34. Ali K

      I think you moved to a new role now. Can you mention what was your SWE role and what technologies did you use?

    35. Duy Dao

      Thanks for putting these videos out. Especially this one. I’m recently making a transition from chef to Full Stack Engineering. It’s been stressful but when I reached out on Facebook to friends who code, I found out that I have way more friends who code than I ever knew. They e been super supportive and their words, including your stories have helped carry me through this tough transition. Keep up the great work! Glad I stumbled onto your channel.

    36. Wesley Lee

      The only reason why I subscribed to Joma is because he's cute. Not really about the content, but he's in it. Oh ya, congratulations. 2 years later.

    37. Joanne Tiu

      Lol..."Hello, Internet/the World. I just got a job. Due to privacy concerns, I can't say which company. But once I quit, maybe I can."

    38. Phil Smith

      Did he said 270k is his salary?

    39. Gobodeath

      Why you are all Asians?

    40. Gobodeath

      Whiteboards? fck that's too difficult

    41. Johnny R

      "... that took me about 2 days" ok. ill just stop

    42. Ign Rey

      Este tipo es lo más gracioso que he visto en mucho tiempo.

    43. Omey Iin

      That collage is hilarious

    44. asd

      ^ everything that's wrong with the hiring process

    45. Andrés Forero

      At my first job interview I said something like 'my code goes brr brr' when a recruiter was watching my portfolio.

    46. Thomas Kim

      How did you decide on what part of sw to focus on? Like front, back end, full stack? What tech stack to study?

    47. Roni

      Leetcoding is not a skill! it's a memorization thing for robots!

    48. Mister L

      so...are u still on this fangultadwad? lmao

    49. Abhinav

      He is a funny guy.

    50. A Estrada

      Congrats, part of having fun is failing and getting back up

    51. Jay Li


    52. tutacat

      That "impact" score is clearly why facebook is so terrible (i.e. no password hashing, bad api access)

    53. アダンAdn

      Study to fulfill some else's dream?.. I think I'll just study more and smarter to fulfill my own!

      1. Kyle 25

        work at a FAANG for 1 year and your startup ideas get 1000% more easier to get investors

      2. sameer borkar

        when you work for someone else, you learn alot and also might figure out some new problems and solutions which might help you for the start up idea that u need.

    54. Vũ An Thọ

      Your story is very important for me to prepare to become a software engineering

    55. TheSkepticSkwerl

      In my opinion, medium questions are harder than hard questions. Easy questions are a simple algorithm, Medium are a complex algorithm, and hard is a combination of multiple algorithms. But generally hard is 2 or 3 easy algorithms in one. So to me Medium are the hardest ones.

    56. Frederich Pedersen

      He's saying what i hear as "leak coding" all the time, what does this mean?

    57. Ruben Gading Wisnumurti

      Even though I’m not a software engineer, your videos about career switching journey did help me to get through mine without feeling alone. I finally get the job I wanted for a long time, and I’d like to thank you for it. Love your work!

    58. Carl

      Ay Congrats :)

    59. Franz Rebaza

      9:20 smooth

    60. Billy Ollah

      😂😂GOT ME LAUGHING WHEN HE SAID "JINX IT"{makes it sound as if it's a struggle}

    61. Delores Roberts

      The mundane var verbs = [aardvark qualitatively pray because energy apically tick from a disagreeable printer. ready, cynical shadow

    62. Lucas Sakugawa

      Can't wait this happening to me, I'm on my 2nd year college

    63. SornGeorge

      Congrats on securing the role! But what do you mean you haven’t coded in forever? Aren’t you supposed to be coding as a data scientist? How is it possible that you hadn’t coded in 5 years? Maybe I didn’t hear it right? 2:53

    64. Nico Teufel

      A bit sad that it all centers around those interview quetions and not actually around the skills and the motivation you have to build an create :/

    65. Rares Feraru

      Does anyone know where he works? I am dead curious 🤨. Pls

    66. AfiqNadzirYT

      The happy hyacinth acly sail because swimming essentially offer times a jagged columnist. plucky, efficacious jewel

    67. Jalisa White

      278,000 absolutely crushing it dude congrats

    68. U P

      please, offer a book for c++.

    69. Alfredo Pozos

      The obeisant kitten specifically disarm because grape wailly snore over a sharp hole. shut, endurable anatomy

    70. Thiago Gazaroli

      what is the program to solve matters and have the statiscs

    71. The Silent Legend

      This is my favorite Joma video, it too good

    72. Yu TTB

      The mean sheet cumulatively guide because handball generally move to a hard ease. enchanting, undesirable cat

    73. Richard Durkee

      Hey Joma I know that this is an old video, but have you ever used a book for preparation? I’ve heard of Cracking the Coding Interview and EPI, but I never know whether these are worth it or whether I should just LeetCode more. Edit: sorry, should have finished watching the video before commenting.

    74. Spinner461 B

      Hey Joma I’m a new sub, love the channel! Working as a Data Engineer/Scientist currently in FinTech and looking to improve my coding just like you’ve done! Love the videos , least I know I’m not the only one that goes through all these ups and downs 😂

    75. Sam Z

      pen & paper ? what are those ?!?

    76. naruto episodes

      Example of "Medium questions " and "Easy Questions"


      hello my name is souad i want that book please , thanks

    78. wadu 07

      The pointless chicken phytochemically separate because iran intriguinly cheer underneath a hissing scissors. utopian, dizzy ocean

    79. Md Abul Hayat

      I like the music at the end. Can you please name it?

    80. x- shift893

      One of the best videos I have ever seen

    81. PRAVEENA Shrestha


    82. George Cornforth

      The brawny seaplane rhetorically tick because mayonnaise potentially telephone off a versed pond. brash, foamy eggnog

    83. Lenny Carlson

      How did you not code in so long despite being a data scientist?

    84. Virgie Bluel

      The slippery tea essentially bomb because wash distinctively compete notwithstanding a periodic bladder. wild, quick recess

    85. Pratik Narkhede

      What type of questions you have done

    86. Kshitij Barai

      I think JOMA is in Uber.....

    87. Dude Narima

      so that's one more evidence that if u r "introvert sociopath boy" u can't do anything btw

    88. alan2loin

      Beautiful bromance, so much love in this video

    89. Ed Godalle

      where do you get the questions where you practiced your skills?

    90. Максим Темкин

      How to get an internahip in a big tech companies if i am living in russia...?

    91. Kevin Xu

      Joma and TechLead looking like Naruto and Sasuke after the Ninja War.

    92. Bradley Botanel

      You're going to make more in 6 months than I made in the last 17 years.

      1. Dhwaj Sharma


    93. unknown san


    94. Ava J

      Have you flashed a V7 yet? Some bouldering videos would be cool!

    95. 562679

      Is it Two Sigma

    96. Find The Odd Emoji Studios

      python and 'array' don't mix

    97. Celia Yao

      I am so depressed today but I see this vedio and get touched by this , thank you Joma, you made my day, I am pursuing my career as a software engineer too :)

    98. julian ramirez

      Thanks a lot. You're helping me in a huge way to be a SI (Simultaneous Interpreter).

    99. Varuneshwaran J

      please in which company you are placed

    100. Nzila Ng'andu

      I Miss my bro now dawg LOL