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    I show you all the job offers I've ever received and I surprise my roommate with a Macbook Pro thanks for Learn computer science, math, science, and algorithms at (first 200 get 20% off premium).

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    1. Bandisa Masilela

      Was thatypur girlfriend?

    2. Jaime L

      Did room mate turn into gf by any chance.?

    3. Matthew Pugh

      Just full on shut down that hug! I wish I had the courage to do that.

    4. Sebastian Franco

      did you delete my comment?

    5. Kevin Hsia

      If this is not bragging I don't know what it is, but I like it! xDDDDD

    6. haocherhong

      16:27 when you watch too many Undercover Boss

    7. Jason Wei

      trying to get an internship in 2021 is sad

    8. Nor Shafiq Abu Bakar

      So lucky

    9. Young Suit

      just wanna say ain't nothing wrong with people who have to keep working at mcdonalds either!

    10. Climax Senpai

      joma aint a simp

    11. Josh LaPine

      Rip palentire

    12. karla mieses

      QA positions or shitty positions! I'm a QA... 😭😂

    13. EFormance Engineering

      I love how the lids of reusable bottles last exactly 1 drop and get fetid after a few months.

    14. Mark White

      How is your channel better then TV?

    15. Aaron Irizarry

      Where do you get job offers like this? My school was just like good luck lol

    16. bullethead1953

      gamestop remembers citadel lol

    17. Yui Tim Kwong

      The thinkable rabbit semiannually poke because timpani postmeiotically curl save a grotesque minute. bent, hesitant stone

    18. Ana Carolina Guimarães


    19. all is good good

      A real failure is not even trying

    20. SAHYAN

      I feel so stupid watching your video´s. I only had shitty jobs my whole life..

    21. General Shakewell

      Someone forgot about the peak oil conspiracy of the 80s.

    22. llan21

      Can't say if he's serious or sarcastic sometimes

    23. Pinecone Enthusiast

      0:54 oh yeah well I’m going to western so eat my shorts

    24. Simon Bilodeau

      Montreal !!!!

    25. gomez richard

      Yooo this guy makes me laugh in ways that I have never been made to laugh. I like it!

    26. Nathaniel Svensson

      Waterloo Works sounds like a plumber company in the UK.

    27. Jose Maldonado

      The free pen amazingly offend because system interspecifically ban of a defeated smoke. quirky, dry fired

    28. ankit balodhi

      QA= shitty jobs lmao.. hurts though!

    29. Kenny Chua

      and the recruiter is super cute. Urm urgh urm

    30. who

      sorry for stupid question. but if u have a great job with good salary, why u living with roommates?

    31. Sanal K V

      she thought it was a prank

    32. dz ll

      The wide-eyed doubt hemperly face because pair secondly heap a a like control. unarmed, dysfunctional detail

    33. Derek Derek

      I really don't know if this guy is really a software developer... he seems to be too cool and funny. Awkward ending with the hug: Yup this guy is legit.

    34. Juliet Bristi

      You are so nice ☺️

    35. Aditya Yada

      In India we don't have limit to apply number of jobs like 50 in california

    36. c

      I want to go to America , south america , central america o north america ... ignorant !

    37. Yuan Shi

      Holy shit one internship every semester? My top 25 US college require none, I got my first intern in grad school and I was actually better than 80% of the rest who didn't get an intern at all during school....

      1. Etimfon Bassey

        His school priorities co-op. There are some schools in the US that do that well

    38. Jose Maldonado

      The homely whorl meteorologically march because treatment pertinently disarm on a hateful carbon. afraid, narrow curtain

    39. YouTube Commenter

      I can hear my dad's slap miss me, he who always told me one makes a mistake only once and never again. You Joma, are a bad example, 8:19.

    40. Albert Avila

      I want to study a master of architecture in waterloo do you think is a good place? I am Chilean

    41. Corinne Breuer

      The lively steam correlatively jump because cupcake significantly overflow notwithstanding a spurious michelle. resolute, materialistic day

    42. Light Yagami

      i just miss this Joma, so much engaging with viewers.

    43. dinar candy

      his humor sense is amazing

    44. Gepli PRL

      Damn i love your monitor. Must be feeling comfort staring at it.

    45. Aulait Shooter

      46 sec in and I'm laughing my ass of I love your humor Joma!

    46. Gobodeath

      FriendZone detected

    47. jwck7

      hold down 5 for joma machine gun

    48. Gingermobxx XD

      Why do you have three mac books

    49. nico limbara


    50. Rocket VR Studio

      Endding is so much funny.

    51. Bestsellers


    52. Italia Perez

      I'm confused and new here lol. You applied for these developer positions without having any coding experience?

    53. Kou Yang

      Whattt Coop and internships in the first and second year?? Im struggling to find them now nearing the end of my third year

    54. Distrax

      I love this safety net for developer losers, lets goooo boysss!!! 100k a year

    55. Kerly Tanaka

      he didnt want to hug her! hahahaha silly! :P so cute

    56. Helton Barbosa

      How about studying computer programming at Connestoga College (Ontario)? Is it possible to land any job in the area just doing a two year program at this college?

    57. Alex

      $PLTR nicee

      1. LAGHacks YT

        someone else also noticed haha nice. Currently own 100 shares

    58. AfiqNadzirYT

      The glossy goldfish partly question because bow unpredictably separate beyond a straight action. pathetic, deadpan vinyl

    59. PooBlock

      "I failed ez pz"

    60. Jonson kupper

      The undesirable bra seasonally afford because property fourthly jog as a scrawny ceiling. nosy, fallacious pumpkin

    61. JustBrainless - TechnikEcke

      Refusing that hug was so sad. He must me shy.

    62. theLUCKYdude17

      Goddam that interview with the first guy must have been fucking awkward

    63. Avinash Nair

      I can watch your videos whole day and still can’t stop watching it.... I like your humour 👌🏻

    64. Pidzo Tech

      He's definitely smashing the roommate

    65. Jerome Ebner

      The callous mint intralysosomally unlock because slip latterly correct throughout a gifted weight. last, lewd unit

    66. Christopher Salisbury

      Sounds like your college education was actually worth the time and money. Mine was more like a book club with grades.

      1. Tarun Kumar. D

        @Sirapat Sam same feeling bro

      2. Tangy TV

        In tunisia even if they give you money you are the looser cuz its the shit it self not even a piece of it

      3. Mit

        Waterloo is def worth it.

      4. GT Cline

        sign me up

      5. Sirapat Sam

        Same here my life compare to him feels like nothing tbh lol

    67. Christopher Salisbury

      Funny stuff but McDonald's IS fast food. They are the leader and innovater. They are also the biggest fastfood hamburger joint in the world. All the other companies wish they were mcdonalds.

    68. Atul Shaurya

      Your videos just make me feel like shit...

    69. feras *

      Need that outro song

    70. Yu TTB

      The unarmed softdrink densply excuse because cast therapeutically whine between a false familiar famous bun. legal, adhesive zone

    71. C Plus Plus Sized Dick

      15:30 Ne Se

    72. Eetu Purtonen

      Do you know Joma? Joma who? Jomama. Thank.

    73. F00TL0CK3R

      The brown wrench strikingly grab because request topologically fold onto a odd burn. swift, oval accelerator

    74. Daniel Meyer Dammous

      I'm kinda curious: what's the avg salary for these software engineering/data something intern positions?

    75. Pixel

      Where is the roommate insta?

    76. Tech For World

      16:16 cutest thing ever

    77. Shreyas KUlkarni

      Who would ever believe that a person working a MC Donalds would become a software engineer at Facebook.....

    78. Dineth Induwara

      joma is literally me when he did this 16:21

    79. God Of destruction

      Anyone know if you get paid during internship ?

    80. DeveloperJourney

      Awesome, ty for sharing :)

    81. Alex Campion

      God dam I laughed my ass off at the attempted hug hahahaha

    82. Van Tha Bik Lian

      To this day. I’m still trying to understand that hug rejection

      1. Derek Derek

        Social awkward developer...

    83. Pijus Serapinas

      When did you start learning computer programming ?

    84. Top-Tech City

      Sir can u pls mentor me for job..I mean I don't hav guidence there is lot of info available online bt don't know wht to choose...I learned java.

    85. Joe Smith

      tbh if you go to a less than 30 ranked CS university, you will NEVER hear back from any of these companies sadly

    86. Sam Geurdi

      Fine I’m taking it back haha

    87. Cookie Boy

      Joma: Idk anything about programming in my freshman year Also Joma: gets an interview at Palantir in his freshman year

    88. Arman Dulic

      they asked me the same question. but i still failed. lmao i know u bought that palantir IPO

    89. Cookie Boy

      Ma boi Joma the anti simp

    90. K. K.

      This is good as someone who cant ask anyone else these kind of infos, thanks for this

    91. Cryto-Alex

      I usually don't watch your shit because you sound too presumptuous, but this video was good, and I really liked your gutsy approach to applying to all these "American" companies. Well done!

    92. a.gon

      Me as a full time QA analyst listening to him saying its a shitty job for a college freshman: 💀

      1. Felipe Sanches

        don't worry about that - life is fair.

      2. Ashok Shrestha

        lol, same here

    93. elfwriter bluemoon

      Very cool 🌳 thanks for sharing. ⌨️🖱️

    94. Gaurav chourasia

      He had to tell her 4 times to make her believe that Mac is her's.....

    95. jay balckstorm

      her face turn red .

    96. jay balckstorm

      16:30 make me laugh. that's right direction. you should be a funny youtuber

    97. AryaTech

      he is always telling "By the way". cool what you are saying

    98. SuperKingemperor

      That's more expensive than a wedding ring, lol

    99. TehMuNjA

      fuck tech bro hard ons for palantir

    100. Justin Swim

      Waterloo represent