how coronavirus affects programmers in big tech companies

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    God I love working from home, I can finally just sit in front of my computer and code...

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    1. Mike Water

      Definitely triggered my ocd at 0:18 with that mistake....

    2. Oniromancie

      Sadly now everything goes back to normal and we lose all the quality of life from work from home

    3. myemathtutor


    4. Morgan Miller

      The bitter ear meteorologically whip because agreement cosmetically obtain failing a statuesque sideboard. broken, rapid sand

    5. nalo


    6. Cameron T

      No more lunch room mystery food 🥙🥲

    7. Alex Gaming

      the program he is showing is super easy

    8. Abdul Ghani

      stackoverflow , papertowel

    9. Aidan Chang

      what's the point of the mask if at one point it ends up around your chin

    10. Fff.

      I hate is WFH stuff. Instead of 9 to 5 it change to 9 to 9 with non stop work.

    11. Akiru's Lab

      Watching in a robe at 11pm, working from home, hungry as hell cause I don't know what to eat... 😢 Edit: just remembered I have to deploy before end of day tomorrow

    12. helder simoes

      Jomas work from home punch line is so accurate

    13. Alonso Mesía

      9-5? It's only in USA? I live in a sh country and work 8-6 but never know.

    14. Angelica Maliwat

      I feel you. 😂😂

    15. Badhon Biswas

      What you eat

    16. Anurag Prakash

      2021 Jun 3

    17. Lucho Da Savage

      03:00 El chinito comiendo su chifita, clásico de la oficina

    18. Gir Resnick

      That design doc sent my sides to orbit. Nothing like building an entire brief for validating a trivial task

    19. George R

      It doesnt. Morons.

    20. keith conti

      THis entire country bases all stocks on tech .. tech bases value on video gamers.. video gamers are men up to 45 years old with mental problems.l when it took off? world of war craft where the most dumb men who have welfare mindset, smoking pot, and being dead beats playing games all day. The reason tech stocks and others work free handouts to the deadbeats.. if the gamers cannot afford gaming it all collapses then? so cure end welfare and handouts and all tech will collapse.. no free dumb idiots to control.. no sjw , no republicans who squirt for trump, no libtards who can see science.

      1. Rob

        lmao what

    21. Bartłomiej Dębowski


    22. ViciousPotter

      This is so freaking accurate!

    23. Simply Nilu

      12th of Mar 2020, last time I went to the office

    24. abhishek gyani

      Hi joma, can you help me with an assessment

    25. Amaan [The Indian Rider]

      This is on point

    26. Madushan Jayawardane

      Imagine Stackoverflow is down for whole day..

    27. Retroworldnews

      LOL so many toilet papers use for ??? ahhhhhhh.....???

    28. Crackli'nBraap

      Does it mean tech engrs gains alot of toilet papers?

    29. Harold McBroom

      That's funny... I'll share this with my network on Facebook, hopefully it'll put a smile on their faces as well :) God bless.

    30. Мастер КуНиЛи

      Why i put mask?

    31. scott lee

      This ASMR is great!

    32. Caydan Parker

      I HATE when people wear their mask like a chin strap! It’s even worse than when they have their nose hanging out!

    33. DeadManRising

      Working from home is the worst 😂

    34. teehbobbbbyyy

      Make a video about going back into the office haha

    35. Git Sum Gaming

      “Move submit button 1px to the center” ROFL

    36. Git Sum Gaming

      That design doc….lol

    37. Tomm Hype

      i like it when you went to: wait, wtf do i eat usually i have the same thoughts only like: wait did i already eat??

    38. Andrew Scott

      ...this is 100% accurate....

    39. Enrique La Cruz Alvarez

      How can I center a div within another div?[duplicate] I died

    40. The Voice of RK

      Man you're awesome! I'm regretting why wasn't I aware about you before.

    41. BANG Seef

      I love how joma always prettent that he's sloppy and lazy , meanwhile he write those docs just for the purpose of this video

      1. Edgar M

        He is lazy tho, that's why he got demoted.

    42. Taco Toucher

      omg its too real

    43. IVAN T

      i died when his ratata got cut off and he looks even worse than he did at work

    44. Zohan Bozz

      I thought the video would end after he brought down his face mask to take a bite

    45. Cristian Cuchala

      y no podia faltar el papel higienico jajaja

    46. Chizuruツ

      0:52 you have the same lockscreen wallpaper as my home laptop 😂😂 Kimi no nawa

    47. MarKes

      soy yo literal

    48. tundracane99

      I work from home it’s 4:53 and Right when the video ended my stomach rumbled... this was too relatable

    49. Dym

      look the ratatata in 0.5

    50. Ryad Arlan

      What happens if you dont have a home? "Work from home" oh yeah easy for you to say.

    51. Real HIFI Help

      At least he has toilet paper.

    52. anvarik

      where does he work right now?

    53. Anton Fetzer

      I hate working from home

    54. adil khalifa

      i feel like i would love to work from home over working in an office but i would get too distracted by small things

    55. Shivam Pandey

      This small video got me subbing him👍. Funny stuff.

    56. Christian Valdez

      Ratata ratata....⚰️

    57. AU Zictate

      That just got dark in the end really quick

    58. koogiks

      me being the only one going to classes

    59. Кирилл Чоломбитько

      What'a yours vim color scheme?

    60. The Death Twitch

      99.8% recovery rate

    61. Hewhomustnotbenamed


    62. Daniel Plata

      how can i center a div within another div XD

    63. Bel Air

      Are people really wearing masks to work? Wtf?

    64. KEHINDE Alli

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    65. jamespollyzzz

      *company closes*

    66. Alyssa


    67. Tomasz Kedziora

      Jestem cwaniaczkiem i daje zjebane rady dla programistów, programiści prawda robię to samo co każdy programista ale mam skośne oczy i fajny jestem

    68. Craftie!

      1 year later:

    69. Faith Maria

      Crazy how they build (teach) us to be robots so we can serve the big companies and keep them at the top

    70. AI HACKER

      Bruh 😒

    71. Rosania Claise

      When this was a year ago but I still work from home, I-

    72. Inorganic Produce

      So he just uses one monitor. You are so strong.

    73. Ramkumar Thiruvenkadam

    74. itshim71

      How to center a div inside another div: Theres 2 options that i know setting the outer div display to flex and putting align items and justify content to center. or you can set the inner div with margin: auto. sorry for the bad english

    75. Mayon Pointer

      Wfm send the daily activity report what🙄🙄🙄🤔

    76. Lawrence McLeod

      "Wtf do i eat"😂 been programming so many months in a row if i had 2 days off i wouldnt know what to eat😂😂😂

    77. Woman Yepdraw


    78. Woman Yepdraw


    79. sapna


    80. Klaus Кровосос

      Ra ta ta ta daaaa. Ra ta ta ta daaaaaa

    81. Gary King

      It doesn’t.

    82. Papa dad

      Working from home got me feeling like I’m just living at work

    83. DoubleIrish DutchSandwich

      You spamming that key in the beginning like you trying to enter a BIOS

    84. mei


    85. The Rabbeats

      imagine his voice with the proper eq done

    86. The Immortal Sun-kun


    87. misotaeK


      1. sk8termuffin 0

        I said the same thing 😭

    88. Hero P. Sabarre

      Programmers and coders are same?

    89. H0 PE

      He just don't really want to show us a real work related issue he might think we wiuld laugh anyways on those too. :P (I would prob. not though)

    90. Mr. Beast

      I worked from home and ending up sitting in the computer for 2 days straight

    91. Robert Zeurunkl

      How can I center a div within another div. LOL

      1. Robert Zeurunkl

        At home. TP stacked everywhere. LOL

    92. Великий и Ужасный Анусос

      div? Isn't it HTML/CSS thing? I mean they're not programming languages, they're made for completely other purposes.

    93. elva136

      It doesn't. End of story

    94. Joshua Graham

      1 year on and i still think working from home is better: Saving on fuel Saving money on food Saving in general Dont have to listen to idiots Wear what i want Listen to what i want Etc Etc...

      1. Nakumare

        An increase in wfh remote jobs also means that for jobs where the work is isolated to specific cities and spread thin people wouldn't need to uproot their lives to get the job.

    95. Kaan Özkuscu

      tbh an office for programmers is a waste of space and time. I´m way more productiv and will never go to a fin workplace again to go infront of a pc, to do a job 100% of the time on that pc. Thanks covid for saving me 3h a day commute time since november ;)

    96. Elissavet Argiriou

      More or less, we all have been there🤠

    97. Josh Kopo

      Guys automatically knows why those toilet papers are there infront of the computer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    98. Crispy

      I thought this was an Ian Kung video until the outro

    99. Patty

      Me and the boys enjoying IT