Day in the life of a VC | How to become one? | How much do you earn?

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    1. Garry Tan

      Thanks again for having me. The world does need better venture capitalists, so I hope people watching this do enter the business and help others start up!

      1. Taihai Chen

        That's an inspirational video from both you and Joma. Thanks guys!

      2. Pomiga

        How do you raise that much money for a fund?

      3. valentine rabalao

        that's my dream. Garry is it possible to fund your own small firm?

      4. Jesse Chen

        Thanks for doing the interview and opening up and share your experience. 100 times more informational than 99% of other Joma's videos

      5. Hamilton Rucker

        Awesome insight and one of the best interviews I've seen.

    2. A Christianson

      Math was wrong if a fund starts at $100mill and in a couple years it’s worth $200mill, that’s 100% not 1-2%

    3. Pascal Kurzawa

      7am -2am? Sorry but that doesnt make sense. Just work smart

    4. Eric Seine Mudda

      There used to be a very simple way in London: Walk into Google Campus and attend the classes and sessions. After that, work as a part-time paralegal for VC and IP law firms.

    5. M A

      VC = Vulture Capitalist

    6. Arnold Michael Maina

      This interview is gold! Thank you for your honesty Garry!

    7. Syed Fawaz Ali

      Man do more of these!

    8. Hello World

      Gary constantly banging his batman on the table, hurt my soul.

    9. Brendan Metcalfe

      Awesome convo!

    10. J A

      Back here after he made 2B from 300k on the coinbase IPO😂

    11. Jonson kupper

      The imported giant canonically tour because balance july alert besides a wistful editorial. elite, living cave

    12. Viand Direct

      Wow, why am I just seeing this video?

    13. Abinash Rabha


    14. Zach Fratrik

      I still have a couple Questions!

    15. mhm

      is he drinking "smart water"?

    16. Gabriel Joseph Koomson

      Do you still sometimes have regrets over the Peter Thiel offer you rejected ??

    17. Patel Tk


    18. Andre

      I could listen to the guy speak for hours.

    19. Cygni

      This is very informative! An interesting takeaway from this video is the two kinds of people that make the best VCs: 1. Founders 2. Employee at an early-stage startup that's in hypergrowth

    20. isak

      WHy this capitalist never satisy with the money they have. makes me question my life. We have to get educated and grinded into higher universities and schools to start a company and they have all the money enough for a good living without having to do nothing by inheritence by doing nothing they are still better from us . This system sucks

    21. Pomiga

      How do you raise that much money for a fund?

    22. youngniq


    23. Karan Singh

      it will be terrific if you do live videos of start up founders pitching to you, especially pre seed folks.

    24. Ari Gold

      This cool

    25. Steve Brian

      Enterpreneur isn't easy that's why i have encouraged people to passively do somethng incase you're seeking for an option, contact Mr Cameron for any trading advice or mentorship via WhatsApp: +1 (601) 227-3847

    26. Billionaire Victor


    27. Billionaire Victor

      How much I need to be VC I'm only teen plz response

    28. Real venture capital pitches - Divide by Zero

      Fun video. Thanks!

    29. Justin Lewis

      I swore I heard feces way too many times.

    30. Sandor Varga.


    31. Shahd A

      200 million dollar loss?!?

    32. Miles Mysliwiec

      Fantastic talk, also love the Katamari Damacy reference lol

    33. Just Dairy

      I wanna be an anime dubber lmao-

    34. Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

      What is VC literally ??

      1. isak

        @Mick p3 yeah ok . i love to be humorous but basically it is for the money

      2. Mick p3

        @isak a greedy rich guy? Thats something poor people say. Hes riskin his money for businesses with a high chance of failing

      3. isak

        @imjko yeah alright

      4. imjko

        @isak I don’t think wanting to help startups is greedy and rich everyone is out here trying to make money

      5. isak

        a greedy rich guy who want to dobule his money

    35. Luca Thomas

      Most positive guy ever!

    36. Cut de Pie Fails

      So VC firms are like a shitty hedge fund that is slightly more useful.

    37. Not Rich

      Anyone who runs is a vc , anyone who stands still is a well disciplined vc

    38. Justin Sanchez

      Joma your vids are informative and very much appreciated. I aspire to start my own startup one day and your videos really help out. Good work !

    39. Pat

      I really wanna like Joma but he betrayed Clément

    40. Wayne

      nice batman rolex btw

    41. Furquan Ulla Shariff

      *Hey joma I requested for ur resume and cover letter templete n i still didn't receive!*

      1. Prashant Surti

        no love for you bityitchhh

    42. Mobin Rood

      great to still see Joma here. Had originally thought he left VIdron

    43. Haks

      Damn missing out on Palantir must hurt felt it in his voice.. But even with Peter Thiel behind it?? Peter Thiel doesn't really miss much with his picks and I'm sure he was the Founder of it. To be fair though Peter didn't have the resume like he does today.

    44. facebook smith

      As a software engineer for the past 32 years in silicon valley, he neglected to mention the most important part about investing - the idea behind the company. It has to be a good idea with good smart people behind it.

    45. Idrissa Thiam

      TechLead would be an awesome VC

    46. Despierta Humano

      Damn shits dying

    47. stachowi

      Saw him in the Vox Explained video "Code"... turtles all the way down!

    48. Matthew Pan

      Joma, could you tell us why you quit or lost interest in the finance engineering field?

    49. Mohy CS

      Watch Joma make a bs startup that fails, then proceeds to try for a venture capital role.

    50. PUBG Play of the Game

      Do you support Andrew Yang

      1. PUBG Play of the Game

        @Garry Tan I hear you guys are hiring your first associates this year. Does it hurt to apply even if you feel unqualified?

      2. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game yes we had an event for him at our office last year

    51. Thiago Augusto Martins

      Awesome content Joma! Thanks for that

    52. HeyDanHay

      I really enjoyed Garry Tan talking about the VC world!! Keep doing more of this please

    53. Leo

      great video. thank you Garry and Joma.

    54. nothing

      him skipping out on Palantir is like Gary Vee saying he skipped on the *Uber Guys* 😭😭😭 I’d be crying all night bruh

    55. saloni

      Thank you so much for making this video! It was very informative. What are some useful college majors for someone looking to go into VC? Does the prestige of your school matter when applying for jobs in VC? I'm currently a high schooler interested in this field. Any advice would be appreciated. :D

      1. Small Doggo

        @Garry Tan that statistic sounds insane but i honestly believe it 😆

      2. saloni

        @Garry Tan Thank you so much! AHh I'm freaking out right now

      3. Garry Tan

        Saloni Nayak Like it or not I think half of VCs went to Harvard or Stanford. That’s pretty crazy right? So it does matter but hopefully matters less in the future. Computer science is probably your best bet, but I also recommend taking classes in psychology and marketing since you have to be very multidisciplinary to be able to understand the creation of new products and markets.

    56. Jason

      Why did Peter Thiel try so hard to hire you from MSFT? Was it an equal combination of your talent and referrals from the Stanford network? Asking as an early-career engineer aiming to join a high growth startup without connections to a prestigious university.

      1. Garry Tan

        Jason It was my college friends. Peter created the conservative newspaper on campus and my college friends worked on that paper. In the end network seems to have deep impact on your career broadly. It surprised me how much going to Stanford changed my career.

    57. Léo

      Amazing !! Thanks a lot Joma and Gary ;)

    58. Lee Weng Sheng

      So how much is Garry Tan making per year.

    59. Joseph Wong

      That was an excellent interview Joma and Garry!!

    60. Branko Zivanovic

      Wow, this was amazing!

    61. Daniel Torres

      Finally you talk about an interesting subject and your nonsense personal drama

    62. Jason Wee

      Very insightful video, Gary seems like a humble VC who’s wanting to share his experience to help founders build the future. Would love to have them as investors in the near future

    63. Seyone Chithrananda

      You're point on going to schools where there's a high concentration of really ambitious people resonated with me. As a junior HS student in Canada deciding between applying to local schools like Waterloo vs. US schools, what do you think is the greatest advantage (outside of network) that Stanford provided you with?

      1. Marton Langa

        @Seyone Chithrananda I think it's def worth a shot, good luck!

      2. Seyone Chithrananda

        @Marton Langa Hey! lol what a coincidence. The biggest benefit would def. be the proximity for sure, and having the influence of that environment (where so much is happening) is really valuable. I'll probably apply and shoot my shot!

      3. Marton Langa

        Hey Seyone, was surprised to see your comment here haha (i'm the guy form discord). Can't really answer your Q tho, but I think the biggest pro would be that you'd be much closer to the techies in SF & Stanford would give you more status because it's more prestigious on paper

    64. Diego Ligtenberg

      Investing is basically casino on steroids, dont do it kids

      1. Jordan Friedland

        @Derrick Landers can't invest if generational theft has left you with no money to spare. You have to invest tens of thousands of dollars for years if you want to see any worthwhile return

      2. Derrick Landers

        Says the Black or Latino guy...both communities are known for pitifully low rates of investing and economic growth and then constantly complain about the "wealth gap" and how Whites and Asians monopolize certain industries...go figure.

      3. Filip

        Do it kids, just don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Last time I checked real-world events don't affect how much/little you get/lose playing at a casino while with investing it does, oil stock for example went up in price because of the US-Iran tensions. Also, If you keep a share for a long time it's pretty much guaranteed to have gone up in price.

      4. Garry Tan

        Diego Ligtenberg Done with darts yes Done with skill, it’s still a bit more like poker

    65. crystal14w

      I was never interested in what a VC does until now

      1. Hacker-

        Youre hot

      2. Elliott

        Step 1: Get a whole bunch of money from Wall St. Step 2: Evaluate companies that typically have 0 intrinsic value through complicated and arduous metrics. Step 3: Give a whole bunch of money to a whole bunch of startups in the hopes that one of them 20xs your investment. Step 4: Tell everyone back on Wall St about your one good investment and don't let them know about your 20 other shitty ones, collect more money and repeat.

    66. coder4life

      Finally part 2 is here. Love this.

    67. Daniel Boaitey

      Garry, I've found twitter to be an amazing place to meet people. I'm graduating in December 2020 and would love to end up as a SWE at a high growth/high impact startup. How can I reach out to people to build relationships without sounding needy and rightly judge the trajectory of companies I might join?

      1. Daniel Boaitey

        @Garry Tan thanks for the reply! appreciate the advice

      2. Garry Tan

        Daniel Boaitey Targeted good emails to executives and founders and/or real genuine interest in what a startup is trying to do will go a long way actually

    68. Chase Ramos

      Working 17 hour days on something I'm passionate about sounds like living the dream to me

      1. lenny bar

        that is one of the saddest thing i had to read in a while

      2. Isaac Michaels


      3. Garry Tan

        It’s amazing to have kids though!

      4. Ivy He

        that is, until you have kids.

    69. Richard

      Wrong video. I wanted to become a Viet Cong.

      1. isak

        @Hiếu Nguyễn No .

      2. Billionaire Victor


      3. Hiếu Nguyễn

        I'm a Viet. Sould I be offended?

      4. Martin Mali

        Nice one

      5. jacob richard

        i think joma said he was gonna make a video on that. dont worry

    70. Commando Master

      How did he get enough money to start investing in startup companies? What kind of qualities/analysis does he look for before deciding to invest in a startup company?

      1. Garry Tan

        Commando Master I worked at Y Combinator before becoming a VC. YC is more like a startup university or guild than investor, but it let me see hundreds of companies and thousands of founders in 5 years which is more than any other VC in that time frame. It taught me how to identify companies and founders and then I raised institutional outside capital to do a lot more of it. In the end our analysis is relatively simple: product, market, team. Great product solving a real problem, team that can build and manage something big.

    71. Tan Yongsheng

      How do you validate idea? What do you think about lean startup?

      1. Garry Tan

        Terry Tan lean startup is useful. We are big fans of Eric Ries and funded his startup Long Term Stock Exchange.

    72. Henry

      damn he must need counseling after skipping palantir

      1. Garry Tan

        Henry Haha, it was definitely a mistake

    73. Pickle Rick

      Joma says: "i gonna quit yt" Joma: *publishes three videos in one week

      1. G Gonor

        @Joma Tech beta male!

      2. Shiva

        @Joma Tech glad u did. ur videos are very informative.

      3. Joma Tech

        Seriy Park I changed my mind

    74. Props! C h a n n e l

      Hi Panda

    75. Norio Kosaka

      feels like, even for engineers, they should figure out what growth rate is for a company they are working at to deeply understand where it is going. Thank you for the good interview!!

      1. Amaan BG

        @Garry Tan Hello there, How do you figure out a growth rate for a company? I have alot of questions to ask about, can we connect through email or a instant messaging platform? Here's my email; Thank you very much

      2. Garry Tan

        Norio Kosaka yes always ask. And if they don’t know or won’t tell you, it’s probably a bad startup.

    76. PUBG Play of the Game

      Advice for introverts who don't know how to deal source?

      1. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game Try to find ways to help people who make things you like and are impressed by. The rest will happen if you help the right people.

    77. PUBG Play of the Game

      Do new associates have to be well connected in order to be hired? Do you need to be able to provide deals/know high net worth individuals? Have rich parents who are part of a country club?

      1. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game It’s hard to generalize because every firm does it in a different way. Many recruit directly out of top business schools like GSB or Wharton. Others look for ex Goldman Sachs bankers. Still others try to find strong alumni from top startups like Uber and Airbnb, or from top incubators like Y Combinator. So yes, network, but lots of variety as to which one.

    78. PUBG Play of the Game

      Hows the work life balance of an Associate? How much scut work a day? How much deal sourcing a day for anew hire? Is it like investment banking?

      1. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game I don’t know actually. I never worked in that role. We are hiring our first associates this year actually. Probably less spreadsheet and PPT scrubbing vs investment banking. Usually more thinking ideally.

    79. Neel Sandell

      I could barely keep up with this haha

      1. Garry Tan

        Neel Sandell VC as a job is honestly simple. Find people who are great who are building something and are solving a real problem.

    80. PUBG Play of the Game

      How much do first year platform managers at a vc make?

      1. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game It varies by firm. Top firms all pay 6 figures. It’s comparable to market salary for growth startups for exec roles typically.

    81. PUBG Play of the Game

      How do I do VC if I'm only 23?

      1. Garry Tan

        Rachel Mckinnon LOL

      2. Rachel Mckinnon

        1. Founded a company 2. spent 2 years at a bulge bracket investment bank 3. Engineer at a startup that went public or grew substantially 4. graduate from ivy league 5. rich daddy 6. be ready to be part of a business that's all about telling people how big your dick is

      3. Garry Tan

        thewatcher638 honestly you are also right A lot of rich kids in the biz

      4. thewatcher638

        Rich daddy

      5. Garry Tan

        PUBG Play of the Game A VC is just someone who gives money to founders to help them start the business. So the most direct way is have money and invest it in good startups. Getting a job in VC usually requires applying and often already knowing a VC who wants to hire someone to help them. The best people for this are people who have built a good startup from scratch before. That’s because those are the people that other people who build want to meet and get money from.

    82. Sempsei


    83. OuterSpaceTrip


    84. Boris Kayi


    85. umesh

      Hi joma

    86. Joma Tech

      Did you like the thumbnail? I took a Photoshop class to learn how to do that. Check out Garry Tan's channel if you're interested in Startups and VC stuff:

    87. Dumb PandaBear


    88. K SRI HARSHA