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Joma Startup: A web series about me starting a startup called Notvine, an app that allows you to share 6.1 second looping videos

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  1. Sad Red

    Step 1: copy and paste from stack overflow Step 2: copy and paste comment


    Almost forgot my daily viewing of this

  3. Kathleen Melgar

    The hysterical transmission similarly marry because pail complimentarily warn down a violent printer. dependent, pleasant cobweb

  4. Erkan Karabulut

    This video is 8 minutes long and 1 minute of it, which is 12.5% of the video, was about how to open/peel a banana. Great content!

  5. Mike Water

    Definitely triggered my ocd at 0:18 with that mistake....

  6. Chris F

    Code reviews, ugh. The dumbest idea since pair programming.

  7. Ligma Dick

    Are you seriously suggesting Word when there are so many good text editors. Look at Atom, Visual Studio, Notepad etc....

  8. Text2Speak

    Why cant the customers draw boxes?

  9. TasosOfficial

    8:31 I love the search history😂

  10. MaximumZebra

    I need more of this! So good!!

  11. Gerado J.M. Serrano Gallego

    Nice video

  12. Isaac Chou

    1:29 the name of dict is sseen instead of seen.

  13. Vladislav Shevchenko

    8:19 случайно, или так было задумано?)

  14. Abdusattor Sattarov

    Honestly, relatable

  15. Buzz

    Next Up: Coding an app using binary digits

  16. Julio

    2021, Buddy i'm gonna say this just once, I love you!, great talk, superb content, you got a subscriber!.

  17. thebeat

    I didnt know u went to waterloo

  18. Alejandro Alejandre

    Joma by the way i've download pycharm to use python can u make a video about how to use it, it tells me i need an interpreter and i do not have one. how should i intalled ??

  19. Debasish Kar

    The tech companies and govt are actually destroyed the environment for their benifit and now it just showing its fake empathy to save the nature. The only longterm solution for this is by planting trees and stopping the population blooming reducing the greed for limited global resources and nobody even talking for that they just sensitively avoids the real solution and fill the gap by advertising their profitable business.

  20. Distant

    pretty smooth transitions in learning : print -> def functions

  21. sirens

    2:10 thats a HHKB with topre switches not mx green

  22. Morteza Mahdavi

    Jock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Meloman Rider


  24. Алексей Трейд


  25. Gabriel Schincariol Cavalcante

    I want to learn a language so I can burn my Law school degree

  26. Debasish Biswas

    What I understood over my past years into Techie, PM is a kind of Role that we software engineers fundamentally don't need, but it's good to have it.

  27. Kshitiz Agrawal

    My brother is 14 he is already 5 star in codechef

  28. Shizzy

    what is g.e

  29. Jesse Steinfort

    Master of the dramatic (or comedic) pause...

  30. Geometry Wacht


  31. Roy Norman

    Я так и не понял что делает это приложение

  32. Citra Adinda Purnama Dewi S E


  33. Changjun Oh

    the time when Joma looked okay.

  34. A T

    Sssh. Don't destroy my dream. I'm in the fourth semester programming and my only struggle atm is physics. 🤣

  35. fredericoamigo

    LOL! Haha

  36. Michael Brauner

    I hope nobody believes this bs :D

  37. Pratiksha Gawde

    lmao when i heard fire by bts playing i lost it

  38. maciolos9

    As a software engineer I really recommend PowerPoint for programming. My experience is mostly 5+ years in .NET and PP is really convenient when it comes to development, really give it a try. The animations when rolling through tones of code - priceless and whats more uber practical

  39. Blue Duck

    What is that black keyboard you’re using it looks cool

  40. Adarsh Inaganti

    Linux users: Welp, guess I'll use LibreOffice Writer then.

  41. CS CS

    9:52 Salute to you! You are a true hero!

  42. Theamage

    Is it true that they are acutally dating now?

  43. Pamela Storch

    The pumped acknowledgment willy measure because coin multivariably notice following a bent step-aunt. tidy, probable riddle

  44. Calou

    you could have made it start with x) (nice my VIdron recommendations that show this video 3 years after)

  45. danny1dd

    Thanks for this video and your advices!

  46. Feliciano Acaymo

    Fantastic and false life. Your a very very bad actor. Like my English.

  47. Mejd Dorbez

    Name of the song please

  48. Toomany Francis

    Using the corgi plushies in a video so they are a business expense and using them as incentive for donations that you can use as a charity write off. Pure genius.

  49. Sharath Chandra

    love sick girls

  50. Tera Baap


  51. Dylan Mills

    this is quality

  52. Dont Touch Me

    Ur are my inspiration to code

  53. Nerd Academy

    I just started coding, thanks for the advice

  54. Kevin Genon

    carpal tunnel always kills me LMAO

  55. Maulana iman

    5.2k dislike is from visual studio and jetbrains..

  56. Paloma Talledo

    2:11 Jesus!

  57. Ratz

    cant stop laughing. i love how spontaneous u are in the video. keep the good work! *eventhoughWeKnowYoureNotWorkingDuringQuarantine.

  58. Edwin Joy

    I can relate to this so fucking well!

  59. Velizar Radkov

    I dont know about the rest of you guys, but every time i watch this kinda video of his i feel really sad for him, cause he looks so lonely. If you do Jona you should know that u have a lot friends here <3

  60. Justin Bufford

    Right but that view tho from the window 🤤

  61. Merodak Kidane

    waste of time

  62. Oniromancie

    Sadly now everything goes back to normal and we lose all the quality of life from work from home

  63. Octopussycats

    fkn hilarious

  64. Anton S

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is why imposter syndrome is so common in our field

  65. _iTzHeroPvP_

    8:19 why the fuck there is pornhub and onlyfans. Are you hiding something? AHAHAH

  66. Matthew Pugh

    Just full on shut down that hug! I wish I had the courage to do that.

  67. John Smith

    I'm just discovering this now and its funny af. I wish he still made content like this, its honestly the office version of silicon valley. its great lmao

  68. Heroboy

    I got so scared when I heard the teams sound, I was literally like pls no

  69. JC CdSyM

    The phone messages killed me.

  70. hakim Rachidy

    I have the same ideas but some people say that it is impossibal to learn all things and it is more likly to be profitional in one things but at the end i love my ideas even if they are impossibal 🙂🙂

  71. Azhar Javaid

    Now I know why my kids don’t wanna do the CS degree.

  72. Mateus Fernando

    2:26 not cool bro =/

  73. Ian de Farias

    I love how i cant understand 90% of what is said in the video but i love to watch it.

  74. Chairman Wu

    the teams notifications give me ptsd... I had to check my phone to make sure it wasn't my own

  75. muhidin ismahl


  76. Jordan

    Wow, two years later and this video is absolute gold. There are a lot of great talking points here between a software engineer and a PM. There really needs to be more collaborative discussions between PMs and other people on a development team.

  77. James

    Lol what's your energy bill like? Your not thinking about the polar bears

  78. Daniel S. Espitia

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