How I Spend My $250K Software Engineer Income

Joma Tech

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    I show you how I end up spending $18,925... in a month...

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    1. Pheno.Menon

      Before tax in California?

    2. Toomany Francis

      Using the corgi plushies in a video so they are a business expense and using them as incentive for donations that you can use as a charity write off. Pure genius.

    3. Andrei Oprescu

      This guy is the living proof that there is no reason for Earth to have 7.8 bn people.

    4. andreya

      i should study cs too and earn that much money so I can buy all the pcs and kpop merch i want without being guilty

    5. Kyle Palacio

      can you please upload your excel format, i find it great and it will help all of us

    6. Martin Piekarski

      So this is how earnings look like in the USA? Almost 19k/mo for an engineering job? Why the heck and I still where I am? Dammit.

    7. Martin Piekarski

      PornHub and OnlyFans... dude, I get it that single dudes need some outlet, but damnit, perhaps invest in a s*x doll or something. That'll help you save some buck ;p

    8. fahmi saad

      how you organize your excel into detail like that? is it manual key in data or u use some third party plugin/app

    9. Lwazi M

      wow I'm so poor 😭

    10. Primate

      I can't believe I only just discovered this goat.

    11. owl

      hes really out here buying friends $400 tickets.. so how you been joma?

    12. Colton Hartleib

      You know what’s funny? This guy thinks 250k is a lot of money. Hahahahaha so poor!

    13. Jin Xin

      Can talk a bit more about Bitcoin for porn ?

    14. Óscar Rodríguez Garrucho

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha great!

    15. John Judith


      1. Duarte Goncalo

        earn from home don't allow the depletion of the economy affect you.

      2. Duarte Goncalo

        Trading is the game on board now,

      3. Jenny Williams

        Tell him I referred you 👆👆👆

      4. Jenny Williams

        @ Expert_jacksonFX

      5. Jenny Williams

        T l e g r a m🖊️🖊️🖊️

    16. KS_2

      ever since joma moved to new york his video quality on his new vids go upto 4K

    17. Matthew Tong

      Ryan Higa has entered the chat. That intro 😅

    18. Ramon Santiago

      As a Data Scientist in Central London I make 1/7th of this... Rip

    19. Ruben Torres

      Im from argentina, and i only want money to buy things to my mother and help in house

    20. pogi ako

      Why rent instead of buying ur own pad. 1900 is my mortgage amt. Business exp should be separated from ur personal expenses.

    21. Adriá

      Over 450 per person for Trevor Noah????

    22. Ryder

      Don't spend recklessly spend responsibly 12:37 P*Hub haha :)

    23. Account Till 2022

      Alternate Title : Spending 18000 $ a month, and then making a YT video and then earning that money through ads.


      6:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. ltw

      hi joma, what do you do while studying?

    26. Alexis Bellhop

      Honesty is always the best way...great video

    27. Jenji Boo

      I hate his fucking attitude, but I love it. What's wrong with my brain?

    28. Sebastian rangel molano

      13:48 hilarious 😂

    29. Naelson Matheus Junior

      12:19 i would like to know where is that restaurante that you used to pay thoses bitcoins before Spotify 👀

      1. Naelson Matheus Junior

        Congratz for the charity 🤟🏻

    30. Abbar meinam

      totally you look like Ryan from Nigahiga in this video

    31. b

      you need dave ramsey

    32. migo sanatana

      Funniest guy alive 😂😂😂

    33. bigsteve1984

      Wish I made more than 20% of that amount as a pc programmer

    34. Mark Spengler

      $25 a month on hub and only fans 😆

    35. Philip Ceperes

      Too late for your advise. I spent my salary on useless things and im happy about it.

    36. Amer Firdaus

      He was not bragging . He’s just honest 😂

    37. Samiul Islam Durjoy

      Hey joma can u plz stop wasting money and donate them .....?

    38. Reda Izo

      You're in the US and purchase from Thomann ! Speaks volume of their service and store the best!

      1. Grino Maschino

        Quality From GER💯🇩🇪

    39. Olle Nyrén

      Bad. Just. Bad.

    40. max glade

      surprised nobody mentioned that he spent about 2x his take home

    41. robo16888

      @12:19......pornhub premium is entertainment; you you need to exercise ....haha

    42. Nicola Martinez

      dude ive been laughing for an hour hahaha, i love your content i like that support to only fans

    43. Denis Magitsky

      What about weed?

    44. pr0nGren

      "IF android becomes better than iPhone" ? Dude wake up. Android is alot better and has been for a long while

    45. outoftune

      Ok so what ou spend in a month is basically what I spend in a year

    46. Diogo Abreu

      In Europe, on average, 20,000€ is what one person can potentially make in a whole year .-. (In poorer EU nations make it 14,000€).

    47. SparklyBird

      how I spend my 5 euros in a month

    48. TheRocker3011

      Lmao nice flex dude, now pls give me a job

    49. Jay R

      his "i dont fkin know" is higher than my monthly salary LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHAHA haha-ha *cries*

    50. Baby Yoda Finance

      That base at the start 😅

    51. Sheikh Sahil Ali

      This is so meeee.. i have had my salary more than doubled but at the end of month avqilable balance is halved

    52. Kerim Rushdi

      7:45 at that moment I will have to say "with all due respect. You are an idiot" cuz with 1800$ you can get a first or a business class seat so duh?

    53. fabianoD30

      Would be great to see how you use and manage your virtual assistant

    54. Pedro Ramirez

      What app is being used at 1:12?

    55. Levi Satterthwaite

      first 28 seconds got me to subscribe. this is the kind of honesty the world needs

    56. Tervel Enchev

      7:15 this guy just predicted the Samsung assistant

    57. Derek Derek

      You paid almost $1000 to see Trevor Noah?! Unsubscribed.

    58. ertugrul İnciel

      Adaletini sikeyim dünya

    59. Ibrahim Sarker Raiyan

      love your humour

    60. Olafemi Akinola

      This guy is fuckin hilarious. Subbed! Pornhub Premium, Only Fans, Bitcoin for Porn LMAO

    61. Lane

      Consumerism is crazy these days

    62. TypeScript TV

      All corgis on "Thousand Skies" are sold out. 😥

    63. Ata Çalışkan

      i'm paid 500$ a month off of bartendering

    64. Maxime Degraeve

      i'm currently studying for integrating a engineer school, become like this men is my objective

    65. Norg1

      whos only fans u got lol 😅

    66. ant gang

      The finicky death jelly perform because fisherman thankfully taste off a dusty alcohol. itchy, sore nose


      Hey man can i ask u something

    68. Mark White

      I just found this channel and I’m cracking up 😂. Subscribed

    69. Voornaam

      12:31 PORNHUB?!?????!!!!!

    70. Voornaam

      12:30 BITCOIN FOR PORN????!!!

    71. Cool Pup Gaming

      pause at 12:46 and read two lines above

    72. Ulf Kreshpaj

      This guy is a legend go at 12:32 and look at 07/08/2019 and see that that is.

    73. Sravanam Thirupathi Rao

      Is 45k dollars monthly or annually please let me know

    74. filippance

      And here am i workin as a senior dev in a third world country... makin 1.2k a month. Cant buy shi*...

    75. Hamse

      10:27 i bet he edited it and included the tune in there, sorry Jo 😂😂 had to expose

    76. MattH214

      I'm optimistic for your future haha

    77. Dale F

      Amazing video

    78. Chas Lewis

      Graham Stephan wants to know your location


      *Life changer habits you need to learn* ➡1.Practice Gratitude. ➡2.Write something ➡3.Invest in self-care. ➡4.Create a morning ritual ➡5.Make time for exercise. Have a great one 🌸

    80. Andrew OBrien

      Trevor noah is not worth that total.

    81. Adithya Manjunath

      This is Ryan Higa as a coder

    82. Ganesh P S

      Imagine if he invested 1 months salary in shiba inu during feb 2021 😆 I think he could’ve been closer to being a billionaire

    83. Edwin Ma

      My type of humor

    84. Amlan M

      What about weed and drugs ? Under entertainment?

    85. Slaya Steev

      Liked for the corgi love

    86. Jeremy Robert Caycho Alvarado

      12:47 bitcoin for what?... ._.

    87. Tarun Salecha

      You can buy a car instead 😜

    88. Jonny Donacar

      With all that money and still paying rent. I don't get it.

    89. Calex

      Seriously is your income 250k per year?

    90. Victor

      Man you are annoyingly rich. But I applaud you for being honest and showing your expenditures, especially the adult website ones 😂👍 Also, I would recommend working a minimum wage job for a year (and living off of it.) That's good advice to all rich people so that they know what it's like.

    91. jzaldivarhn

      Me gustan tu videos brou, saludos desde Richmond

    92. Christian Emerson

      You pay for pornhub premium and onlyfans when there’s free porn out there 😂😂😂

      1. Unbeaten Gamer

        A man of specific taste i assume.

    93. bambitheboy

      I got the same guitar! Dowina

    94. Jim Bobby

      This guy is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Atharva Joshi

      This is really cool!

    96. Real HIFI Help


    97. fdjw88

      God damn I would never know what is like to make that much money in a year

      1. Yusuf

        Hahaha same here my friend one day tho one day

    98. John Nguyen

      I need to make a budget spreadsheet. Do you have a template for us to download (minus your data removed)?

    99. Nipul Sanketh

      Just donate some

    100. Splitting Void

      Envy of those less all on you.🥲