Data Scientists vs Data Engineers: Which one is for you?

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    1. Sanjog K.

      I am a Data Engineer. I hate it.

      1. Reicol 95

        Bro, just for personal curiosity, how old are you?

      2. 7L Studios

        @pstcontrl as a fellow DE I second your response. Well said.

      3. Unnai Pol Oruvan

        @Yigit if it is good decision....

      4. Yigit

        @Unnai Pol Oruvan like quitting your job?

      5. Unnai Pol Oruvan

        @Yigit after good sleep we can make some good decisions😉....

    2. A de

      So to chance the wording a bit, the PM is the CEO of the project, and the DS is the "CTO"?

    3. Giovanni 01

      Did you have any Data scientist collegues with an Industrial Engineering bachelors? The two sound really similar minus the programming part.

    4. SuperBRization

      "Data Science Analytics" just sounds like a fresh name for business intelligence work, not actual science.

    5. deepesh shukla

      I am a DE and I worked once with a BI engineer, who had a similar view point and she once told me, oh you just do SQL stuff, and then she reached out to me another day having written a nested loop in her query which was taking ages to finish, to get it reduced to 2 mins. And then same person did not know how to apply listagg on the data in batches by doing a simple for loop in sql, and then she would go around and tell people oh it’s just sql. It’s not just sql, you need to be able to solve the problem and get the data your business wants, whether you are required to do it via sql or spark is less important. you do have to understand the data and it’s usage for building the right logical and physical design for the datamarts/dw and for your pipeline and even while writing your queries. And yes as a DE you do write Hadoop/ spark jobs, you do. But I think it’s important to let your team know in terms of empowering you and to make you a thought partner.

    6. Brent Broadnax

      Except based on what sort of data asks he's referring to, most of those would be done by an analyst...not a data scientist. In my experience, data scientists are brought in to work on very specific features or upgrades (and are then let go once done), while data engineers are kept around to make sure it all keeps working.

    7. xenonvinc

      What is a PM

    8. Sottocolle Landro

      The "VS" from DB fighter Z =))

    9. Weak2Peak

      redbull, into workable software!

    10. 8417 Krutik Rathod 8th D

      Bro which code editor do you use?

    11. Madhan Raj

      DE job is not innovative and challenging? You did not work in right team, then 🤣😂

    12. Blastoise

      "If feel like PM's are first class citizens" Me: Wait...What's a PM? (Looks up PM on google) Me: Ohhhhh sounds about right I can see that haha

    13. Jorge Sá

      For a guy who has better analytics skills than technical ones do you think that Data Science suits him well?

    14. S J

      chain of bitchwork

    15. Fluuvys 2

      What was your grade that got you into Waterloo

    16. Back To I.T.

      chain of bit** work lmao

    17. Bruno Pelissari

      Boy, thanks for this video, helped me a ton!

    18. yahye abdirashid

      i love that screen thanks bro

    19. Jefin Joseph

      absolutely love your brutal honesty!

    20. Pavan Raju

      "Chain of bitchwork"

    21. Jesus Flores

      That last statement... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    22. He who must not be named

      I hate that the term engineer is used to carelessly these days. 🙄

    23. Glori Krikoryan

      Maybe it's a very dumb question but can I get in Data science with bachelor of Biomedical engineering?

      1. Erica da Cunha Ferreira

        Yeah, the degree is not important, skills are

    24. Akash Malla

      Data engineering is bs job. It is legit shit work. They throw more and more shit project after project.

    25. Benjamin Smith

      Everyone who drools over being a data scientist for a huge tech company so they can hope to make that company more money is a bitch

    26. Peter Pam

      what you said is DA not DS... Hardcore DS either work mostly in ML model (research work normally needs a PhD) or focused on put ML in production (some company calls it mle). Of course many companies have title inflation for example facebook, their DS(analytics) track used to be called product analytic which is just DA Source: Multiple research intern.

    27. Marcello 42

      5:15 .. you see yourself ending up building dashboards in tableau which are never used ;) which, tbh, also a trained monkey could build.

    28. Belvin Shandy Aurora

      where i must start if i focused on data science

    29. Pedro Cardoso Is MrTechie!

      I am a DataNinja. I work in a tangential field as a Data Engineer, Scientist and PM. There are 700 of us at Syniti who do not allow ourselves to be boxed in. While the bifurcation here is natural and aligns to our consulting levels, we are still all hybrids. Is this crazy to this group?

    30. T S

      Beast is coming. :D

    31. David RL

      02:16 ¿?

    32. Kurt Hessian

      The chain of bitch work is so funny. And he’s not joking whatsoever haha.

    33. Liad Oz

      Is there a position that combines Data analyst & Data engineering? I want to analyze but also program. IE (with information systems specialty) can get something like this??

      1. Rodrigo Naufal

        Machine learning engineering

    34. Grace Chan

      I’ve had so many shit jobs that pay nothing that I feel insulted at hearing 6 figure salary people getting “bitch work”.

    35. Windy

      "Take the opportunity so that you can invest in yourself so that you can be a best AT EVERYTHING!" 인생의 교훈.

    36. Mercantilism

      In term of number of job openings, data engineer outweigh data science. According to indeed there are 6-70,000 jobs available for data engineers, while 10,000 jobs for data scientists in 2020. What do you all think on this?

      1. t-bone

        Data Scientists could still work as Data Engineers but not vice versa

    37. Jwel Valle Vázquez

      i'm breaking my back learning stuff, taking online courses and learning in school a lot of tthe technical part and it worried me a lot when in 5:55 he said it is the easy part

      1. CubbyBear

        Im sorry to say but he is right.I am a data engineer and the most important aspect for me is the ability to convey concepts to non-tech people as well as the ability to persuade the team to do things in more effective/productive ways.The learning is the easy part. Once you've learnt something its in your noggin forever.

    38. s

      love how you analogized it as "bitchwork" xD

    39. coloal97

      This defenetely made me want to get a job as a data scientist, I hace knowledge of it already, and the part about thinking about the product, its future and supporting It with conclussions from data totally defines what I like. And so does when you talk about a data scientist with PM knowledge. Thanks a lot now I am more determined about my future.

    40. RainyDay

      힝.. 목소리 멋있어ㅠㅠ

    41. claudius andika

      usually there's only few involved in executive decision, and a lot do the bitch work. from this, do you think that DE will emerge more in the future than the DS, because the company needs more people to do the bitch works??

    42. whistletoe

      chain of bitch work is one way of putting it 😂

    43. JM Nooks

      Great career tips man :)

    44. Jamira Jamira

      Data Engineer in Silicon Valley: SQL, Python, R, Java, C#, Scala, AWS/Azure/GCP, PySpark, Databricks, Tableau, Azure Data Factory... works along with Data Scientists and ML Engineers. Data Engineers from the rest of the world: SQL, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, Qlikview, Cognos, Crystal Reports, advanced Excel skills creating macros and VBA... works alongside BI Developers.

    45. Zee Zee

      Which roles can done remotely and have more opportunities to work from home?

    46. Zee Zee

      I work in digital Marketing SEO and what to make a career shift to either data science or data engineering, which would be easier most rewarding?

    47. Honkywinkle

      i think it largely depends on how your company defines the job scope and responsibilities of the job title. and i do agree that it also largely depends on your personal initiative

    48. Yongxin Nie

      I heard that data scientist and data analyst are pretty similar, but DS would enjoy slightly more benefits, is that true and would you please tell me about the difference, thanx!

    49. Knightshade

      it's a chain of bitch

    50. Gregorio Pardo

      This guy looks like Yagami Light from Death Note. He needs a shinigami.

      1. B増加

        @Psyber LOL

      2. Psyber

        He has a millionaire one

    51. xorben1981

      You have a room Mate, who ist allready a Data engineer and does not have his own flat/House? 😕

    52. FidelHimself

      The Hierarchy of Bitch Work

    53. Neuraldata

      Loved it ❣️

    54. DIYAtlas

      Very insightful stuff @Joma Tech. Wanted to ask you, what book(s) could you say made an impact on your ability to maneuver around social situations (politics as you mentioned)?

    55. Fiery Rose

      “A chain of bitch work” 😂😂😂

    56. Incredible Grim

      Can you do software engineer vs data scientist? About their pay, working hours, and which is better. Since you have experience in bothof these fields, you must be knowing a lot.

    57. Millennium Mily

      Politics Is the part of life.. 😞

    58. Truffie. com

      What are pms?

      1. kayla gupta

        I think product managers?🤔

    59. penciltwirler

      Joma makes a lot of good points here, and I just want to rant a little as a DE myself. DE vs DS is not a good comparison, because one is an engineering role while the other is an analytical/quantitative role. Very different career paths and skills. I think it's better to compare data engineering with software engineering. The difference is that software engineers build the tools, while data engineers use the tools. For example, software engineers build Spark, while data engineers use Spark. Joma is right here about data engineering not being as intellectual challenging. Think about it, would you rather be the one that build the distributed systems underlying Spark, or do you just want to import pyspark and use APIs? However, for most engineers, they would never get the opportunity to build cool distributed systems like Spark. Most engineers work at product driven companies that just need to build a good product with good UI/UX. If you work at such a company, I think DE is a bit more intellectually challenging than frontend web development. If you want to build cool distributed systems, then you gotta go work of companies like Google and Databricks. It might be better to compare DE to backend engineering. I actually think a backend engineer with solid data modelling skills and database knowledge would be able to transition to a DE role very easily. However, a DE who only works with pyspark and cloud technologies would find it a bit more difficult to transfer to backend engineer role. In conclusion, if an "engineer" wants to stay relevant and a "beast" like Joma, then they should build the tools, rather than use them.

    60. prod.heyday

      that last bit was inspiring. Thanks for that

    61. Wesley Bui

      I watch this video again, I do have a bit confusion that why you decided to be a SE ? and how DS skill support you as SE ?

    62. jennie myqueen

      What about data analyst?

    63. Sumuka G

      You resemble Ronnie from Disturbia :P

    64. Patricia Young

      "...the chain of bull shit..." LOL...

    65. LouisChiaki

      I felt this is because you are in a big company like Facebook. If you were in a startup or medium size company, data engineers have chance to do a lot of exciting things including algorithm, data pipeline, or even machine learning model. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing the relations between these three roles in big companies! Hope to see more video like this!

    66. Alpha Nemesis

      Between Data Science is related to business right? Means it's a mixture of Computer Science and Business Management! I'm a 12th business student thinking of doing BS Data Science but it looks boring to me but cool at the same time lol

      1. Alpha Nemesis

        @Litorizer yeah..

      2. Litorizer

        it is

    67. Koushick Talukdar

      I'm a data engineer , I use a variety of tools to do my job including Informatica, SQL Server, Oracle etc. As part of my role I am also learning about data governance and will soon go on training courses how to use Governance and Data Quality tools. A good data engineer would also have good working knowledge of the corporate data. I have to disagree with the notion that DE is not intellectually stimulating... but it might be different over at Facebook where you used to work.

    68. MP-40

      What is the outro music named?

    69. Soul On Ice

      thanks for this video Joma! Gave me a new perspective on the DE aspect of things.

    70. Darkhorse

      Rename your video: Data Scientist vs Data Engineer - which one has the biggest ego and smallest dick.

    71. HLEET

      Your channel is getting better, I'm resubscribing :)

    72. Phuc L. Nguyen

      Make a video about Research or Practical path in Ai/ML !!!

    73. Hmoob Crypto

      "Pick a job according to your skills, but never restrict yourself on your job title. They pay you to invest in you so that in the future you could make a huge differences. So take that opportunity to invest in yourself, so that you could be a beast at everything." ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

    74. Alex Thotse

      Beast at everything? I like that 🤔

    75. Darshan Patoliya

      Will data scientist job take over AI? Or will it automated?🤔 What do you think?

      1. Darshan Patoliya

        @Aaron Stanley Now I think AI will facilitate the job of Data Scientists. There will be a majority of human involvement in the job. That's what I am thinking.

      2. Aaron Stanley

        Thats exactly what I'm thinking right now... I know its pretty late but what did u conclude?

    76. ZHUR

      You should rename the title to Data Analyst vs Junior Data Engineer

      1. Alpha Nemesis

        yeah Data Analyst is basically business job.. like BS Data Science is a mixture of Business Management and Computer Science. And a Data Analyst/Scientist can work in both Tech & Business.

    77. FeatureRequest

      this dude looks like an Azn Jake Gyllenhaal

    78. TechyTacos

      Data Engineers are like a source of truth for data scientists. Data scientists need processed and clean data to apply their magical tools to predict something useful. If the data is not right then it's more likely to fall into the situation of " Garbage in, Garbage out !! I have recently released a video on the same topic where I talk about "Why Data scientists need Data engineers. You can click on the logo to visit my channel. Thanks !!

      1. Astarte Rap

        I subbed -> :)

    79. Tyrese

      Can you major in management information systems and become a data scientist?

      1. Tyrese

        @Uniquely Mo was the degree worth it? I’m looking at going into product management now

      2. Uniquely Mo

        I’d personally say not without either a masters or some additional learning/experience with machine learning, statistics, and programming language like R or Python. I majored in MIS for my undergrad and yes I learned SQL and did some analytics it was definitely soft in the sense of technical and math skills

    80. RAHUL MORE

      9:09 bro Awesome 🔥🔥🔥

    81. eddrum elsa

      I have an social media app idea and I need a programmer and I need your help please can you please come back to me in mail as I hope you will text me hopefully eddrum

    82. Md. Omor Faruk

      It's a chain of bitch-work (Joma, 2019)

    83. José Urriola

      In a smaller market this has been the opposite of my experience: when you have to build stuff from scratch the order of priority and value comes from data engineers then data scientists. Sometimes data scientists do both though because of a shortage of money and/or talent. Facebook is the opposite probably because as he says most of the work has already been done and so they call typical BI analysts Data Scientists and DevOps people Data Engineers and the really hard stuff (from a technical standpoint) is left to people who are way more senior than he was or have PhDs.

    84. Ijeoma Love Obiajulu

      Data Scientist vs Data Engineers? Key difference is mindset. One focuses in producing outputs for the business to consume (intelligence) while the other produces outputs for technical teams (architecture). We would know because we hire them! 😁😁 Subscribe to our channel if your'e interested in more 👌🏾

    85. Justin Sanchez

      Just wanna say bro, love your videos. Keep up the great work!

    86. nothing

      yoooooo good ass video

    87. Claudius Halimi

      it would be awesome if you make a podcast about information technology job..

    88. Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough

      DevOps and Business Intelligence Analytics

    89. Zubair Khan

      the chain of data bitch work lol

    90. shubham saraf

      I think you are sad bro

    91. Edward Thao

      U look tired. :(

    92. prosimulate

      Yes, I have seen Data Scientists do basic tasks and Data Analysts gawping at screens. But the company is run by a narrow minded individual who is out of touch with what the next big thing actually is.

      1. Marcelo Silveira

        @Astarte Rap AI becoming conscious

      2. Astarte Rap

        What is the next big thing?

    93. Chinmoy Jyoti Kathar

      Really awesome video man. Keep up the good work!

    94. Omar Dauleh

      Where did you get that poster from?

    95. Jean-Loïc De Jaeger

      I'm kind of transitioning myself from data science to data engineering, I technically already have lol I have a hard time believing that you dislike data engineering given you switched to software engineering. Data Engineering is software engineering with big data technologies.

    96. Krazykatmom 1014

      What's a PM?

      1. Rooney Eldouh

        product manager -> product owner deluxe

    97. Osiris Dollar

      How about this, STOP worrying about your title and focus more so on the skillset involved with these titles.... 🤷🏽‍♂️ More than likely these roles won't be called what they currently are right now in 10 years. Stop chasing your tail and start learning the real world game which is, LEARN THE SKILLS! If you are seeking a "title" that bad, become a doctor or attorney, haven't seen those titles change.

    98. Matt Petersen

      Wow this is the exact opposite of my experience. In NYC the market is saturated with math / physics grads willing to work as data scientists, but who are less familiar with coding. As such wages are suppressed and it pays around $90k - $110k here. On the other hand, data engineering sits between devops and software engineering, and pays between $140k and $180k, although I have acquaintances making north of $400k as data engineers. As a data scientist you mostly write SQL queries and make Tableau dashboards on top of the ETL pipeline that data engineers built out. It's less challenging and honestly kind of mundane. Given a question, you usually know which SQL query to write to answer it. The few data scientists where I work are trying to shift into data engineering by learning more about kubernetes / spark / airflow / clojure.

      1. Brent Broadnax

        @Dario Finocchiaro I think you're right

      2. Brent Broadnax

        I've seen this in my career also

      3. Nas Slim

        Agreed. He's right about the bigger companies though. Of course when things are automated to the point where you only need to refine data through an interface using SQL, you're going to be paid less (that's why facebook hires DE's right out of college), but if you are building those automations yourself, your skillset is going to be higher in demand and you'll be highly compensated for it. Listen, I think every person should work at a big company at least once in their lives, at least to try it, especially for stock grants/options that you can then have it accumulate over 20-30 years giving you an extra cushion for retirement, but after those stock grants are vested, and your self esteem is low enough where you've alienated most people in your life cause you worked 60 hr weeks, and never had time to do anything with anyone, then you can finally cut the cord, get out, reintroduce yourself to your spouse, and find a smaller to mid sized company where you'll be valued and the work you are doing will be way more impactful. After that, I guarantee you'll be an all around happier person.

      4. Steven Salazar

        @Sim Z agree completely with your comment. He just mixed the concepts, he calls 'core data scientist' the ones that work with ml and 'data scientist analysts' the ones that doesn't work with ml (visualization tools)

      5. Steven Salazar

        Your experience is right imo. Joma just mixed a bit what he thinks/hear

    99. Alexander Magnusson

      Nice patagucci fleece, I have the same one!


      Hey Joma, Hope you are doing well, Just a quick question regarding scope of devops in datascience. Is it worth for devops engineer to learn Ml stuff.