how we write/review code in big tech companies

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    1. Joma Tech

      LGTM = Looks good to me

      1. Smugify

        looks gay to me

      2. Kristopher Noronha

        @jiajia ji epic

      3. Kristopher Noronha

        Let's Get it To Market :D

      4. Ken Verdadero

        Let's go to Mars

      5. Hans Hart

        Joma, i'm only a Sysadmin but on: 0:07 WTF is Porndora? ;-) Bro, you really need a girlfriend :D

    2. Abc


    3. osama mohamed

      That's killed me 😂

    4. Chris F

      Code reviews, ugh. The dumbest idea since pair programming.

    5. Pamela Storch

      The pumped acknowledgment willy measure because coin multivariably notice following a bent step-aunt. tidy, probable riddle

    6. Anton S

      And that ladies and gentlemen, is why imposter syndrome is so common in our field

    7. FRONTRU - Web Tutorials

      *I will write this comment to promote the video by 0.0001%* 👍

    8. Oka Ibnu Sina


    9. Antony Kariuki

      LMAO😆 this is so funny

    10. Prankster404

      what text editor/ide is that, i want it

    11. Syd Hendricks

      As a Sr. DevOps Eng. I endorse this message.

    12. devukun

      JOMA Showing us a glimpse of "OUR FUTURE "

    13. nalo


    14. Rick Siow

      As a QA, I now realised that how stable a code can be in big tech companies and how blocker bugs were created. Thanks!

    15. ccc310

      It's impressive that any of our electronics even work 😂

    16. Yashasvi Bhatt

      0:20 the test case though 😂😂😂

    17. Arwa

      they way he just does so casually and simply makes it even funnier

    18. Ashish Kumar

      I need to be better at adding test cases and doing proper code reviews

    19. Prince Isreal


    20. John Lemuel M. Santiago

      Wow nice edit and wow you don't know what you doing and yours last to your other self and he said he does. Not know what he is reading

    21. Selim Unutmaz

      You'd make a wonderful politician

    22. Sam Harris

      Devs running tests? Nah, leave that to QA

    23. Cnupoc

      end user: I have no idea what this thing wants from me

    24. Guppy Gunung

      Compiling moment just like moving forward on a rod. With eye closed and hand tied. . . . . In pirate ship

    25. Jose Luis

      And then test coverage fails

    26. Reeflionfish

      As an artist, this is too relatable.

    27. Monalyn Rueda

      lmao 🤣

    28. tagitab timanwa

      I have no idea what is this. . .

    29. Hanna B

      And so the world spins

    30. CorruptedPurity

      I just finished a school project this term and felt the same way everytime I looked at the history tab on github.

    31. Yize Dai

      I dont trust you lol, it can't be that way, can it?

    32. inskrootable

      LMAO this is me at work Joma popped up on my feed somehow and im glad it did. Im in tech too so these videos are hilarious

    33. Park Hanyoung

    34. Rodrigo Viray


    35. Hels

      cyberpunk development

    36. Enrique Neri


    37. Gabe Quezada


    38. ArduinnaW

      I just got my first job as a QA, soon the academy time will end and I will be send to work. I watched this and now I am scared I always want to know what I am doing...hate not knowing.

    39. Boba Squid


    40. Lili Lulu

      What meaning og LGTM

    41. faddistr

      So true.

    42. Cristiano Borges Cardoso


    43. Sourabh Singh Chauhan

      This one Hilarious 😂😂..

    44. Kyren Eaddy


    45. pari banu


    46. Baron Yu

      I have no idea what im watching

    47. Georgie Anna

      👀 this guy is mt spirit animal

    48. J s

      I have no idea what I'm watching

    49. me m

      " i have no idea what i'm doing" " i have no idea what i'm reading" linus torvalds: who the F$%k put this in here no wonder you get a page of errors.

    50. Adrian Hall

      This might be true in properly big companies (goocrosoftizonbook and such). But tbh, where I work it is not like this. We certainly have incomprehensible code knocking about...but when we have time we like...fix it...

    51. Gustavo Matsu


    52. Anthony ramirez

      Although this comment section is hilarious... As a new cs student I find it kind of depressing no one actually feels confident in their abilities and pretty much says the career is copy paste from stack overflow. Idk how fulfilled I would be if I did years of school and still couldn't write my own code and copy pasted things. Dunno if this is the right choice for me..

    53. Sachin Sidh

      Bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Space Overview


    55. Pierre Roussin

      You devil !!!

    56. Gabriel Caires

      The video is google my only concern is even senior developer, tired or stressed can do the same (delete tests).

    57. Torrey Braman

      Can't stand when people make tests pass by changing code...

    58. Rick Vance

      Best check-in message I've ever seen "changed some things and fixed some stuff"

    59. Dlovan Hassan

      i have no idea what am watching 🤷🏼‍♂️

    60. marcel jr

      I have no idea what am witnessing 😂

    61. Sandy Sandy

      Seriously programmers of youtube, i beseech you. I would like to believe this is not how it actually works.

    62. Reynaldo Abreu

      Man, this so accurate it’s painful to watch

    63. Sourand Bitter

      This is pure nightmare. Deletes test, branch named “fix_shit” and commit message “ASdfasdf”. That company has to be desperately short on staff! XD

    64. abhishek chaube

      You guys do code review?

    65. namcox40

      My work is more on the IT side but I still feel this on so many levels

    66. Tatenda Chirwa

      So this explains all the glitches In Cyberpunk!

    67. Ka Yo


    68. Nana Tesukatori

      Same applies to politics

    69. Computer Technology

      i have no idea what I'm doing 🤣

    70. Unbeatable Boyd

      when i start a proj i install all dependencies and commit the code to make it look like i wrote a lot that day when i actually wasnt

    71. Prashant Kumar Mahskey


    72. Sincere Flowers

      I like how I watched one Python for Dummies tutorial and here I am.

    73. icinema gr

      hahaha Programmers with mouse Hahahahhahahaha and let me guess you are teaching also other noobs??????? hahahahaha

    74. test tor

      Wow. I guess I can work as a programmer in a big company.

    75. Aysha M

      i just began learning coding, im so relived after this video and its comment section lmaooooooo

    76. Aaron Webb Will Be Rich


    77. Yichen

      The search activity of "LGTM" went high af on Urban Dictionary after this vid was recommended.

    78. Abdul Ghani

      the senior is just like auto debugger stuff

    79. Rebecca Jacobs


    80. Mashti Suri

      Lol 😂

    81. irlicht productions

      cool storytelling and clickbaits your video &))

    82. Luigi

      Why VIM?🙀

    83. Roman Gimatdinov

      Test_porndora hmm...

    84. Windcolors


    85. rocster01

      Thinks to self "hmmm I could do that" - 120k salary did you say??!! And stock options??!!

    86. Max Ospreys

      Whoever came with was a lame programmer, every language intro. LMAO

    87. Max Feist

      I have done that once, ONCE! They just don't let me live it down

    88. Valik Rudd

      LOL! 😂

    89. Ian

      That is one awful looking sweatshop in the background.

    90. Brice

      "i have no idea what i'm doing" lol

    91. r k

      I have no idea why I am seeing

    92. Nicholas Maresco

      This literally has me dead 😂

    93. rustyvinyl


    94. xstevenmaox

      I watched this video about 100 times while wfh last year.

    95. Ge Raf

      LLSM! Looks like shit to me.

    96. Tanner Dickie

      am i the only one bothered by the fact he touched his keyboard right after his food without wiping his hands off?

    97. Andy

      hahahaha this was so spot on

    98. Elena Chiritescu


    99. Toc7 Olwn


    100. SigmaSixSoftware

      I got caught once where my senior asked me where the test was. I panicked and he told me he knew that I deleted it but I should add it in for the future