Coding a whole web app ONLY using my Phone.

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    My thumbs are fine.

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    1. Jennie Phuong


    2. User008

      haha, bro, a normal laptop is more cheaper than your iphone. why do we need a phone to get those things done if we can buy a laptop. Your video is just like "experiencing luxurious life in luxurious hotel for a month by living inside bathroom only"

    3. ujjawal kumar

      "One Punch Man" and "Your Name" as wallpaper. OMG. You have my respect.

    4. TasosOfficial

      8:31 I love the search history😂

    5. Vladislav Shevchenko

      8:19 случайно, или так было задумано?)

    6. Buzz

      Next Up: Coding an app using binary digits

    7. Roy Norman

      Я так и не понял что делает это приложение

    8. Dont Touch Me

      Ur are my inspiration to code

    9. _iTzHeroPvP_

      8:19 why the fuck there is pornhub and onlyfans. Are you hiding something? AHAHAH

    10. Ian de Farias

      I love how i cant understand 90% of what is said in the video but i love to watch it.

    11. Phontij

      Hippity hoppity your code is not my property

    12. Josh Jacobson

      Lol 8:17 with the tab history

    13. Papisetty Hari Krishnaiah

      May I know the editor used to draw your app design, please, Joma

    14. Bernard Kariuki

      Impressive Joma senpai. 8.19

    15. Lan Nguyen

      my favorite youtuber

    16. Kronic Gaming

      What's your Only-Fans? Yep I saw.

    17. BD Cartel

      Bro but why you have Grindr on your phone

    18. Heem Shailesh Joshi

      Dude just copied scene from social network didn’t he?

    19. Mitali Saha Religious

      What is the app you using

    20. niloy daredevil

      The intro hit me hard...!! Immediately I smoked a cigarette..... I stole from my father.... It was in his drawer....

    21. Leonardo Rios

      Bravo, bravissimo 👏👏👏👏👏 sublime

    22. lirik untuk semua

      Coding web without using coding can u?

    23. iko

      onlyfans spotted 8:19

    24. Suraj Adhikary

      Next: coding a whole app using my mobile charger.

    25. Random Girl

      Bureau of open source

    26. New Time

      Can anyone tell me what is software that joma using for design architecture 3:47 ?

    27. Sid Batra

      this guy isn't just a gifted programmer, he's a gifted film editor too

    28. thorsong1

      Dude, Bluetooth keyboard.

    29. Ethan Wright

      It's 2021 kick the cigs

    30. Avi

      I checked out after it took him 5 minutes to turn the phone

    31. Live Cricket

      what is the name of drawing tool that you use in this video?

    32. Radovan Bursać

      Wow. Imagine one day coding desktop apps on your PC. Waaait...

    33. doctor phone

      Good job

    34. Evgeny Potapov

      Eclipse che is a full featured web base ide

    35. Mitali Saha Religious

      Can you give the app link

    36. Twinshu Parmar

      8:18 See

    37. Hershes

      Using the most recent jailbreak, you can install node node and mysql on the local terminal

    38. bigsteve1984

      @12:03 thought you were going to pull a tech lead move and have others submit code for you

    39. H

      Good job on this video! As someone who loves coding, you make it a fun and approachable topic!

    40. Jason Lee Prill

      You Won! Hands down... Thumbs 👍

    41. Franz _86

      The social network scene killed me hahahaha

    42. Allen Valdez

      Next Up: Coding a whole database using my high-speed smart toaster

    43. Brian Brian

      I click your link because i really want to learn phtyon. I love your video there and i amazed, i really want to enroll and learn python from you but we don't have money to enroll, I'm just 16 years old and we're poor. To all people out there that wants to learn python or programming, goodluck and God bless!

    44. Arbnor Aljilji

      What did you use to code on your phone? I really want to learn more and prefer using phone from 9-10pm at night

    45. Debaditya Roy

      14:10 who has noticed the boy at the rightmost side?????

    46. Deveshi

      Which app to use to ssh into EC2?

    47. Awesome Play!

      Mans got copyrighted bad

    48. IshchildTM Entertainment


    49. ULTRA PRO

      (0:19) it was just a photo

    50. Alexandre Pimentel

      The best!

    51. Blasia

      Pause at this time 8:19 lol

    52. MR.BossFireBall

      8:19 Uhhh the search history.......

    53. Slayerツ

      i do not understand a single thing but i love what im watching

    54. leonil chachona

      This coder is weird

    55. Facundo Fernández

      6:50 Chrome -> View as desktop b º - º d

    56. Te ÉN

      app for the phone name??

    57. Simone Kalb

      Am I the only one that notices that he named Alicia Keys the ssh keys? Pure genius…

    58. Yeji Itzy

      I love the background music at the beginning 🥺❤️

      1. Yeji Itzy

        Oh wait you're Itzy Fan?!! Just saw Yuna poster 🥴

    59. Envy

      Next Up: Coding a whole web app ONLY using my AirTag.

    60. *


    61. Joseph MC

      Heard of Dex?

    62. Saisagar Singh

      14:22 offline social media when internet yet to come

    63. 성광수

      The valuable link constitutively educate because teacher pragmatically serve versus a roasted cheque. threatening, unsuitable objective

    64. Retroworldnews

      @ 8:54, I feel like John Wick

    65. TheDeathIsNeverFarAways

      Is no one gonna talk about the PH link at 8:32 ???

    66. Frame


    67. Axel Padilla

      I cant use vim in my computer and yet he is using vim on his phone lol

    68. Pyzard

      Attaching a physical keyboard to your phone wouldn't be cheating because you would still be using your phone...

      1. Pyzard

        Oh NVM I just watched the next part.

    69. Tolpar

      i have an idea to make future device with future new os system ..

    70. Joeblx

      Smoke nooo

    71. Pisangsalein indonesia

      You so funny 🤣🤣🤣 10.32

    72. Varun VC

      yo... let's not normalise smoking bro

    73. Jon Gordon

      I’m just getting into programming and the mapping out the process is super helpful! Signing up for your 🐍 class :)

    74. Brandon Vallejo

      1:11 idk if you where making fun of tech leader 😂

    75. José Avellaneda

      More than 2 weeks to do that haha I can do it in no more than 3 days... It should be very hard to code only with the phone

    76. helder simoes

      hey Joma, ever thought of monetising your video production skills? coz I swear there´s literally a base of followers willing to binge watch something like this on netflix

    77. D J

      About a year ago, when he dropped this video, I watched it and thought it was super cool but I had no idea what was going on. I bought a web dev course around that time. Now I understand almost everything in this videos and it's a good feeling😩😩

      1. D J

        @mmocpi The complete 2021 web dev bootcamp by Angela Yu on Udemy

      2. mmocpi

        Which web dev course did you buy?

    78. Climate Realist

      Coding on a phone has to be awful

    79. Ask Will Flynn

      How am I just finding out about this guy?



    81. sahil Deshpande

      yeah i know phones are for only fans and the hub lol

    82. Shashking Godforsaken


    83. fishball

      I'm gonna pretend that I knew what he said, looks so cool

    84. Boomonlinepro11

      8:19 YES SIR

    85. Dinesh5147j


    86. VaderPlays:CODM

      Bro i liked your videos but now u smoked I won't watch them. I'm wired LOl

    87. Charlieッ

      the "View in desktop mode" button could have saved this man ALOT of time

      1. Kraken Gaming

        ikr, I was so Surprised that he didn't knew Browsers have that feature..

    88. Danthe Man

      I found a coding video yesterday and now I am watching some coding youtubers. This is pretty cool. I have no idea what’s going on but I just pretend I do.

    89. Chuckruben

      8:18 Nice

    90. GamingBrossef

      I guess we aren’t going to talk about his history @ 8:32

    91. Shaan Khan

      Awesome man. You are kill it 🔥. You inspire me so much ♥️

    92. Evan Daniel

      “Valorant best guns” It’s the phantom and the AWP.

    93. Tile_mark Mark

      2:11 hahahah maan i love references. Love 'em, love you, love your humor and everything you do!!!!!

    94. okotume stephen

      Please what software did you use to create the skeleton infrastructure of the application?

    95. Ahmed Shawky

      IPhone Or Android phone ?

    96. Jordan M

      Great editing my man!

    97. Jendrik Bulk

      The cut and the camera work is brilliant. The project is really stupid but entertaining. I hope your hands got well!

    98. Raul Jonatan

      Are you trying to use TERMUX?

    99. R69NiX

      1:09 I don't think those thumbnails had much if any at all impact on the views tbh. More to do with the title.

    100. R69NiX

      Quit smoking! 😋 Filthy habbit.